What kind of dishes can I wash in a dishwasher?

When buying a dishwasher, you need to get acquainted with the intricacies of its operation: from the correct connection to the selection of detergents. Before loading the dishes into the hopper, find out: what can be washed in the dishwasher. Not all appliances react positively to the car wash. In order not to spoil the dishes and not to damage the technology, read our publication.

Content of the material:

  • 1What are the categories of utensils for PMM
    • 1.1Dishes for automatic washing
    • 1.2Items that are allowed to be washed in the PMM
    • 1.3What can not be washed in a dishwasher?
  • 2Non-standard use of the dishwasher

What are the categories of utensils for PMM

The dishes can be divided into several types. These are items that:

  1. You can wash in automatic mode.
  2. Conditionally allowed to wash.
  3. Do not load into the dishwasher.

It is possible to know exactly whether washing in the dishwasher is allowed, by the presence of a sign on the appliance.

The icon "can be washed" looks like this:

Or like this:

Dishes for automatic washing

What can be safely loaded into the machine:

  • Pottery. Ceramic ware perfectly tolerates high temperatures.

  • Stainless steel. All items from this material (grill, pots, pans, baking sheets) tolerate any, even intensive washing.
  • Plastic containers, boards, silicone molds. The main thing is to put their bottom up.

Is it possible to wash the "Barrier" jug in the dishwasher? This question is asked by many users on the forums. Experts recommend that the lid and inner bowl be treated in PMM at a temperature of 40 ° C. Previously, you need to remove the cartridge, it is washed with running water.

  • Glass forms, dishes, glasses, cups perfectly carry automatic washing. Add a rinse aid, then the glassware will shine and sparkle.

The "Zepter" ware can be put in the car. Before loading it is desirable to remove the handle with a thermometer.

  • Porcelain products covered with glaze. Watch for badges on the dishes. Czech and Japanese porcelain can be processed at a temperature of + 50-60 ° C.

Before placing the instruments in the camera, read the instructions to the PMM.

You will need an article about how,how to make the first start of the dishwasher.

Items that are allowed to be washed in the PMM

These products and materials are allowed for automatic washing only under certain conditions:

  • Products made of nickel silver. Metal can be in the composition of cutlery - outwardly it looks like silver. Melchior can be placed in a dishwasher only separately from other appliances, as it can darken.

  • Children's toys made of plastic are perfectly cleaned in a typewriter. Avoid loading toys with small glued elements. They will fall off and may damage the pump.

What can not be washed in a dishwasher?

What materials can not be loaded into the machine:

  • Cast iron. Cast iron grilles, cauldrons, pots, pans can only be handled, preferably without detergents. Otherwise, the surface begins to become covered with a white coating and rust. Some clean pig iron with sand or salt.

Important! Cast-iron utensils with ceramic coating can transfer the automatic washing.

  • Tree. Wooden boards, spoons, spatulas lose shape under the influence of high temperatures. The structure of the tree is destroyed, and objects become unusable.

  • Enamel. Enamel and Teflon pans, bowls, pans "Tefal". Under a strong pressure of hot water, the coating is washed off and objects can no longer be used.

  • Copper and brass. The dishes from these materials darken, lose shape.
  • Silver. The table service will instantly lose its luster, and if you put silver with the metal, the objects will react and darken. You can wash silver, but observe precautions. It is recommended to purchase a special accessory for the dishwasher - a tray for washing silver appliances.
  • Aluminum. Meat grinder, baking tray, garlic clamp will also darken. Moreover, aluminum is washed off and stains the walls of the dishwasher.

  • Crystal. Products made of crystal are sensitive to high temperatures and can crack. Although in modern PMM there is a "Delicate" mode with a lowered temperature, we recommend washing the crystal with your hands. Abrasive detergent particles can scratch the surface.
  • Porcelain with a pattern without glaze and gilding. Over time, the decor will darken, wash off, will take an unpresentable appearance.

Is it possible to load a thermos into the dishwasher? It is undesirable, especially products with a glass bulb. The same applies to the thermo mug. Jets of hot water destroy insulation, and the object becomes unusable. Today on the market you can find new types of thermoses that can already be washed in the car: for example, Hoffmann. Look carefully at the notation.

Which subjects are shown for manual care:

  • Banks, baby bottles with stickers and drawings. The sticker is peeling off and clogging the drain filter, which will lead to operational problems.

  • Knives. If the camera does not have a special knife holder, it is best to take care of them manually. Sharp edges quickly dull from hot water, and can also damage the chamber walls, rubber gaskets.
  • Graters, strainer. The dried pieces of food are stuck in the holes and do not wash out with automatic washing.

  • Electric kettle, steamer with a special coating, blender. All these items can become worthless. You can load only individual elements of the blender, for example, a corolla and a flask made of heat-resistant plastic.

Read more about what can not be washed in a dishwasher in our separate article.

Non-standard use of the dishwasher

Want to save time on household chores? Then these ideas will help you.

Vegetables and fruits. Started conservation? Will the guests arrive soon? If you need to wash a bunch of potatoes, peppers, tomatoes, apples and other products, distribute them on the shelves of the dishwasher. Start the rinse with cold water without the use of detergents.

Important! Avoid loading vegetables with lumps of dirt. This can clog the PMM drainage filter.

Small toys. If your child loves the Lego designer, then the dishwasher is a "wand stick". Place the small parts in the laundry bag and send it to PMM. You can use the washing machine, but then the elements may be damaged during the scrolling of the drum.

Caps and baseball caps. In the stylalk these wardrobe items quickly lose shape. Whereas in the dishwasher they are simply treated with jets of water that wash away the dirt.

Do not forget to replace the washing dish detergent with a powder or a gel for washing.

Beach and rubber shoes. Pre-clean the soles of sand and dirt, pull out the insole. See if there are any glued elements. Choose a gentle mode with low temperature. Crocks shoes can not be put into the car, checked by users.

Crockery and toys of animals. If the house has dogs, cats, surely caring for their dishes is not your favorite pastime. Fold all on the top shelf of the PMM and run the antibacterial mode.

Extraction and ventilation filters. All products made of durable plastic can be loaded into the hopper. If this is a filter, first clear its contents.

Sports accessories. This is also plastic products, which can not be washed, but wash in the car - please. Helmets, kapy, knee pads will wash off and retain their appearance.

Containers for ice, fruit, refrigerator shelves. All the shelves and shapes that you can get from the refrigerator, perfectly washed in the PMM.

Banks, an aquarium. Tired of sterilizing cans by the piece? Use the dishwasher. Also you can clean the aquarium, just place it with the bottom up.

Plafonds and lampshades from plastic. Why not? The main thing is to get into the bunker.

Ornaments of gold and silver. If the technique laundered silverware, it will cope with decorations. It is important to place small items in the trays so that they do not get into the sink.

Items for cleaning. Brushes, sponges, sponges will undergo disinfection at high temperature.

Now you can also use the dishwasher 100%. Watch a video on how to wash toys:

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