Overview of vertical dishwashers

Dishwashers are increasingly in demand among users. Previously, the main household appliance was a refrigerator, then a washing machine. Today, the dishwasher occupies an equally important place in the kitchen. The choice of machines is quite large, but the load is mostly horizontal. If you want something unusual and compact, we suggest you read our review about vertical dishwashers.

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  • 1Features of dishwashers with vertical loading
    • 1.1Advantages and disadvantages of PMM
  • 2Overview of Vertical Dishwasher Models
    • 2.1KitchenAid from Briva
    • 2.2The dishwasher of model L
    • 2.3Washing-dishwasher
    • 2.4Model of PMO Gota
    • 2.5Dish-washer for picnic

Features of dishwashers with vertical loading

You can buy an ordinary dishwasher in any online store. But if there is not enough room in your room, or you appreciate an unusual design, you should take a closer look at the top-loading technique. Unfortunately, such devices are not very popular in our country. The main consumers are the countries of Europe and Asia. But this does not mean that dishwashers with top loading can not be found at all.

We have prepared for you an overview of non-standard solutions from the manufacturers of dishwashers. Sometimes these decisions take the most incredible form.

Advantages and disadvantages of PMM

The first and main advantage of a vertical dishwasher is the design. Embedded models with a top cover are an ideal solution for any interior. The machines are invisible behind the furniture, and the lid merges with the countertop - so that even a professional will not find it.

Convenience of loading is not less important advantage. You do not need to bend down: flipped the lid up, loaded the dirty plates, pressed the "Start" button. The cycle is started, and you have time to relax.

Now about the shortcomings:

  1. A small download. You like a compact technique? You will receive it. No more than 8 sets of dishes are housed by a domestic helper.
  2. Problems with washing and drying dishes. Verticals do not differ in the quality of washing.
  3. Complexity of purchase. In domestic stores such PMM can not be found. It is necessary to search and order. Another bad news is repair. It is unlikely that any of the masters will undertake to repair the equipment, but spare parts can not be discussed.
  4. Price. Vertical dishwasher is expensive. You need to be a connoisseur of this technique and rely on your strength.

Do not hurry to refuse to buy. Perhaps, after our review, the cost of vertical machines will not matter.

Overview of Vertical Dishwasher Models

Consider the models of vertical dishwashers, especially since there are very few of them.

KitchenAid from Briva

This built-in dishwasher is not only compact, but also comes with a sink in the kit. Install the system in the tabletop simply, after which you can forget that the technique is located exactly there. The chrome surface of the dishwasher fuses with the sink.

FlashDry technology automatically lifts the lid after the end of the cycle. During rinsing, the temperature reaches 75 degrees thanks to the SaniRinse function. Your dishes will be disinfected.

The tank holds 5 sets of dishes. Consumption of water and electricity at the highest level. The PMM uses half the resources than the standard models.

The dishwasher of model L

At first glance at the technique, you might think that this is an exhaust hood. But no, this is a lighting device in combination with a dishwasher. What inspired the designer Kim Joonmin to create a technical miracle - is unknown. But the dishwasher must be comfortable.

At the bottom of the structure is a lighting lamp, on top is a dishwashing machine with a vertical lid. The system does not provide a drain. The water is cleaned after washing, passing through the filters. It turns the water cycle in the dishwasher.

Technique spends resources economically, and its dimensions are fairly compact.


Are you bored with the sight of a shell full of dirty dishes? Probably, each of us dreamed of a magic wash, which itself will clean everything. Designers Elecrolux realized this dream! The sink has two compartments. When the first section is filled with dirty dishes, it turns under the countertop, where the washing takes place. In its place, another department appears, which again is loaded with dishes.

Now you do not need to buy a separate sink and PMM, this development saves a lot of space.

Model of PMO Gota

The technique is mounted on a table top and resembles an alien ship. A stylish and modern solution for a small family. At one time the machine will wash six sets of dishes. The dishwasher can be conveniently moved from place to place. Thanks to the recirculation system, the waste water is self-cleaning.

Dish-washer for picnic

Yes, this dishwasher also has a vertical load. The technique resembles a CD player, which you can take by the handle and take it with you to nature. The machine is autonomous, cope with a small amount of dishes. No need to drag dirty dishes home, it's easier to take the dishwasher with you.

You got acquainted with the novelties in the world of dishwashers. Some models amaze with the scope of design thought. We hope you have plenty to choose from. Unfortunately, we did not find user reviews, since vertical PMMs are not very popular among buyers.

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