Review of tabletop dishwashers

A table dishwasher is the crown of the development of modern household appliances. It has almost all the functions available in full-size dishwashers, but it takes up less space than a microwave oven. Installing the dishwasher on the countertop is a pragmatic and reasonable way out of the situation in a confined space.

Since these PMMs have their own peculiarities, we suggest to learn in detail about them before buying and putting on the table.

Content of the material:

  • 1What are the disadvantages and advantages of desktop PMMs?
  • 2Dimensions and features of table-top dishwashers
  • 3Self-connection
  • 4Rating of popular desktop PMMs
    • 4.1Bosch SKS 62E22
    • 4.2Bosch SKS 40E22
    • 4.3Bosch SKS 51E11
    • 4.4Electrolux ESF 2400 OH
    • 4.5Midea MCFD-0606

What are the disadvantages and advantages of desktop PMMs?

Since there are more pluses than minuses, let's start with a good one:

  1. Dimensions. To inhabitants of one-room and small-sized apartments small dishwasher machines suit best. But if you have a full kitchen with a lot of free space, better buy a conventional dishwasher.

  1. Mobility. Convenience of carrying and transportation. If a frequent shift or change of residence is your life credo, a compact desktop machine is just what you need.
  2. Economical.In view of the modest dimensions, a desktop type machine consumes a record low amount of electricity and water.
  3. The cost.Small cars sometimes cost 2-3 times cheaper than full-size options. Therefore, even if space allows you, but the budget does not provide for large expenses for household appliances, choose a modest and inexpensive desktop version of the washer.

Let's pass to minuses:

  1. Minimum capacity.If you can load 10-20 sets of dishes into a large complete PMM, then only a few can fit in the desktop, a maximum of 6-8. For a small family of 2-3 people this will be enough, but after visits guests will have to drive several cycles to wash up a mountain of dirty dishes.
  2. Modest functional.The more powerful and bulky the machine, the more "chips" and "lotions" it contains. In small models, designed for desktop installation, usually a few standard programs. A major drawback is not called, because the machine washes and dries, that is, with its main task copes.

Dimensions and features of table-top dishwashers

Speaking of the dimensions, desktop PMMs win in this matter from any other dishwashers. Such a machine, even "large household appliances" is no longer called. Usually their external parameters in height, width and depth are 55x45x55 cm. Such dimensions allow to accommodate up to 6 dishes sets that will satisfy the needs of one or two people. If your family consists of 3-4 people, this does not mean that a compact mini model does not suit you - you just have to use the technique more often.

Machines for 4 sets can have even smaller parameters - up to 50 cm in depth, then you will get not only a small, but a narrow machine. And the models for 9 sets differ in the size grid in the other direction.

Functional features of small dishwashers are limited to 5-6 programs, among which are usually:

  • "Intensive" mode. Suitable for washing too dirty dishes. Washing is done in 70 degree water.
  • "Normal" or "Normal" mode. In this case, washing takes place at 60-65 degrees. Suitable for everyday use.
  • "Express". The cycle ends much faster, the water temperature is 40-45 degrees.
  • Economy. Washing dishes goes in 50-degree water. Suitable for slightly soiled dishes and cutlery.
  • "Soaking" or "Pre-rinse" is a convenient option for the dirtiest dishes.

Despite the dimensions that do not allow to accommodate a large number of options, some manufacturers, such as Bosch, embed a "Delicate" program, which can be used to wash glass and crystal glassware - glasses, glasses, etc.


If you decide to save money and refuse to pay for the connection of equipment, you can also install it yourself. Moreover, the complexity of the work is comparable with the repair of a water tap. Before installing a dishwasher, you need to provide for such moments:

  • Provide connection to the drain (usually this is already provided in the design of each sink).
  • You may need to install an additional outlet. It is important that grounding is provided in it.

Consider how to connect a desktop PMM without the services of an installer:

  • Turn off the water supply in the apartment.
  • Cut into the system tee, through which water will be fed into the kitchen faucet and dishwasher.
  • If the drain socket of the sink is not designed for additional devices, you need to install one to which the drain hose of the dishwasher can be brought.

Important! Do not leave hoses in prominent places - try to install them under the sink. When laying hoses, avoid creases and kinks so that there is unhindered access to water.

There are also simple ways of connection - often in the complete set are delivered hoses, on the end of which there is a branch pipe. Having hooked such a hose over the sink, you can drain the water right there. It is not very convenient and aesthetic, but economical and fast.

Rating of popular desktop PMMs

Before choosing a suitable model, it is worthwhile to find out which are the best in the market, so as not to lose and make a really useful and deliberate purchase. Consider the most popular models on the domestic market of desktop dishwashers.

Bosch SKS 62E22

This compact machine is made in white color, so it is suitable for any interior design of the kitchen. The model holds up to 6 dishesets. Washing programs are also 6, and there is a program for crystal glasses. This model deserved the highest rating of users in their reviews on the sites of household appliances.

The distinctive feature of Bosch SKS 62E22 is quiet operation, up to 48 dB. There is a compartment for tablets. The turbidity sensor is present in the design. With its parameters, an average market price of 3, 00 rubles is estimated.

Bosch SKS 40E22

Another small-sized model, slightly inferior in performance to the previous model. But it costs a lot less: only 26 000 rubles. It provides 4 washing modes, without a delicate program. The model sounds decent - up to 54 dB. Another disadvantage is that there is no separation for tablets, and protection from leaks is partially realized. But even with these parameters, the machine can wash up to 6 sets with a consumption of 8 liters.

Important! Often such machines are hidden under the sink - there they are freely placed, not cluttering up space.

Bosch SKS 51E11

Another machine from the German concern "Bosch" with a memorable interesting design. A bright color solution will emphasize the style of your kitchen. In this series, you can also choose black, white or silver color. The machine is able to wash 6 sets of dishes at a time, there is a "Delicate" program. There is a compartment for tablets. Protection against leakage of a partial sample. The budget cost is attributed to the pluses: only 21 000 rubles.

Electrolux ESF 2400 OH

The firm "Electrolux" released its offspring in an extravagant red color. It is quite economical, since it consumes up to, liters of water and, 1 kW / h of electricity. For comfortable use, there are 6 modes, including "Delicate". Protection from leaks is also of a partial type, and there is no compartment for tablets. The cost is 27 000 rubles.

From the same brand there is a similar model ESF 2400 OW in white design, which costs only 1, 00 rubles.

Midea MCFD-0606

This is a Chinese PMM with incredibly powerful functionality. Silent work up to 49 dB, "Delicate" mode, a compartment for tablets, consumption of 7 liters of water - excellent characteristics for a machine assembled in China. And it costs only 14 000 rubles.

Of course, you can choose a narrow and compact model in other price segments, and from other manufacturers. The market is supplied with compact models from such brands as Kandy, Hansa, Indesit and others. But they did not enter our rating for one reason or another "low" demand, high prices or questionable reviews. We hope that after reading our review, you decide for yourself whether it is worth taking a desktop model, and if so, whose production.

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