Is it possible to wash the meat grinder in a dishwasher, how to return it to shine

Is it possible to wash the meat grinder in a dishwasher? It depends on what material it is made of. Usually it is aluminum, which does not survive automatic washing.

The instructions to the typewriter indicate what kind of dishes you can and what you can not wash. Often, on the reverse side of the devices there are signs - permissive or prohibitive. To understand all the subtleties, read our article.

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  • 1Can I put a meat grinder in PMM
  • 2How to regain lost brilliance
    • 2.1Reminder: what not to put in the dishwasher

Can I put a meat grinder in PMM

Every day you load plates, pans, pans into the PMM camera and take them from there clean and sparkling. Probably, it should be like that with a meat grinder, you think. But it turns out that after the dishwasher it oxidized: it turned black, covered with a dark bloom.

The fact is that the mincers are made of aluminum alloy, which reacts with water. To protect against destruction, it is covered with an oxide film. But in the detergent for PMM there are alkalis, which corrode the film, the metal oxidizes and darkens.

It's scary even not that you get the blackened dishes. Particles of aluminum fall into the human body and lead to negative consequences: it affects breathing, accumulates in bones.

Even if the meat grinder is made of cast iron (old models), it is not desirable to load it into the PMM. The protective shell of cast iron products also peels off under prolonged exposure to water, as a result of which the material rusts.

What kind of dishes can I wash in a dishwasher?, read in one of the previous articles.

How to regain lost brilliance

What if your meat grinder turned dark or black after washing in the car? Whether it is possible to restore her former brilliance depends on the degree of metal damage. If the cover has already peeled off, then it is unlikely that it will be possible to help something.

Often on the forums write that the black coating is sodium tetrahydroxoaluminate, which is not washed away at home.

Despite such a forecast, it's still worth trying. We will tell you how to clean the meat grinder and wash the plaque if it was ruined by a car wash in the car:

  • Baking soda.A classic remedy. Soak the object with water, sprinkle with soda and rub a metal sponge long until the blackness comes off. You will not get a shine, but get rid of the plaque.

You can make the details in a solution of soda worse.

  • Soap.The same principle as with soda: soap the surface and rub with a sponge.
  • Paste GOIused for polishing. Take a felt cloth, apply a paste and wipe the surface. Dialux paste is suitable for these purposes.

  • Prust converter HORS- a very powerful tool. Use only when nothing helps.

Some advise using citric acid and vinegar. But their action is weak enough, so it's unlikely to help.

What other recommendations do users of dishwashers give that encounter such a problem:

  • Cleaning toothpaste and brush of felt.This procedure will require great physical effort.
  • Italian remedyCENTRALIN "Shining brilliance of metals". Apply it to the abrasive sponge, this will help remove the dark coating from the parts.

  • Powder JIFis saturated with abrasive granules that cope with persistent dirt, but leave scratches on the surface.
  • Wash the elements with the productSanitol "Glitter of steel", then clean the surface with "Biolan". Inexpensive and affordable method.
  • Leave the grinder to soak in water with the addition of tar soap. According to user experience, the raid leaves on its own.

Be sure to wear protective gloves while working with abrasives.

Reminder: what not to put in the dishwasher

This list should always be before your eyes, so you do not have to fight with a touch or stains:

  1. Broken, cracked dishes.
  2. Wooden cutting boards, bowls, spatulas.
  3. Copper and tin.
  4. Glass and plastic, which do not withstand high temperatures.
  5. Aluminum devices, cast iron.
  6. Crystal, faience and silver - only with the use of a special program and detergents.

Thanks to our recommendations, you will restore the lost shine of the meat grinder, if after the PMM the details have darkened.

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