Overview of detached dishwashers

Dishwasher machine to be! Finally, an assistant will appear in your house, which will take over a part of everyday affairs. Only the question arises: what type of MMP to install? In this article we will talk about free-standing dishwashers. Consider their advantages and disadvantages, as well as the correctness of the installation.

Content of the material:

  • 1Dimensions of free-standing PMMs
  • 2How to Install a Dishwasher
  • 3Advantages and disadvantages of stand-alone PMMs
  • 4Rating of dishwashers
    • 4.1Smeg BLV2O-2
    • 4.2Bosch SMS 40L08
    • 4.3Siemens SR 25E830
    • 4.4Miele G 4203 SC
    • 4.5Hotpoint-Ariston ELTB 6M124 EU

Dimensions of free-standing PMMs

In addition to the functional, the dimensions of the dishwasher - this is the first thing that excites the buyer. Important is the height and depth of the shell, the possibility of embedding or a separate installation.

Built-in PMMs are usually ordered together with a kitchen set, where space is provided for the equipment in advance. The stationary independent machine has standard dimensions: 60х68х89 cm. Full-size floor variants accommodate up to 17 sets of dishes. The external control panel of the models makes it possible to conveniently monitor the time until the end of the cycle.

Small and compact dishwashers are installed on the table and can be moved when necessary. Usually there is no draining system. Draining is replaced by filters that purify water for reuse. The width of this technique does not exceed 45 cm.

Manufacturers do not yet produce stationary dish washing machines measuring 40 cm or less. But you can find new developments - portable models that users take with them to nature.

As for individual narrow dishwashers, their dimensions are 45x60x80-85 cm. The technique can comfortably fit between the thumbs and does not take up much space.

How to Install a Dishwasher

Whether it is possible to build a dishwasher, hide it under the countertop, depends on the type of installation. The location of PMM in the interior of the kitchen depends on the preferences of the owners. How to connect the machine, described in detail in the instructions.

It is important to follow the safety rules. Since an incorrect connection will result in problems during the operation of the equipment.

  1. Grounding. It is recommended to connect the PMM only to grounded outlets. And also install fuses for each device that consumes a lot of energy.
  2. When connecting the equipment to the water, a shut-off hose is used, which, in case of leakage, will quickly shut off the water. Experts advise to immediately install a filter for water treatment - so PMM will last a lot longer.
  3. When installing the drain system, do not forget that the height of the drain hose should not be more than 40 cm from the floor. Otherwise, the water will constantly merge.

After connecting, do not forget to perform a test run of the technique to make sure that all the work is done successfully.

Advantages and disadvantages of stand-alone PMMs

The stand-alone technique differs from a built-in stylish design. Thanks to a large assortment in the market, the model can be selected for any interior.


  1. If there is a malfunction or leakage in a detached dishwasher, you can quickly solve the problem. It does not need to be pulled out of the cabinet beforehand in order to inspect it.
  2. The cost of stationary models is lower than the built-in options.
  3. A stand-alone PMM is an excellent option for a kitchen that has long been staffed. After all, you can install equipment anywhere.


  1. Full-size models take up a lot of space, so you need to think everything over so that you can use the technology conveniently.
  2. Some models work more noisily.

When choosing, pay attention to the functionality of the dishwasher. Standard models have five basic modes, but if you can afford a technique more expensive, you can count on 24 washing programs and additional functions.

The majority of users claim that 3-5 modes are in demand, and for the others it is not necessary to overpay. But additional functions can be useful. For example, tank lighting, quick washing or sterilization of dishes.

Rating of dishwashers

How to choose the best dishwasher model? To do this, you need to familiarize yourself with the characteristics of the machine, read customer feedback.

Smeg BLV2O-2

A stand-alone full-size model measuring 60x68x89 cm. The streamlined shape of the dishwasher is made in the style of the 50's. The original design will decorate and diversify your interior.

The technique holds 16 sets of dishes. The basket can be adjusted, so it is possible to wash large pots. Electronic control with a display allows you to choose from 9 programs and 5 temperature modes. In addition to the standard modes, there is a fast cycle for slightly contaminated plates, as well as delicate - for fragile products. Pre-soaking will help to get rid of complex contaminants.

Turbosushka allows you to get the dishes from the tank is already dry. There is a possibility of a delay of start up to 24 hours. You can load the dishes, and set the beginning of the cycle at a convenient time. After the end of the program, the door automatically opens. Complete protection from leaks will ensure safe use.

Smeg BLV2O-2 belongs to the energy consumption class A, using, 1 kW / h. The water consumption per cycle is 9 liters, while the noise level is low - 42 dB. The price is from 98 000 rubles.

Bosch SMS 40L08

Floor-standing dishwasher dimensions 85x60x60 cm. The model has an excellent wash quality, belongs to class A. At a time you can wash 12 sets of dishes. The design of Bosch SMS 40L08 is distinguished by "steel aging". Brilliant metal surface will perfectly fit into the interior of high-tech.

The model is equipped with interesting technologies:

  1. DosageAssist allows you to achieve the ideal dishwashing. A tablet of detergent falls under the stream of water from the sprinkler, which allows you to wash even persistent soiling.
  2. VarioSpeed ​​allows you to halve the wash cycle.
  3. The electronic response function uses salt to soften water only if necessary.

It is convenient to include the dishwasher even when guests are at home, since the noise level is 48 dB. One cycle consumes 12 liters of water. There are 4 main programs, as well as half load mode. The latter allows you to save water and electricity when you load an incomplete tank.

The dishwasher dries the appliances completely (class A) thanks to the natural evaporation of moisture (condensation drying). The presence of the display allows you to track the time until the end of the cycle. Protection from children and leaks will help to avoid unforeseen breakdown. The price is from 48 000 rubles.

Siemens SR 25E830

A stand-alone narrow model "Siemens" with dimensions of 80x45x60 cm. A stylish dishwasher with a class of energy consumption A + will save on paying for electricity. The bunker accommodates 9 sets of dishes, uses 9 liters of water per cycle.

The control panel SR 25E830 is equipped with a display. With the rotary switch you can set one of 5 washing programs. Additional modes include pre-soaking and half-loading. The delay timer automatically starts the washing program at the time set by the user. You can start the dishwasher even at night, because the noise level is only 46 dB.

The manufacturer has provided protection from children. One press of the button completely blocks the control panel, as well as the door lock. So the child can not accidentally open the bunker door and get burned. The price is from 42 000 rubles.

Miele G 4203 SC

Washing machine from the manufacturer Miele looks pretty simple. Let the appearance of technology do not mislead you. Inside the dishwasher, everything is organized for efficient and convenient washing of 14 sets of dishes.

  1. The cutlery trays have separate compartments. Now each fork or spoon will be placed separately, which will protect the surface from scratches.
  2. Handle baskets are so convenient and ergonomic that they allow you to quickly reach the tray, load it and install it in place.
  3. The upper basket is adjustable in height.

After loading the plates, ComfortClose closes the door carefully. Control panel with a display allows you to choose from 5 programs:

  1. ECO mode reduces water and electricity consumption.
  2. Intensive treatment for heavily soiled pots, pans.
  3. A normal program is suitable for daily washing.
  4. A delicate function is suitable for products that are sensitive to high temperatures.

Drying system Turbothermic economically dry cutlery with room air. Provides protection from children and leaks. The model dimensions are 85x60x60 cm. The price is from 40 000 rubles.

Hotpoint-Ariston ELTB 6M124 EU

The fully-equipped "Hotpoint Ariston" equipment has dimensions of 82x60x57 cm. The A ++ energy efficiency class can save 30% of the energy. The class of drying and washing is also at a high level - A. Baskets are designed for 14 sets of dishes, while PMM economically spends water - 9 liters per cycle.

Control push-button with indicators. Six washing programs, among which - preliminary rinsing, delicate washing. A convenient delay function for starting the wash at any time.

Condensation drying dishes operates on the principle of evaporation of moisture. At the end of the cycle, the machine beeps. The leakage protection system protects against accidental water leakage. The noise level is 44 dB. The price is from 25 000 rubles.

Separate dishwashers have their advantages and disadvantages. But if you have enough space to install machinery, it will take its niche in the kitchen. The large capacity of dishwashers will help to quickly cope with dirty dishes and free time for rest.

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