Dishwashers Candy: Candy leadership model and an alternative technique

Household Appliances must facilitate all the household chores, which she successfully performs. Today, even washing the dishes when it is considered very easy, experts recommend to entrust the equipment.

A plurality of brands produce a similar technique. However, vendors say among the most sought-after models of dishwashers Candy, different fiscal cost and good functionality.

The content of the article:

  • Features aggregates Kandy
  • Differences from other brands of dishwashers
  • The best equipment from Kandy
    • Location # 1 - productive Candy CDCP 6
    • Location # 2 - Silver Candy CDCP 6 / E-S
    • Place # 3 - budget Candy CDP 4709
    • Place # 4 - Compact Candy CDI 2L1047
    • Location # 5 - Functional Candy CDIM 5466F
    • Place # 6 - spacious Candy CDI 1DS673
  • Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

Features aggregates Kandy

Manufacturer focused on the issue of affordable products that can be attributed to the middle price range. The brand produces a wide range of dishwashers, among which is easy to pick the best option for themselves.

Units feature good performance characteristics. Paying particular attention to energy saving company. Almost all machines have class A and higher power consumption.

Candy products are available in every possible size variations. On sale you can find:

  1. narrow units, and 0.45 m wide. Their capacity of not more than 9 tableware sets.
  2. Full-size devices to a width of 0.9 m. Capacity to 16 sets.
  3. compact. measuring devices with a microwave, for up to 6 sets.

Dishwashers from Kandy can be freestanding or embedded. In the latter case, they may be incorporated in whole or in part, when the car door is not closed furniture fronts.

Compact devices are placed on a table or any other base, so that they were easy to use. All other dishwashers are performed in the outdoor version.

Dishwasher brand Candy

Dishwashers from Kandy belong to the middle price range. They are functional, economical and durable. The buyer can choose the narrow, full-sized or compact device

Kandy offers two very unusual solutions are not found in competitors. The company's engineers have developed two original hybrid, who called Duo and Trio.

The first is a combination of the dishwasher and the oven. Both devices are well cope with their responsibilities. The second embodiment is similar to the first but it complements the hob gas type.

machines functionality requires the presence of so-called basic modes:

  • daily cleaning;
  • rapid cleaning;
  • intensive wash.

Depending on the model they can supplement program for cleaning very delicate glassware, bio-mode having a low temperature of the detergent composition. In the latter case, for washing, use only the funds with enzymes.

The most "advanced" machines are equipped with automatic programs when the machine will detect the degree of soiling of the dish and, on this basis, select the desired mode.

Candy Trio

The original decision of the Kandy - appliances Trio. The kitchen unit includes a hob, oven and dishwasher. Perfect solution for small apartments

The machines use a system Kandy Perfect Rapid ZoneAllowing the most efficient wash soiled dishes, including fat and soot-stained trays and pans.

Technology Direct Spray involves the use of a special form of nozzles that water under high pressure "hit" on the container, thereby providing a washed out particles of dirt and grease from the most remote places.

Another feature of the machines from Kandy - effective organization of interior space. Devices are equipped with three or two crockery baskets, made of corrosion-resistant and highly durable metal.

The bottom compartment is not equipped with a fixed holder, which allows to upload and download large items: pans, dishes, trays. Located on the top rack is designed for middle ware.

Basket ware

Dishwashers from Kandy can be equipped with two or three baskets china. For their production is only very durable and corrosion resistant metal

Its volume was able to expand by 10% compared to the same compartments of cars competing firms. This was achieved due to the original design of the inner door and the special arrangement of the water supply pipe.

Even higher is the third basket, the dimensions of which allow to wash in it not only the cutlery but also small coffee cups or grater.

The company has taken care of that its products were the most comfortable to use. The devices can be fitted with a delayed start. This allows you to load the car the night before and the cleaning cycle will be held at night.

This option is very beneficial for those who use the tariff meters. In order not to disturb the sleep of the owner, has a mode super quiet operation.

Dishwashers Candy is safe to use. Developers device equipped with partial or complete system that prevents leakage.

In the first case the protection extends only to the body. Upon detection of leakage system AQUASTOP closes the water supply and disconnects the machine from the network. In the second case, a still and protecting the water inlet and outlet hoses.

dishwasher Kandy

In the dishwasher from Candy used a partial or complete protection against leaks. Optimally purchase cars with full protection which prevents water from within the housing and hose

The brand builds into its machines protection from the overflow preventing dangerous excess water intake level.

For safe use of the machine is provided a system block overrun the lower compartment, which operate even with a fully-filled basket weighing more than 40 kg.

Differences from other brands of dishwashers

It must be admitted that a set of basic and additional functionality in machines from different manufacturers around the same. If you want, you can pick up similar opportunities for the model of three to five or more brands.

However, the products each company has some great features. Let's see what competitors offer and what it can "reply" Kandy.

Units from Ardo able to connect to the hot water supply. Thus, according to the manufacturer, the user can save the money that is spent on heating of cleaning solution.

The model range of Kandy almost no cars, most of them equipped with a TAN. This can hardly be considered a disadvantage, because the connection to the hot water assumes its uninterrupted supply, which is impossible for summer trips.

Dishwasher from Kandy

Some models from Kandy can be connected to a hot water supply. Choosing such a device is to be understood that the heated water is usually contaminated with more than cold. This will certainly affect the timing of the filters and the machine itself

Devices of Indesit Aristo and equipped with a so-called turbo drying. It involves blowing the washed dishes with hot air, allowing you to quickly and dry all items without stains.

However, its use increases the power consumption of the device.

Kandy uses another type of drying - condensation. The rest of the dishes on the water evaporates and then condenses on the walls of the compartment and removed therefrom.

This drying takes much more time, but it is silent and does not require energy consumption.

Dishwashers from Bosch are considered leaders in the use of optical diagnostics technologies coming in water device, whereby the machine automatically determines the necessity of additional rinse utensils.

In addition, the Bosch machine water tested for rigidity and depending on the result added to it a certain amount of softening salt. Kandy yet lags behind and is equipped only with some models of the sensors characteristics of water.

A useful feature of the machine from Miele is considered the opportunity to change the set parameters of the work program. If desired, it can be connected to a laptop or smartphone, and make the necessary changes in the operating parameters of the regime for the control of Wi-Fi.

Kandi has not yet use such sophisticated electronic systems. But sales have already appeared a model that can be controlled remotely, such as from a smartphone. They could be integrated into the smart house.

It must be admitted that the devices from Kandy, unlike its competitors, is rarely equipped with a very useful half-load mode.

Manufacturer uses mostly electronic control type, but without a display that can not be considered a disadvantage. Electronics breaks down quickly in a leaping voltage, often in the Russian networks.

Condensing and turbo-drying

By Candy dishwasher equipped with condensing type dryer. It takes a lot of time and when using it can be divorce, but it is silent and does not require additional energy

If we compare the reliability of the devices of different brands, according to the service centers are least likely to break the machine from Bosch, often from Indesit. Kandy is in the middle of the list.

It should be understood that a large influence on the reliability of the device has its assembly and quality parts. It is necessary to pay attention when choosing. Practice shows that 14% of owners dishwashers repair their equipment in the first year after purchase.

The best equipment from Kandy

The brand produces different dishwashers so that to compare them with each other insufficiently correctly. Let's try to choose different types of popular models. Let's start with the super compact desktop devices.

Location # 1 - productive Candy CDCP 6

This freestanding tabletop dishwasher, laundered for a duty cycle of six sets of cookware. It does this using six programs and five levels of heating the cleaning solution, which is a lot for a compact device.

This compact model from Kandy quite functional. It features not only basic washing program, but also a few extra. Among them economical and Delicata used for very delicate items.

In addition to standard wash options there is an intensive program and express or fast cycle. machine consumes per working cycle 7 l of water and 0.61 kWh that can be attributed to its energy efficiency class A +.

Inside the surface of the working chamber of the baby is made of stainless steel. The device is equipped with an additional mount for glasses that allows you to wash them without the risk of splitting.

To control the device using electronics, but without an LCD display. Given the compactness of the equipment half-load mode is not provided.

Of the advantages of such a model must be emphasized:

  • possibility of a delayed start - timer operates in the range of from 2 to 8 hours;
  • implementation of drying the washed instruments condensation method;
  • availability indicator conditioner and salts;
  • the use of detergents type 3 to 1.

Of the significant deficiencies users report some noise model. At work she produces 51 dB, which is quite noticeable. On the downside can also be attributed the lack of protection of children.

Location # 2 - Silver Candy CDCP 6 / E-S

Posudomoyka by Candy, made in silver. The compact unit with a capacity of six sets. Class A washing process can be carried out in one of six modes when one of the five levels of the wash liquor heating.

Basic cleaning program complemented modes Delikat and economy. The device is energy efficient, the level of energy consumption refers to the A + class.

The apparatus is equipped with a condensing drying class BSo the dishes sometimes have to get enough dry.

For user convenience, the manufacturer offers a delayed start mode in the range of 2 to 8 hours. The machine is further equipped with fastening for glasses, it beeps at the end of the operating cycle.

The advantages of the model are:

  • availability of full protection against possible leaks;
  • means the possibility of using three one;
  • basket ware adjusts in height;
  • indicating the presence and quantity of conditioner salt.

Of the significant deficiencies users have indicated a lack of protection from children and half-load mode. However, the latter, given the capacity of the machine, it not so claimed.

Place # 3 - budget Candy CDP 4709

Candy CDP 4709 - this is a stand-alone unit is narrow type at a very nice price. Capacity 9 sets of machines, which is standard for such machines.

Washing dishes can be carried out using one of the seven pre-set programs and four heating modes detergent. Of the additional functionality present bio-program, Delikat, Economy and the presoaking.

Display and control panel located on the door, making the operation very convenient. You always see the current status of the machine and know how much is left before the end of the cycle.

Economical power consumption, class A. Washing and drying dishes, too, the highest A grade. The internal surface of the equipment chamber is made of stainless steel.

For the convenience of the user is provided the opportunity to control a china height of the basket. Of the advantages of the model is to provide:

  • quiet operation, the noise level of 49 dB;
  • the possibility to postpone the launch for a period of hours to days;
  • availability indicator salts and conditioner;
  • partial protection against leakage.

Disadvantages are the same as with most machines Kandy. First of all, it is the inability to implement half-load, no sensors, water hardness and purity.

Place # 4 - Compact Candy CDI 2L1047

Built entirely narrow machine. Washes for one cycle is not more than 10 sets of china. Economic model, which is assigned A ++ energy rating.

Quality cookware laundering unit is estimated as high class A. The equipment is equipped with a dryer of the condensation type, so dry the washed items long enough. Despite this, the drying assigned to A class.

Candy CDI 2L1047 - it built a narrow model with 6 preset work programs. The use of basic and advanced mode allows you to wash the dishes as efficiently and quickly, expending a minimum of resources.

In addition to basic present rapid, economical, delicate, eco and automatic modes. Device supports four different levels of heating of the washing solution.

unit control type electronic without display. The apparatus further staffed detachable fastening for glasses.

Among other advantages of this model, we note:

  • Choose full protection against possible leakage;
  • the possibility to postpone the launch of the machine for a period of up to 9 hours;
  • the inner surface is made of stainless steel, the location of the container for tableware can be adjusted in height;
  • indication of the conditioner is present and salts.

Members attributed to the significant benefits of having a half-load function. In addition, the unit is pretty quiet - 47 dB. The owners say that this indicator can be compared with a silent washing machine.

Full-size dishwashers enough headroom ex occupy much space, but provide an opportunity to wash in a single cycle, and the maximum number of dishes while spending a minimum of resources.

Location # 5 - Functional Candy CDIM 5466F

Fully built-wide machine, accommodating 15 sets of china. The apparatus works very efficiently, using per cycle is only 10 liters of water. The quality of washing is very high.

Power consumption of the device class A +, washing and drying are evaluated by specialists as A class. The machine is surprising the number of pre-work programs. They are 12 and 7 temperature conditions.

Their additional programs worth noting Delikat for fragile glass, low temperature eco, automatic and pre-soaking.

The working chamber is made of stainless steel, for easy use provided is height adjustable Dish basket. The device is additionally equipped with a removable bracket for glasses and a tray for placing cutlery.

The advantages of the model include:

  1. The ability to use special means 3 to 1.
  2. Presence indication of the quantity of conditioner and salts.
  3. The possibility to postpone the launch of the unit for up to 23 hours.
  4. Complete protection against leakage.

The users did not like the rather loud noise produced by the machine during operation, as well as the lack of protection of children and being able to perform half-load.

Place # 6 - spacious Candy CDI 1DS673

This full-size dishwasher fully integrated. The control panel is located at the end of the door. It can accommodate 16 sets of china and pans, frying pans and other kitchen utensils volume. The machine is economical, energy class A +.

Washing and drying of glassware Class A. Unlike the previous model, not functional, has 9 built-in programs. Among them Ultrafast, Delikat, eco and pre-soaking.

It is dishwasher unit of the latest generation. Here, a wireless technology with a smartphone holder that enables remote control of the device and install it in Smart House.

The unit is equipped with an electronically controlled, there is a multifunctional digital display. The device supports Smart TouchThat allows you to manage them from your smartphone.

The unit comes with three baskets, including the cutlery basket. The bottom compartment with a foldable stand that allows you to put larger items in it. The legs are height adjustable machines.

Of significant advantage of the device should be mentioned:

  1. Triple self-cleaning water filter.
  2. The possibility to postpone the launch of the car for up to 23 hours.
  3. Complete protection against possible leakage.
  4. The level of operating noise to 51 dB.
  5. Presence indication lack of air conditioning and salt.

Among the shortcomings users stress the lack of progress display program running, no half-load mode and the full protection of children.

Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

Common features of dishwashers Candy:

Selection Rules dishwashers, their advantages and disadvantages considered in a user review:

Dishwashers Candy brand - a practical solution for every kitchen, and their cost is acceptable for the majority of buyers. Manufacturer emphasizes the functionality and efficiency of its products, which is a long and trouble-free, provided a proper choice and respecting all the rules of operation.

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