The operating time of the dishwasher, how much it washes

When choosing a dishwashing technique, we first look at the appearance of the model, then on the functional. Many manufacturers offer full-value and reduced programs, the duration of which depends on the degree of contamination of dishes. Do short cycles save resources? To find out, you need to understand the operating time of the dishwasher.

Timing of the Siemens dishwasher

How long does PMM wash?

It all depends on the mode you set. The program can include such stages:

  • Soak.
  • Pre-rinse.
  • The main sink.
  • Rinsing with air conditioning.
  • Drying (if any).

If you load dishes with dried food leftovers, then choose "Soak" or "Pre-Rinse". But then time will increase by 15-20 minutes. In the instructions to most models there are tables or charts with recommendations: which mode to choose depending on the contamination.

The heating temperature also affects the time. Chose a program with a temperature of 70 degrees? The water heating time can take from 15 to 20 minutes extra.

On short cycles, the plates can not be dried, and if you set the standard mode, then the drying will take as long as the soaking.

In general, the operating time of the dishwasher is 30 to 180 minutes. It is necessary to take into account the brand and the PMM.

Different washing modes of the PMM p>


Let's consider the duration of the programs that can be found in each dishwasher. The main washing modes, without which no user can do: p>

  1. Intense. strong> Suitable for devices with strong impurities. The jets are fed under high pressure at a temperature of 70 ° C. How long does the cycle last? 1 hour. At the beginning and at the end, rinsing starts, then the main sink with the detergent drawer, drying. Li>
  2. Normal strong>. It will help to clean the dishes by the final rinsing - jets of water at 65 ° С. The process ends drying. Duration hours. Li>
  3. Quick strong>. For weak impurities. Wash at 35 ° C for a duration of only 30 minutes. Li>
  4. Eco (Economical) strong>. It is assumed that it helps to save resources. Its duration is 2 hours at 50 degrees. First, the instruments are rinsed, then washed, then rinsed twice and dried. The abridged version of Vario Speed ​​lasts 1 hour and 20 minutes. Li> ol>

    Often there are additional functions in the dishwashers: p>

    1. Auto strong>. Automatic program selection. PMM independently determines the degree of loading, the amount of detergent and the cycle time. The average duration is 2 hours and 40 minutes at 45-65 ° C. Li>
    2. Delicate. strong> Suitable for products of brittle materials (crystal, glass, porcelain). Passes at 45 ° C for 110 minutes. Li>
    3. Eat-Load-Run strong>. If you loaded the instruments immediately after dinner, the technique will clean them at 65 ° C for 30 minutes. During this time the devices are washed, rinsed and dried. Li> ol>

      See the table: p>

      Table of different washing cycles p> Reducing water and electricity consumption by 30% will help function "Half loading." For a while it does not affect, but if you do not have a lot of dirty utensils, you can save resources. Em> p>

      A here is the Varlo Speed ​​function in the Bosch dishwasher strong> (Bosch), Siemens works straight on the contrary. Time reduces by 20-50%, but the consumption of electricity during a short wash is much higher. P>

      What is the duration of the modes for different manufacturers of equipment? Let's see. P>

      Model strong> td> Sink (in minutes) strong > td> tr>
      Fast td> Intense td> Basic td> Economical td> Delicate td> Express 60 td> tr>
      ELECTROLUX ESF 9451 LOW td> 30 td> 65-75 td> 100-110 td> 120-130 td> td> td> tr>
      HANSA ZWM 4677 IEH td> td> 40 td> 130 td> 155 td> 165 td> 110 td> 60 td> tr>
      Gorenje GS52214W (X) td> 40 td> 130 td> 155 td> 165 td> 110 td> td> tr> tbody> table>

      As you can see, the program time for different manufacturers almost coincide. The instructions on the last pages list the parameters of the main modes: speed, water consumption and electricity. p>

      Focus on additional features that allow you to shorten the running time dish washer. See useful video on the topic: p>.


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