Adjusting the dishwasher door: how to adjust the fit

Became the owner of the dishwasher? Then you need to install and connect it - and it is important to correctly adjust the dishwasher door. From this will depend on the quality and safety of work. We will tell you how to handle it yourself, without calling the wizard.

How to install the MMP and adjust the

door First you need to decide on the installation site. Is there enough space to accommodate freestanding appliances, or is it better to choose an embedded option? In the latter case, a template is attached to the instruction, according to the markup in which you can hang the facade of the door.

Regardless of the brand - Bosch, "Kandy", "Electrolux" - the machine is installed and connected in the same way:

  • A moisture resistant outlet is installed. It should be at a distance of 10 cm from the floor. Be sure to ground.
  • Place the equipment better close to communications( sinks).The shorter the distance from the sink to the PMM housing, the better the engine will work.
  • Install on a flat surface. Built-in models must be attached to the walls of a niche or cabinet.
  • The connection to the water supply system is carried out according to all the rules specified in the instructions. First, it is better to organize the dischargeDepending on the location of communications in the apartment, the drain hoses can be supplied to the siphon or directly to the sewer.
  • Then connect the water supply hoses. For this purpose, tees are installed on the mixer.

When finished with the connection, you need to properly adjust the position of the cabinet and the dishwasher door. The legs need to twist so that the PMM is stably located on the surface.

In embedded models with a hinged facade, there is such a problem: the weight of the facade can unevenly delay the door, so that it will not fit snugly. In order to adjust the fasteners and adjust the clamp, do the following:

  • As a rule, embedded models come without a top panel. There you can see metal cables.
  • If the equipment was in operation, the cables could be worn or stretched, then they need to be tightened.
  • When replacing you need to unscrew the side panels PMM.

  • Disconnect the end of the cable that attaches to the door spring, and pull the element out of the mount.
  • Pull a new part under the tensioner.
  • Attach it to the pin and spring.

  • To adjust the cable and hang the facade tightly enough to tighten the tension with a bolt.

How to remove the hinged door? It is enough to unscrew the fasteners from the inside. When removing the facade, be careful, the wires of the control board can be attached to it. More information about the dismantling of each model can be found in the instructions.

After installation, you can perform a test run of the dishwasher.

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