Dishwashers Beko: TOP 7 best models of how to choose +

In the online stores and supermarkets that sell household appliances, dishwashers Eyelid presented very well. The company offers a compact desktop model, full-standing and built-in units of the width of 45 cm and 60 cm.

Simple functionality dishwashers contained a shortened set of programs. More advanced options are additional options to help clean wash kitchen utensils of all materials.

The content of the article:

  • Distinctive features Beko appliances
    • Technological features units
    • The originality of the internal configuration
  • TOP 7 best models and reviews about them
    • Location # 1 - DFS39020X
    • Location # 2 - DFS05010W
    • Place # 3 - DFS26010B
    • Place # 4 - DIS15010
    • Location # 5 - DFN26420W
    • Place # 6 - DIN28320
    • Place # 7 - DFS28020X
  • Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

Distinctive features Beko appliances

Beko Dishwasher from producer belongs to a class of efficient and cost-effective technology. Wide functionality and progressive innovations allow high-quality clear the soiled dishes from a variety of materials without damaging the surface and the overall integrity of a subject.

Technological features units

GlassShield alert to the baseline hardness of the water, ensuring perfect clarity and glitter of glass and porcelain.

AquaFlex keeps under control the water pressure level in the wash chamber. For dimensional articles placed in the container bottom, it is 60%.

Detergents for dishwasher

The machine for a long time served and worked correctly, the manufacturer recommends the use of high-quality cleaning products designed for use in dishwashers. Saving this does not help, and plates, cups and other items will need to wash your hands

At the top of the basket, wherein the fragile stacked, lightly soiled items, the water pressure is maintained at lower rates. This is in order not to damage the thin glass, porcelain and other sensitive materials.

SilentTech They are responsible for lowering the operating sound level. This allows you to use the machine at night without sacrificing the comfort and convenience of people living in the apartment or house.

Cutlery in a special container

from Beko machine provided with a convenient container for cutlery. It is possible to correctly place the forks, knives and spoons, protection in the next dishes from scratches

Watersafe + ensures a full two-tier protection against possible leaks. If suddenly the event of leakage, the system will immediately block the flow of water from a central communications and parallel stop withdrawals if the connecting hose is leaking.

Fast + triggers accelerated 3 times cleaning mode while maintaining high quality. It helps in the moment when a full wash cycle do not have time.

SteamGloss It provides a bright shine and unrivaled dry dishes. Kitchen utensils, treated in this mode, you can immediately put on a clean cloth or in a cupboard, without fear of the arrival of the wet spots.

Memo on energy consumption

Beko company pays great attention to energy saving and trying to make their appliances more economical as possible. All machines are sold under the trademark belong to classes A + and A ++

BabyProtect more intensively and thoroughly cleans the children's dishes and at the end of the cycle rinses the items in hot water.

The originality of the internal configuration

EverClean It contributes to the content in the manner of self-cleaning filter. The pump pumps through high pressure water.

During this procedure, food particles, fat and other elements that prevent a full-fledged high-quality work, quickly removed.

Progressive guides, equipped with ball-bearing elements, allow the baskets to move smoothly and accurately. As a result, kitchen utensils not beating each other and the surface is smooth and shiny.

The internal arrangement of the dishwasher

Domestic washing chamber in dishwashers of Beko made from solid stainless steel. Anodized coating applied to all metal elements, is a good barrier to corrosive manifestations

Practical interior lighting provides the ability to load the dishes into the washing machine, even night without activating with the overhead lights, and without creating problems for people who are in residential room.

Acrobat It allows you to effortlessly move between levels basket filled to the brim filled with kitchen utensils.

Control Panel dishwasher

Cheap cars usually have 4-5 major programs. Models with medium and high cost are equipped with additional options that allow the customer to customize the operation of the equipment according to individual needs

Convenient folding holders allow to optimize the internal space of the tank, in this way freeing additional space for large-sized container.

We offer a video that illustrates the technological equipment dishwashers brand:

TOP 7 best models and reviews about them

Dishwasher from the company Beko - a modern, practical machine for cleaning trays / plates / pans and other kitchen appliances with all kinds of contaminants.

The range of the brand has built in and freestanding narrow and full-size model with a good capacity and optimal consumption of energy.

Appliances collected, completed and tested at the Turkish plants and then falls on the counters of shops and shopping centers.

Location # 1 - DFS39020X

Compact, accurate model of small size, which is located in the kitchen. It takes up little space, but easily accommodates a large number of various kitchen utensils.

DFS39020X is inexpensive, has a basic set of programs including intensive, fast and cost-effective processing. Cleaning of fragile glass and porcelain pieces spends delicate gentle.

General characteristics DFS39020X:

  • It is placed into the washing tank - 10 cpl .;
  • the washing / drying - A;
  • parameters of power consumption - A ++;
  • drying method - condensing;
  • control - electronics;
  • whether there is a display - yes;
  • water per cycle - 9 l;
  • noise level of - 46 dB;
  • the number of programs - 9;
  • basic dimensions - 45h60h85 cm;
  • Body options pomyvochnaya camera - holder for glasses, height adjustable basket.

Among the useful additional model BEKO DFS39020X such functions: the ability to load the washing tank half full, 6 temperature regimes, delaying the start of a period of from 30 minutes to one day.

Customers speak highly of the unit well and celebrate quality cleaning old stains, and quiet operation, enabling the unit to activate the night, without sacrificing their own comfortable rest.

DFS39020X model is going to Turkey on the company's factory Beko. The manufacturer gives to their product year warranty and offers customers service support.

By cons do not rank too high-quality drying under certain conditions.

Location # 2 - DFS05010W

Simple looks elegant car belongs to a class of narrow-standing models. Sold at a budget price, is good at servicing an average family of 3-4 people.

General characteristics DFS05010W:

  • It is placed into the washing tank - 10 cpl .;
  • the washing / drying - A;
  • power consumption parameters - A +;
  • drying method - blowing;
  • Control - Mechanical rotary tumbler;
  • whether there is a display - there is;
  • water per cycle - 13 l;
  • noise level of - 50 dB;
  • the number of programs - 5;
  • basic dimensions - 45h60h85 see.

DFS05010W carefully removes with cups, plates, dishes, forks, spoons, knives, trays, pots and pans, even complex, chronic pollution. It contains all the basic programs for the treatment and well dries up after cycle.

Additional features include a number of useful, including the progressive protection against leaks Water Save +, indicator lights presence of salt, the ability to use a tableted "3 means in 1".

The inner chamber is equipped with the following devices DFS05010W: washing a stainless steel tank with anodized coating sprayer 3, two roomy baskets, the bottom of the container 2 collapsible lattice separate box for canteens instruments.

Most buyers are putting technique is quite high marks and claim that with the tasks entrusted to the machine handles. Elementary utensils it washes well and dries thoroughly at the end of cycle.

Due to the compact size DFS05010W fits easily even in a small kitchen. Optionally, or in order to save space, the machine can be put under the table top. There, she would not want to download, and it will be easy and convenient.

Individual customers have complained of too noisy work, siphoned off the possibility to use the dishwasher at night.

Some owners notice that with old, become attached spots she can not cope, and placed inside a large pan, deep bowls and large pans obtained with difficulty.

Place # 3 - DFS26010B

Freestanding machine DFS26010B, despite the low price, is equipped with good functionality and is endowed with convenient options to facilitate pomyvochnaya process.

Low power consumption and quiet operation make it possible to use in DFS26010B the most convenient time and postpone the start of a period of time with lower rates on resources.

General characteristics BEKODFS26010B machine:

  • capacity of the washing tank - 10 cpl .;
  • the washing / drying - A;
  • power consumption parameters - A +;
  • method of drying - condensation:
  • than controlled - Electronics:
  • whether there is a display - yes;
  • how much water goes into the cycle - 11 liters;
  • noise level of - 47 dB;
  • the number of programs - 6;
  • basic dimensions - 44,8h60h85 see.

Additionally there is: guard against leaks and overflows "Aquastop" pre-treatment rinsing, the ability to load half the amount for delaying the washing timer to 30 minutes period to one day.

And also can correct work with a tablet formulation "3 in 1", implemented full protection of children.

Regarding pomyvochnaya chamber BEKO DFS26010B, the features of its configuration are: low noise inverter motor with a good power sensors.

A variety of temperature conditions allows qualitatively handle utensils of any material, including plastic objects, cast iron pan and utyatnitsu.

There is a spacious upper basket is adjustable in height, the lower container with two folding bars for a more rational overall arrangement of dishes, boxing for spoons, forks, knives and other eateries instruments.

The elegant black finish of the outer housing is attractive and good shines. That it remains so, you must be regularly cleaned with a soft cloth dampened with a neutral detergent.

In general, a car DFS26010B users respond positively assessed the availability of suitable programs that can adapt, by experiments.

Note the good quality of washing in various modes, not only an optimal consumption of energy and water, but also detergents.

The disadvantages include lack of illumination in the chamber and some complexity to the placement in the lower container dimensional articles, such tureens, pots and pans.

Place # 4 - DIS15010

Narrow polnovstraivaemaya model DIS15010 included in the list of best-selling dishwashers from Beko. Its functionality consists of only the most necessary programs that can easily and effectively remove all traces of contamination with any cooking utensils.

No unnecessary frills DIS15010 have no car, and the price makes it possible to classify it to a class of high-quality and reliable budgetary techniques.

General characteristics DIS 15010:

  • placed washing tank - 10 cpl .;
  • the washing / drying - A;
  • power consumption parameters - A +;
  • drying method - condensing;
  • than controlled - electronics;
  • whether there is a display - there is;
  • how much water goes into the cycle - 13 liters;
  • noise level of - 49 dB;
  • the number of programs - 5;
  • basic dimensions - 45h55h82 see.

Additionally, in DIS15010 machine has the following features: the ability to load in half, separate treatment for cleanse delicate items, economical program to remove impurities of weak, delaying the start of a period of 3 to 9 hours.

The internal chamber is provided in stainless steel wash compartment with a special anti-corrosion coating the upper basket can be easily adjusted in height, a special holder for glasses and stemware.

Most customers are very satisfied with the performance of dishwashers Beko. She copes with its responsibilities and does not produce too loud sounds during operation.

Among all the programs available to the module highlights the fast and effective cleaning for 30 minutes. Other manufacturers rarely include this feature in the list of budget items opportunities.

The only negative, seen buyers - it is too thin metal body. But as DIS15010 completely hidden behind furniture fronts, major problems it does not deliver.

Location # 5 - DFN26420W

Quiet but powerful and roomy car DFN26420W enjoys popularity among customers deservedly so.

With a relatively low price, it is not only a basic set of programs, but also additional advanced features and modes.

Specifications Model:

  • capacity - 14 cpl .;
  • the washing / drying - A;
  • parameters of power consumption - A ++;
  • drying method - turbosushka;
  • than controlled - buttons;
  • whether there is a display - LCD;
  • how much water goes into the cycle - 11 liters;
  • noise level of - 46 dB;
  • the number of programs - 6;
  • basic dimensions - 60h60h85 see.

Among the useful additions DFN26420W stands guard against leaks, cost-effective program for lightly soiled.

DFN26420W works with means of "3 in 1" provides high purification without stains and faster drying.

There is a delay at the start of run time of 30 minutes to one day, the notification indicating the presence in the salt container and the rinse aid, dishwashing spray level 3, the locking of children.

And also for pre-soaking the most problematic items, sensor contamination.

Equipment pomyvochnaya camera: a practical box for cutlery, cups stand for the upper basket height adjustment option.

Of all the positive list as the owner DFN26420W especially allocate half load, which allows not to save the dishes and clean it immediately after a meal.

The model has a pre-soak option. It enables a well to wash the most stubborn, inveterate stains from food, burnt or become attached to the surface of the dishes, even in awkward, hard to reach places.

Technological and functional disadvantages could not be found users. The only thing that causes some criticism, this coating enclosure requiring more care.

Place # 6 - DIN28320

This modern polnovstraivaemy module has a standard size and can easily fit into a niche provided in the furniture.

General characteristics:

  • capacity of the washing tank - 13 cpl .;
  • the washing / drying - A;
  • parameters of power consumption - A ++;
  • drying method - condensing;
  • How to manage - electronics;
  • whether there is a display - yes;
  • how much water goes into the cycle - 10 liters;
  • noise level of - 44 dB;
  • the number of programs - 8;
  • basic dimensions - 59,8h55h81,8 see.

The list of useful additional features included such as pre-soaking, Quick & Clean mode, the possibility of half-load.

The model has a pre-soak option. It enables a well to wash the most stubborn, inveterate stains from food, burnt or become attached to the surface of the dishes, even in awkward, hard to reach places.

And at DIN28320 have the opportunity to perform a correct connection to the domestic hot water (hot water), there is a progressive blocking the protection of children, hard water softening system.

The inner tank is equipped with a spacious DIN28320 upper basket with the ability to adjust the height to your personal needs, which is equipped with an advanced system of Acrobat.

A lower basket with collapsible shelves for plates, clamshell-lattice in the upper basket, the third flat box makes this operation very convenient dishwasher.

Customers say that DIN28320 demonstrates high efficiency in all modes, cleaning and removes the most difficult, stubborn stains and traces of soot.

Included with the machine are a special proprietary proofing mats. If we arrange them in strict accordance with the instructions, it will work practically inaudible even when the mode is activated, intensive cleaning.

By cons rank very poor drying at fast activation programs. Many users notice that in this case, the washed dishes can not be immediately used for other purposes.

On the surface of the instrument is wet coating and has to be removed using a kitchen towel. This is especially true deep plates, bowls and pans.

Place # 7 - DFS28020X

Budget freestanding model DFS28020X in classic white. It has affordable price and good functionality, so popular with consumers.

Machine DFS28020X very economical, consumes a small amount of energy as compared with other modules of Beko, having the same capacity and similar processing parameters.

General characteristics DFS28020X:

  • into the washing tank 10 placed compl .;
  • the washing / drying - A;
  • parameters of power consumption - A ++;
  • drying method - condensing;
  • How to manage - electronics;
  • whether the display is available - LDC;
  • how much water goes into a cycle - 9.0 liters;
  • noise level of - 46 dB;
  • the number of programs - 8;
  • basic dimensions - 45h60h85.

The list of useful bonus features of the dishwasher includes control and protection system against potential leaks, loading half of the base amount of dishes.

Also, the timer delaying work for a period of from 1 hour to one day, delicate cycle for processing glass and other sensitive and vulnerable materials.

Design dishwashers suitable for installation on a classic design kitchens. The machine fits perfectly into such premises and becoming an indispensable tool in the kitchen.

In DFS28020X users primarily point out that it fully justifies the cost. Since the task machine copes well.

Of the minuses users have noted that the dishwasher did not cope with dried food.

Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

Video tips on proper loading of different kinds of kitchen utensils in the car:

Enthusiastic ode to the owner of its automated cooking assistant brand Beko. How to wash the car, and what tools to use:

Before you purchase kitchen appliances Beko brand, you need to determine the requirements of the unit.For a small apartment suitable table or floor narrow model. The spacious kitchen, ideal for a full-size free-standing or built in dishwasher.

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