Ducts for kitchen hood

Today we will discuss why the plastic windows and doors lead to a breach of ventilation apartments, why on flat two extracts output ports for which the check valve is needed, as it turns out, that the air comes from the ventilation grilles in the kitchen instead of exit out. Will touch on some aspects of the building, we mention the types of air ducts for the kitchen hood. The design is intended for home ventilation, a mechanism which is actuated obschepodezdnym fan installed in the area of ​​the roof.

Ventilation and extractor

Ignorant people think that ventilation is similar to drawing. Opinion is totally wrong. According to the sanitary standards of air in the apartment needs to be updated. Exchange busy ventilation. Due to the pressure drop in the flat roof and the air rises up on a specially organized channel. Mains input side ventilation grilles are located in the bathroom and in the kitchen. Bandwidth varies. Kitchen is 60 cubic meters per hour, bathroom and toilet - 25. It is a low speed, but given the performance enough to preserve people's health.

Kitchen hood duct

The apartment where the ventilation is not working properly, the residents become ill, especially children. Pathology of the respiratory tract affect people living in disadvantaged in terms of ventilating the apartments. The most difficult conditions occur in the summer, when the outside temperature rises above room temperature. The hot air is light and tends upward. Described conditions are in winter, ventilation works well. But summer pressure difference created by tall roof outlet pipes are not always enough to compensate for the temperature gap, the air begins to move in the opposite direction.

Creating something new and useful, it is important not to damage existing. Duct connecting to the inlet of the ventilation system, provides performance exhaust without disrupting the supply of premises fresh air. It is required to comply with certain rules. Wrong - connect the hood to the vent without lattice with a check valve, cutting off the air path to the outside. This is done in the dark or on the advice of inexperienced installers.

Duct for extraction does not replace the ventilation network The above reasons:

  1. Orifice structures is not large enough.
  2. Part of the area is partitioned fan blades.
  3. Located exhaust hood at a height of 1.5-1.7 meters.

Duct without cashing

The first two causes of reduced bandwidth, designed by architects. Low position of the hood leads to the fact that the space lying above the canopy, not ventilated. This creates an abnormal condition at the level of an average adult person. Because the ventilation ducts are mounted to the lattice with a check valve. While maintaining normal operation of both networks, ventilation and exhaust.

Grate with a check valve, in addition to holes for connecting the duct includes a set of ventilation slots. When draw-off air flows in two ways. Firstly, it is the duct path, and secondly, the vents on the grill. It is worth drawing earn as last valve overlap, cutting a way out of the bleed air umbrella back to the kitchen. Simultaneous operation of the rule.

We talk about how to understand whether the ventilation system is running after installation ducts. It will take a sheet of tissue paper, toilet fine. Torn piece leans against the ventilation openings of the lattice. When operating normally, paper hanging, which was placed, without support. This means that air passes through the ventilation system is normal. Along the way, we explain how to carry out measurement of system performance as a whole.

Design the duct cover

Testing of air ducts and ventilation

According to the rules the amount of air passing through the path is measured by a special device, an anemometer. By special tables, knowing the duct section are volume transmitted per hour. We have already called numbers for kitchen ventilation system and bathrooms, drawing performance is indicated in the passport.

During measurement, a number of requirements is maintained. We first discuss the ventilation system. Traditionally, the country used in homes scheme of natural impulses. The air goes out of the ventilation channel due to temperature differences inside and outside of buildings, in addition - to the pressure difference force. Therefore, at the design stage suggest that the compensation for the losses through the cracks of doors and windows included fresh weight from the street. Therefore, plastic windows and doors with modern seals are contrary to the domestic building codes in the bud. High tightness (and sound insulation), it violates the proper operation of the ventilation branch with a natural impulse. The consequences are expressed in poor health of residents, chronic diseases.

According to the discussion in the measurements it is necessary to slightly open window of 5-8 cm, to give effect to the fresh air. The second group are the temperature requirements. The temperature difference in the room and on the street is 18 degrees. For example, the outside +5 +23 inside. This ratio ensures the correctness of the measurements. Finally, the outside temperature should not exceed 5 degrees. Otherwise, for example, in summer, the air ventilation provides reverse current.

Tested system in assembled form, pre adjoin duct for exhaust. Measure the speed of motion of air mass for the grille. The kitchen capacity is 60 cubic meters per hour.

The other side of the coin after the installation of air ducts is the efficiency of extraction. Manufacturers give concretized numbers and provide extract several fan speeds. Data are not always correspond to reality.

It is known that every bend of the duct 90 degrees reduces productivity by 10 percent. Therefore, the parameter needs to be tested, and at all speeds. For this purpose, the duct section with built-anemometer. Actual measurements differ from those specified by the manufacturer. At high speeds, extractor hood roars, but the capacity of the duct is limited, productivity growth is no longer observed. This is a significant fact, since operation in this mode is inefficient in terms of costs and harmful design drawing rapidly destroying the working life of the device.

duct design

What are the ducts

As materials used for manufacturing aluminum ducts, plastic and steel. The first metal is lightweight, durable last. Plastic ducts for kitchen hoods are endowed with both properties, is easy to stick together, if necessary, creating tight seams.

corrugated ducts

Ducts with ribbed bent at an arbitrary angle, made of aluminum, lungs. Stretched and compressed within a wide range, making it easier to seal. There is a caveat. Separate master argue that the corrugated duct should be stretched to the maximum, then the resistance of the masses decreases passing to the limit. Otherwise metal folds will reduce productivity.

The diameter of the duct hoods for the kitchen row corresponds to 125, 150, 160, 200, etc.

Installation is carried out by means of clamps. It is recommended to lay the exhaust tract in the kitchen in one piece of corrugated duct. On one side of the yoke catches on the flange of the umbrella, the other - for ventilation grille with a check valve. Actual installation takes no time - an additional advantage of the corrugation. Additionally, it is recommended to seal the joints with sealant.

Distributed duct diameter for exhaust 125 mm. The size is great for plane models of devices with two outlets, top and side for mounting a variety of ways (to the wall and ceiling). It is clear that the side opening can be round, rectangular duct will need to extract. Unnecessary output shuts up stopper that comes bundled.

rectangular waveguides

Rectangular duct is easy to hide behind the suspended cupboards. Products manufactured from plastic or metal. The design of the segments is typed, it is possible to collect the constructor for all occasions. How to make a duct for drawing, prompt instruction.

Several sizes square side product starts from 100mm in increments of 50, but for a flat drawing will likely need the rectangular ducts with the short side 55 or 60 mm. The installation does not have to worry about how to hide the duct for drawing, but also a great performance can not be expected from the system.

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