Dimensions of built-in dishwashers

The dimensions of the built-in dishwashers are important to properly install the equipment and properly organize the space in the kitchen. I especially want to know them when every millimeter counts. We offer to consider the dimensions of built-in dishwashers - what they are, what to look for when choosing.

Dimensions are important for installing embedded PMMs

Content of the material:

  • 1Regulated sizes of built-in PMMs
  • 2What are the built-in PMMs
  • 3Models overview
  • 4How not to miscalculate

Regulated sizes of built-in PMMs

Until 1994 worked requirements in accordance with GOST 27454-87

Until January 1, 1994, the standard was GOST 27454, which strictly regulated both the dimensions of the machines and their characteristics. The width, depth and height of the built-in model should not exceed 50, 60 and 8, cm, respectively. To move away from these values, producers could only be on, see.

Old norms perfectly correspond to the new installation rules

Do you think this is a stupid idea? But in vain, because such regulations guaranteed a hundred percent compliance with the capacity of the machine with manufactured dishes and furniture. Also in the document were written and other rules:

  • Feeding cord length should be at least 2 m.
  • The wall and the rear of the machine should be separated by a distance of 5 cm minimum (for good purposes - to provide ventilation equipment).

On a note! The rule is relevant to this day. 5-centimeter gap should be taken into account when manufacturing a furniture set for your kitchen.

  • For models that were built in under the sink, it was mandatory to deepen the pipe, diverting water. It must be at least 15 cm.

Norms and sizes of the standard are relevant in our time

The standard existed temporarily, but managed to impose an imprint on production norms of many manufacturers. Therefore, the size of the PMM since 1994 is not too different from the norms. Now the parameters of the dishwasher can be:

  • 46-82 cm in height;
  • 45-74 cm in width;
  • 48-62 deep.

What are the built-in PMMs

What kind of dishwashers are built-in type, based on their size?

Mini-cars45x46x48 cm (WxDxH). Usually accommodate up to 5 tableware sets - this allows you to embed the technology in the kitchen cabinet, even in the smallest room of 6 sq. M. m.

Built-in mini car for small kitchen

Fact! Among the small PMMs there are models that can be installed under the sink to further save space.

Compact dishwashers, designed for 6 sets, the overall dimensions of which are 55x45x50 cm.

Compact models PMM on average are designed for 6 sets of dishes

Medium or Standard Models- the most common in the market. The width varies in the range of 45-60 cm, the depth is 62 cm, the height is up to 85 cm. The hopper holds up to 9 dish sets, but also the power consumption is higher. Also to models of medium size include narrow machines - a width of 45 cm.

The prevalence is dominated by the average and standard PMM models

Important! On how to choose the most economical model, focusing on its power consumption, read on the page "Dishwasher power".

Large PMM- the most capacious models, containing from 12 to 17 sets. Their width, height and depth can differ from the average parameters from several to ten centimeters.

The most capacious PMMs can hold up to 17 sets of dishes

Models overview

Let's start with mini-models. The machine in 40 cm, unfortunately, we did not find on the market, and small built-in models are presented in a small assortment:

  • Flavia CI 55 HAVANA. WxDxH = 55x50x4, The average market price starts at 14 368 rubles.

Standard market model of PMM Flavia CI 55 HAVANA

  • Gorenje GVC 63115 - a small built-in dishwasher with dimensions 55x50x44 cm. The price is 1, 99 rubles.

Even if you have a small model PMM installation openings must be unchanged.

Machines more - compact - more common. We will refer to such models:

  • Bosch SKE52M55EN. The installation dimensions are 4, х50х5, cm. The cost is from 39 000 rubles.

Compact Bosch machines are in demand

  • Siemens SK 76M544. Dimensions: 4, х50х60 cm. The price is 45 655 rubles.

An excellent variant of PMM from Siemens

  • AEG F 55200 VI. This compact fully built-in dishwasher is not on sale, but you may be able to order it from abroad. Dimensions: 45h50h55 cm.

Dimensions for embedding the AMS F 55200 VI

Medium-sized machines are produced by such brands as Bosch, Electrolux, Gorenye and others. Consider the PMM, which recorded the highest demand:

  • Electrolux ESL 94200 LO. Dimensions: 45x55x82 cm. The price, according to YandexMarket, is 1, 90 rubles.

One of the leaders among the mid-size PMMs is Electrolux ESL 94200

  • Bosch SPV 40X80. ШхГхВ = 45x55x82 cm, the price is 2, 30 rubles.

Internal space of Bosch SPM 40X80

  • Hansa ZIM 676 H. Width, depth and height - 60x55x82 cm, prices - from 17 222 rubles.

Marking for GMP installation Hansa ZIM 676 H

  • BEKO DIS 15010. WxDxH = 4, x55x8, The price is from 15 460 rubles.

BEKO DIS 15010 Medium-sized BMSO with concealed control panel

  • Gorenje GV 51011 - a novelty in the market, its parameters: 4, x55x8, The cost is 15 460 rubles.

Budget novelty in the market - Gorenje GV 51011

And, finally, full-size (large) dishwashers:

  • Asko D 5896 XXL. Width, depth and height - 60x55x86 cm. 139 990 rubles - so much will have to pay for this spacious (16 sets) and functional (13 programs) technology.

Very capacious full-size model of PMM - Asko D 5896 XXL

  • NEFF S523I60X0R. WxDxH = 60x55x87 cm. The cost is from 5, 90 rubles. Quiet full-sized machine (44 dB) with "beam on the floor"And other useful functions.

Scheme for the installation of full-size dishwashers

  • Hansa ZIM 626 EH - budget, but roomy car (14 dishes sets). Dimensions: 60x55x85 cm. The price is from 20 790 rubles.

The budget and quite large dishwasher Hansa ZIM 626 EH

  • Kuppersbusch IGVS 6509.3 is a giant of engineering thought. Available in sizes 60x55x87 cm, costs from 139 650 rubles.

Model PMM Kuppersbusch IGVS 6509.3 is the giant thought engineers engineers

How not to miscalculate

Drawing.How to proceed to prevent mistakes when choosing a PMM? To the technology corresponded to the width and depth of the cabinet or the niche prepared for it, it is necessary to calculate everything to a millimeter. It starts with a drawing - at least schematic. In advance, decide on the elements of furniture, with the number of lockers, with all the built-in appliances.

Before installation, it is necessary to initially make a general schematic drawing

Depth of countertop.Counting the depth (it is under it installed built-in dishwashers floor type), do not forget to take into account the width of the facade (subject to the purchase of a fully integrated model). Also leave some space between the walls of the cabinet - 5-8 mm.

Total: before you give the order to the furniture makers, you already certainly need to know the parameters of your built-in appliances. You can tell the size of the machine (and other household appliances) to the designer or gage, and he will take them into account in his drawings.

Save the installation dimensions and drawings, you may need them

Important! Drawing the drawing yourself, refer to the manual - it not only records the device data, but also the requirements for the furniture into which it will be built.

As you can see, you can not ignore dimensions when buying a dishwasher. But, chasing the irreproachable style decision of the kitchen, remember that the smaller the car you choose, the less will be its capacity. The best solution is a compromise solution, which assumes the ideal placement of dishwashers.

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