How to choose a tap for a dishwasher and connect it to a water pipe

From our publication you will learn how to choose the correct tap for the dishwasher. Have you decided to connect the dishwasher to the communications yourself? Quality of work directly depends on attention to detail. It is important to know not only the installation rules, but also what parts and accessories will be needed.

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  • 1Types of cranes and their features
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Types of cranes and their features

By connecting the PMM to the water supply, initially develop a scheme. If you follow the instructions (you need to read it first), first the technique is connected to the drain system, then to the water and then to electricity.

Prepare the necessary parts before starting work. Since the dishwasher is often installed in a kitchen set, prepare a cabinet and openings in it for hose removal. We will give recommendations on which built-in tap should be chosen:

  1. Give preference to products made of bronze, brass. They are reliable and durable. Do not buy silumin and plastic tees, because they can crumble in the most unexpected moment, which will lead to an accident.
  2. Choose a double faucet (pass-through) or a tee. Depending on how many hoses need to be connected. Carefully check the integrity of the thread.
  3. Choose a convenient locking mechanism. This can be a corner or ball valve. For urgent water shut-off, the rotary mechanism is suitable: when it is enough to lower the handle down and the flow of water will be stopped. But the most durable are the spherical mechanisms. They are not as sensitive to water impurities, which eventually settle on the details.

For safe water supply in the kitchen, stop the choice on the tee-crane. It is easy to install and reliable in operation. The number of outputs reduces the likelihood of leakage.

If more equipment is needed, a four-valve in-line tap is used.

What else is needed to connect

Check if the length of the hoses is sufficient for the installation. If the dishwasher is located far enough from the sink, the standard length may not be enough. Do not use hose build-up, this can lead to leakage.

In addition to the tap-adapter may need a siphon. To place the dishwasher under the sink, choose a siphon that goes to the side and then down. Make sure that he has at least two outputs.

Do not forget about high-quality sealing. To do this, use a tape tape or a fumka. It is wound on the thread at least 10-15 times.

Let's consider the basic schemes of connection of a dishwasher to a waterpipe.

Connectivity options for communications

According to the first scheme (often used), the installation passes through a mixer:

  • close the shut-off valve;
  • disconnect the mixer hose from the water outlet;
  • at the end of the pipe, install a cock-tee with a valve;
  • connect the end of the mixer hose to one terminal, to the other - the cleaning filter and the dishwasher hose.

In the second variant, the connection is made directly if the pipe is specially selected for the PMM:

  • shut off the water supply;
  • remove the cap;
  • screw the twin cock or tee;
  • On the other output, install a coarse filter;
  • connect the hose.

Seal all joints with a tape tape.

If you want to receive detailed information about howhow to connect a dishwasher to a water pipe, read our article.

The quality of parts and components is in the first place, the safety of operation of machinery depends on this. Follow our recommendations to make a successful connection of the dishwasher yourself. Perform a test run to check the tightness of the connections.

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