Dishwasher Bosch SMS24AW01R: an overview, reviews, features, specifications

Currently eyeing home helper, so as not to wash dishes by hand and save water? Or the old machine needs to be replaced? One option may be a dishwasher Bosch SMS24AW01R: German manufacturer has created another convenient and functional model.

See what is special about it, is comparable with the nearest "colleagues."

The content of the article:

  • Features and Benefits
    • Dimensions and design features
    • Inverter motor plus powerful pumps
    • heating and washing system
    • Sensor loading and delayed start
    • Regulator of water hardness
    • Additional options for easy operation
    • Energy efficiency and safety of the machine
    • The bonus warranty from the manufacturer
  • Fly in the ointment - minor shortcomings
  • According to its users model
  • Comparison with similar devices
    • Competitor # 1 - Indesit DSR 15B3
    • Competitor # 2 - Siemens SR24E205
    • Competitor # 3 - Indesit DFG 15B10
  • findings

Features and Benefits

The car can accommodate up to 12 place settings, this technique is suitable for use in a large family.

Quality washing her excellent copes with complex pollution. The construction is designed as a large-sized dishes, and the fragile glass.

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Dimensions and design features

The width and depth of the same model - 60 cm. The manufacturer indicates the height together with top in the 84.5 cm, without it - 81 cm. The width of the PMM more than popular cars in the 50 cm, but other options determine the choice in its favor.

Washing machines Bosch camera

The chamber dishwasher quietly placed the trays, grill out of the oven, pots - all that hard to wash off his hands

The main elements of the machine:

  • durable and resistant body with numerous plugs, valves, lowering noise and vibration;
  • Compact, powerful, efficient engine EcoSilence Drive;
  • electronic control panel with character display, placed in the appliance door;
  • washing chamber with undulating cam followers that supply water;
  • System boxes for dishes;
  • the detergent dispenser - the manufacturer recommends downloading it only here;
  • cuvette for rinse - located next to the compartment for detergent, it is supplied with water during the last phase of the selected program;
  • filters;
  • the ion exchanger with the salt container for regeneration excellent performance detergents.

Easy to use control panel allows you to set goals machines machine: set the program to include additional options-off, adjust the timer. Information about the actions of the user on the display.

The indicator panel on the dishwasher

Indication of the amount of salt and rinse aid is displayed on the control panel in the form of symbols, which is convenient for control and correction of the amount of

People often ask - and whether the rinse aid, is ordinary water needed is not enough? This tool is necessary for uniform drying dishes and make it shine.

Feed quantity of rinse aid is regulated individually. If you notice white patches, stains on the washed items or they are faded, means little loaded. If the dishes after washing "decorated" iridescence and sticks, you need to reduce the amount of rinse aid.

Set of detergents for dishwashers

Trial set detergent comes with the machine. In the future, the manufacturer advises not to save on their quality and do not forget to take care of itself PMM

Special attention is given system boxes dishwashers. They are designed to meet the needs of the buyer in loading the cutlery. Telescopic guides help ducts easy to navigate and does not roll at maximum load.

VarioFlex system provides fillets on lattices for delicate washing that eliminate scratches.

Inverter motor plus powerful pumps

Engine EcoSilence Drive - own inverter development company. Its advantages are high performance and long service life.

In its construction no brushes, so the water supply system does not need to spend time and energy to friction. Compact, lightweight module combines the pump and flow-through water heater.

Inverter motor EcoSilence Drive

In this engine uses a patented technology Bosch: structure includes permanent magnets and electronic control, which reduces the energy consumption by 30%

Pumps spend a minimum of water and energy, but provide enhanced water circulation. Their power is enough for 3 buckets per minute.

ActiveWater system operates at five levels: 2 from below, from above 2 plus 1 shower chamber ceiling. Water is supplied from the bottom up and wash the dishes in the process gets more than 400 times.

Multidirectional flows penetrate the most hidden places of the inner compartment, which guarantees excellent final result. If particularly dirty, wash intensity increases.

heating and washing system

Flow-through water heater is a heater with a thermostat, through which water passes. It is heated gradually, temperature jumps are absent.

Additional heat exchanger is provided in the left wall of the dishwasher. It is involved in the process of washing and drying dishes.

In step pre-rinsing the exchanger and enters the wash chamber cold water. When primary soak contamination, heater turns occurs and the main dishwashing powder or tableted means.

The chamber is heated to the temperature selected by the program, and of its wall temperature starts to type heat exchanger.

Result - water heat exchanger is warmed to a temperature of only 10 degrees lower than that in the chamber (65 and 55 degrees, respectively). This water is used in the first rinse.

Unique careful washing

Fragile Glassware not affected: the heat exchanger will protect glass against the high temperatures, and hardness regulator eliminate the scaling and corrosion

A complex system prevents the dishes from sudden temperature changes. Subsequently a new empty heat exchanger is filled with cold water which is warmed to the next warm rinse.

At the end of the latter is activated and heats the water heater has a temperature 5 degrees above the core (700). Tableware warming up and getting ready for drying.

The principle of operation of the heat exchanger

The diagram is seen more smooth transition between the hot and cold water, which makes the dishes by temperature shock (+)

The drying step begins with the removal of all water from the chamber and filling a new portion of the heat exchanger. The cold water cools the heated chamber wall. Condensation, humidity decreases.

Dishes dried carefully and hygienically without using the outside air.

Sensor loading and delayed start

The machine is equipped with sensitive sensor which determines the amount of dishes loaded, and selects the optimal amount of water required for washing. If you do a partial load, do not worry about the water overruns, the instrument will take as long as necessary.

PMM is able to begin work without the user's command. More precisely, the problem is put before and later executed. The machine can be programmed for up to a day.

The instrument will wash the dishes when her owner at work, or at night to spend electricity at a reduced rate.

Regulator of water hardness

In hard water is bad laundered fat, so the dishes appear white stains. Soft water washes of the calcium with ceramics and porcelain, glass than provoking corrosion. It manifests itself in the microcracks on the surface of products.

To meet the balance in PMM brand "Bosch" feature added automatically adjusting the water hardness. parameter is maintained in the chamber above the pH 5And, if necessary, water is added.

The machine can be loaded without the fear of expensive glasses and delicate porcelain products - they are washed clean in the most delicate cycle.

Glasses in the dishwasher

Hard water and alkali in a high level of detergent leads to irreversible processes - glass corrosion. This model is self-regulating and water hardness, and the amount of detergent

How is the rigidity of the regulation? The machine design has a special exchanger. It consists of two parts: Smolnyy and hydrochloric. In the first laid resin - Lewatit, in the second - regenerating salt, which is poured into the lower compartment of the washing chamber.

Tap water is passed through the resin and is softened due to exchange calcium ions for sodium ions. Gradually, the resin loses its properties and becomes enriched in calcium ions. Recover it helps regenerating salt.

Additional options for easy operation

The set comes with a special basket, grill cutlery. It can be placed anywhere on the top or the bottom tier of the camera.

The set included two special guides for the plates, which are installed in the lower basket. And in the upper basket are two shelves for cups provided.

Of the accessories can be purchased separately 2-meter extension cable for the fill and drain hose cart for four tall glasses with a stem.

The detergent dispenser

Detergent in powder or tablet is loaded into a special container, and then she snaps and opens already at runtime

Some more useful features:

  1. time indicator - it shows how many minutes you have left until the end of the selected program.
  2. Sensors of salt, Rinse aid - allow you to set individual parameters of the download tools.
  3. Filter with self-cleaning function - it is constantly supplied with water from the bottom of the rocker assembly and washes. It consists of three coarse and fine screens.

System Rackmatic devised to adjust the camera space: you can even change the height of the upper box, adjusting for themselves the capacity of the upper and lower compartments.

Even in the upper compartment has a special ergonomic container DosageAssist. It provides effective dissolution and economical consumption of detergent tablets at each stage of the work.

Thanks to this device cleanser arrives on time and in the desired concentration.

Energy efficiency and safety of the machine

Energy efficiency class, cleaning and drying the same - A. The average consumption is 11.7 liters settings. The device expends energy within 1 kWh, range average consumption ranges of 230 kW.

Power cable length in the set - 175 cm, feed hose - 140 cm, diverter - 190 cm.

Energy efficiency class cars

This manufacturer of energy efficiency class according to the user not only about the amount of energy consumed, but also on the quality of assembly

4 available to the user program:

  1. "Eco 50 degrees" provides maximum economy of resources in the cleaning mode at 50 degrees, but this program is the longest, its duration is 210 minutes.
  2. normal: Washing dishes at a temperature of 65 degrees, the length - 130 min.
  3. 1 hour: Temperature similar to the normal mode, but the washing process is speeded up to 60 minutes.
  4. Pre-rinsing: Pollution are washed with cold water, the event takes only 15 minutes.

PMM also equipped with a system "3 in 1", whereby the device is able to recognize detergents. Their quality will not depend on the level of cleanliness of utensils, but bad SMS can cause damage to the device itself.

The bonus warranty from the manufacturer

It is available in the entire life of the appliance, equipped with a system AquaStop. What does it mean? The manufacturer, in addition to standard obligations troubleshoot for guarantees, ready to give the buyer more options.

"Bosch" will reimburse the damage in these situations:

  1. As a result of operation of MMP broke AquaStop system, causing damage to the property of the consumer. But here the manufacturer specifies: the machine must be connected to the network at the time of the leak.
  2. The duration of such guarantees is Service life - 10 years.
  3. Service and compensation of the user is only when the equipment has been installed and connected in accordance with all official regulations and recommendations.

The obligation extends to brand detail - Extension for AquaStop, if it is properly installed.

The warranty is lost if the flooding was due to damaged hoses or fittings, which are arranged to connect to the water element AquaStop communications.

"Aqua Stop" system

During leakage protection float rises and starts to press the switch, the flow of water is blocked. The screen at this moment there is an error code E15

The company recommends that users do not worry and do not monitor the performance of the dishwasher in the process of washing dishes, as well as not to overlap the safety valves. Recently, it makes sense to do this if you are going away for a few weeks on vacation.

Fly in the ointment - minor shortcomings

Plus much more models, but there are downsides. On a quiet operation can only dream about. motor noise and splashing can be heard not quieter than other MMP.

The level of 52 dB is defined as slightly exceeding the comfort range. Typically, in the next room it is not audible, but if the sound seems loud, it is better to run such equipment during the absence of the owners home.

The noise from the dishwasher

Noise dishwashers ranges from 37-65 dB. The model in question refers to detached, so it has a median in the group. Yes, and heard nothing but water, and the engine - no

And three instrumentals. The camera is not equipped with a backlight. Folding the edges equipped with only the lower box. Top no sprinkler that requires careful placement of dishes, you need to rely on the bottom.

According to its users model

One of the factors is often the choice of maintainability. In Russia there are about 200 authorized service centers manufacturer. Branded services are in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Another key parameter is the size of 60 cm. If there is a place where her place is not worth saving. Wide PMM holds more dishes and it is necessary to include less frequently.

Members noted and additional functions: delayed start, rinse the sensor, the timer before the end of the washing.

Comparison with similar devices

Bosch SMS24AW01R, like any technology, competition has provided models of competing brands. Please find the closest three, drawing attention to their main differences compared to the considered dishwasher.

Competitor # 1 - Indesit DSR 15B3

Of similar models is considered to be the closest competitor Indesit DSR 15B3 RU. It is cheaper, narrower in width (45 cm), but with the same depth and height.

This dishwasher accommodates 10 sets of dishes and cycle consumes almost 2 liter less water. The guarantee is granted for only one year.

Competitor # 2 - Siemens SR24E205

Next «colleague» - SR24E205RU from Siemens. By price range, class of washing, drying, energy savings they are the same with "Bosch", but this model is narrower in width and has a capacity of 9 place settings.

Warranty is also available on it only within one year.

Competitor # 3 - Indesit DFG 15B10

Such as full-size cars and cheaper prices can be identified Indesit DFG 15B10 EU. Its width is 60 cm. Washing chamber accommodates 13 sets.

Programs provided 5: added to the standard set for intensive washing of heavily soiled crockery. The noise level is 2 dB smaller.


Analysis on the shelves model suggests the conclusion that it is - the best option, if there is room for an extra 15 cm of width.

The dimensions just give a head start to other models: You can load large-sized dishes and rarely include the machine. Overall - economical, innovative and functional device.

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