How to correctly connect the dishwasher drain through the hose and siphon

Have you decided to fill the kitchen with household appliances? Please note that the dishwasher is recruiting and draining the water, which means that it needs to be connected correctly. How to properly connect the dishwasher to the sewer and what tools will be needed, you will find out in our publication.

Content of the material:

  • 1Select MMP and connectivity features
  • 2Preparing for installation
    • 2.1What tools and details will be needed
  • 3Stages of connection

Select MMP and connectivity features

Before buying a dishwasher, it is necessary to determine the place of its installation. Will it be built into an old or new kitchen set? When ordering new furniture in advance, a niche is provided for the dishwasher, taking into account its parameters. But if the kitchen is ready, then it is better to choose a place closer to the sink. Why undesirable installation far from the sink? Here are a few facts:

  1. Too much distance will put a heavy load on the drain pump. This will lead to a rapid wear of parts and breakage of the pump.
  2. A hose extension is required, since the elements that go in the kit are of a short enough length.

Some users advise how to facilitate the task. For example, lower the drain hose into the sink. But we do not recommend this for the following reasons:

  • will have to constantly clean the shell of fat and pieces of food that fall into the sink after washing dishes;
  • an unpleasant smell in the kitchen is provided;
  • a high-positioned hose increases the load on the pump;
  • it is not safe: if the hose slips, the flood is secured; In addition, the leakage protection may not work, as leakage is impaired.

We recommend that you connect the drain to the sewer. We will tell you how to do it right.

Preparing for installation

First, determine the connection scheme. There are two options:

  1. Through the siphon with a tee.
  2. Directly to the sewer.

If the dishwasher is located far from the sink, then think about the layout of the pipes: in order to have as few turns or bends as possible. Make sure that the diameter of the pipes is not less than the diameter of the hose, which will allow easy connection.

What tools and details will be needed

If you connect a drain through a siphon, then choose a part with two or three drainage points (tee) to connect the washing machine and dishwasher. How to choose the siphon correctly, read in our article.

Also you need:

  • check valve - it will not allow water to flow back into the machine in case of sewerage clogging;

  • clamps, gaskets.


  • car key;
  • building level;
  • Fum-tape for waterproofing.

Prepare a place for installing the dishwasher: extend the set or refit the cabinet. To do this, remove the door from the hinges, remove all the shelves. Also, remove the rear wall.

You can start installing and connecting equipment.

Stages of connection

Before installing the machine in the cabinet, connect all the hoses, fix the connections. Put the device back in place and complete the rest of the work.

How to organize a sink through a siphon:

  1. Remove the old one and install a new siphon, which is suitable for dishwasher and stylalki.
  2. Remove the plug from the hose and screw the drain valve (reverse).
  3. On the thread of the siphon, wind the fum-tape for tightness.
  4. Bend the hose in the form of a siphon, it should be located no higher than 60 cm from the floor (drainage height).
  5. Connect the end of the hose to the siphon.

Sewage connection:

  1. Install the hose in a curved position (letter U), at least 40 cm from the floor.
  2. Connect one end to the dishwasher, the other to the sewer. Do not forget to install a check valve to prevent drains from entering the machine.

Now you know which drain is needed for the dishwasher. Next, go for the organization of water supply. At the end of the work, perform a test run to ensure that there is no leakage. Related videos will help you:

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