Somat powder for the dishwasher: composition, reviews

Are you in search of the ideal dishwasher detergent? In this review we will talk about Somat powder for dishwashers. This brand is gaining popularity, although it can not be compared with Finish yet. What is the peculiarity of Somat cleansers, where they are manufactured, what are they and whether it is worth buying them, you will find in the article.

Content of the material:

  • 1Somat brand history
  • 2Dishwasher detergent composition
  • 3Powder review "Somat"
    • 3.1Somat with Soda Effect (Standard)
    • 3.2Somat Classic with soda effect
  • 4How to choose a safe powder

Somat brand history

The founder of this brand is Henkel. In 1962, the first powder for dishwashers was released.

In 1989, the first tablets were produced, followed by a 2-in-1 detergent, which included a rinse aid. In 2013, Micro-Active technology was introduced: the elements penetrate into the contaminations containing starch, and effectively split them.

Many users leave negative feedback about the tool "Somat". It is believed that it contains a lot of chemistry and does not completely cope with pollution. A plus is the low cost of production.

Let's look at the components that Somat products contain.

Dishwasher detergent composition

Henkel produces two types of powder, similar in composition.

"Somat Standard with soda-effect." Packing kg. In structure:

  • Phosphates(15-30%). We have already written about the harmfulness of this component in the article "Safe dishwashing liquid". Let us repeat that the use of phosphates was banned in other countries more than 15 years ago. When ingested, they lead to the development of algae, the deterioration of drinking water. In large doses lead to poisoning.

The manufacturer will say: "So what? The powder is perfectly washed off the surface, so it does not harm the body. " The problem is that washing away the remedy is not easy. To do this, at least 15 seconds rinse the dishes under running water.

  • Oxygen bleach(5-15%). The basis of bleach is sodium percarbonate. It is split in water into soda and oxygen, which dissolve the dirt. The component itself is not dangerous, but the manufacturer does not indicate specific elements that may be hidden behind the name "oxygen bleach".
  • Non-ionic surfactants(5%) in themselves are not dangerous. Only they are often replaced with anionic surfactants, which are aggressive to the human body, cause allergies, reduce immunity.
  • Enzymes.Increase the detergency of the powder.
  • Odor. Gives the granules a special flavor, is needed to eliminate unpleasant odors in the PMM chamber. The satiety of perfume is of great importance for allergy sufferers. Pay attention to the packaging: if there is a note "Freshness this is the sharpest smell. Lemon and citrus are a mild flavor; The easiest are apple fragrances, and also with an extract of aloe.
  • Sodium Citrate. Softens water, to some extent replaces phosphates to enhance the effect of surfactants.

Somat Classic powder with the effect of soda is safer. In its composition such substances:

  • Oxygen bleach (5-15%).
  • Non-ionic surfactants(less than 5%).
  • Polycarboxylate.Organic polymers dissolve in water. Ecologically safe component.
  • Phosphonates. A marketing move that hides phosphates in the composition. The effect of phosphonates on the body and the environment is no different from them.

With the composition sorted out. Now we will study the manufacturer's promises and consumer feedback about each product.

Powder review "Somat"

What features have detergents?

Somat with Soda Effect (Standard)

Copes with complex, dried up dirt. Provides shine dishes without divorce. In addition, it is recommended to use a conditioner and salt (what salt to choose, read in a separate article). Produced in a bottle with a dispenser. Volume kg.

The cost is from 600 rubles.


I chose "Somat" because of its convenient packaging and affordable price. Products "Finish" is much more expensive, and the effect is the same. Very convenient dispenser, thanks to which the granules do not crumble and do not dust:

Grabs for a long time. I managed to stretch for 5 months. The powder itself has a chemical smell, but after washing it is not felt from the dishes of the fragrance. Usual pollution laundered well, but with a bloom from the broth, tea, the adherent plots can not cope.

It dissolves well, the plates do not have sticky deposits, divorces and white traces. It is important to choose the correct mode. If you put on short cycles, then the granules will not have time to dissolve and there will be stains on the plates.

Somat Classic with soda effect

According to the manufacturer, this is a phosphate-free product (although there are phosphonates in the composition). Due to the enhanced action of citric acid, it cleans the surfaces from the plaque of tea and coffee. It is also recommended to add salt and rinse.

There are packages on, and 3 kg. The price of packing, kg - from 600 rubles.


After buying a dishwasher in the kitchen I tried a lot of money. While the powder from "Somat" is for me the most suitable choice. In comparison with tablets, it dissolves more quickly and is well washed away, leaving no streaks. It does not always remove burnt dirt, but it does not matter, because earlier I also noticed this. In the rest, the dishes sparkle with cleanliness.

Thanks to the bottle it is convenient to dose. Sometimes I'll give you less than indicated in the instructions. All the same, the result is good. So I recommend it to everyone!

How to choose a safe powder

  1. Study the inscriptions on the package. Look at the expiration date of the goods.
  2. Be sure to read the composition. On the packaging can be written "Without phosphates in fact, add phosphonates. If there is no information about the composition, it is not safe to use it.
  3. It is desirable that the contents do not have a pronounced smell, especially chemical odor.
  4. If desired, you canmake detergents yourself.

You decide which powder to choose from. The main thing is that he does not harm his health and cope with the tasks assigned to him.

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