Salt for dishwasher: what is the rating how to apply

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Not only select, purchase and install the machine in the kitchen washing dishes. To make it qualitatively washed away leftover food with cutlery, automatic dishwasher detergents are needed. And if it is poured into water and still different rigidity (high content of calcium and magnesium), the salt required for dishwasher special composition. Without this money will not serve long dishwasher.

The content of the article:

  • Appointment of dishwasher salt
  • All of salt means for PMM
    • Types of packing: tablets, powders and capsules
    • Damage impurities in the regenerating salt
    • Dosage and use nuances
  • Rating of brands and manufacturers
    • 1st place - «Finish Calgonit»
    • 2nd place - «Sodasan»
    • 3rd place - «Somat»
    • 4th place - "Eonit"
    • 5th place - «Top House»
  • Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

Appointment of dishwasher salt

Regardless of the composition of the water to operate the dishwasher without salt can not. Equipment in any case will turn on and will work, but for a long time in this mode, it will not serve. Limescale not immediately, but will inevitably lead to failure of the existing heating element inside.

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Loading the salt into the machine

Pour salt in the dishwasher manufacturers recommend them, even if the tap water is not flowing hard. The saline solution in most machines is contained in a special container, but gradually consumed

One should not confuse the salt and detergent in tablets "2 in 1", "3 in 1", "5 in 1", etc. Often, the first is already contained in the second. However, this is not a fact. Not all manufacturers add salt to his "soap" for the kitchen dishwasher machine. Many of them are doing some formulations - one for washing dishes, and the other for the water softener. The marking means and MMP instructions explain everything worth exploring this very important information.

Designed for use in dishwashers salt fulfills several functions:

  • softens the water used for washing;
  • sodium restores stock in deionised;
  • removes metal elements washing equipment from scale (plaque);
  • improves cleaning quality;
  • It protects the dishes, and therefore uses its human, lime.

All the reasons for the need to use salt anyway aimed at softening the water entering the machine. For this purpose, you can also use filters. However, they are expensive to install and maintain, and does not always give the desired effect. Salt tablets and powders specially developed for dishwashing machines, to protect the equipment from excess calcium and / or magnesium in the water.

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Sol recovers the spent sodium ions

Function # 1: Recovering in the ion exchanger machine sodium reserves, which "binds" available water, calcium ions, iron and magnesium, not allowing them to settle in the wash chamber and all that in a scaling

Salt means eliminate the dishes from the whitish plaque

Function # 2: Getting Rid of dishes from lime, do not have time to settle on it and wash off with water - a person gets from eating much less unwanted body calcium

Salt protects the heater from scale formation

Function # 3: Protecting the working elements dishwashers from the formation of lime scale - it increases the efficiency of the heating element and pump significantly extends their service

Softened water is better washes dishes with food leftovers

Function # 4: Improving the quality of cleaning dishes from food residues - after softening salt, soapy water is much better and faster washes stacked in the dishwasher cutlery and plates

Sol recovers the spent sodium ions

Sol recovers the spent sodium ions

Salt means eliminate the dishes from the whitish plaque

Salt means eliminate the dishes from the whitish plaque

Salt protects the heater from scale formation

Salt protects the heater from scale formation

Softened water is better washes dishes with food leftovers

Softened water is better washes dishes with food leftovers

To fully understand why you need to use salt, you need to go a little further into the chemistry in the dishwasher. The tap and well water contains a certain amount of ions of various metals and calcium. When heated, they fall in the form of a precipitate which is gradually pressed and creates a scale.

The biggest problem of this "lime" - this increase it to heat water PETN. Such growths are formed on tubes electric heaters not only in the dishwasher, but also in the washing machine and water heater. As a result, a scum buildup first heater begins to spend more energy to heat the water, and then to some point in it due to a too high temperature will burn spiral.

To avoid these problems, manufacturers of dishwashers household machines began to put them in a special exchanger. Available therein resin consisting of sodium chloride, binds metals ions and prevents them interconnected to precipitate in the form of lime scale. In this way all the unnecessary output to the sewer and the water is softened.

The technology of ion exchange water

Sodium is in the process of happening in the exchange of water and leaves the ion exchanger. It has to be forced to make up, or at some time NaCl is completely consumed

In order to replenish the contents of the ion exchanger in the "automatic dishwasher" and add sodium salt. No wonder such salt compositions are also called regenerative or restorative. In fact, they are one of the mechanisms for extending the life of the heating element and the whole dishwasher.

All of salt means for PMM

A lot of manufacturers engaged in production of salts and considered options for their packaging. The main feature of these compositions - this is a high purity. They do not suggest initially content dyes, phosphates, chlorine and flavorings, consist almost entirely of pure sodium chloride.

Types of packing: tablets, powders and capsules

The desired sodium salt softener water is small colorless crystals. Many means for dishwashers in that powder form and sold.

The technology of their production is as follows:

  • is extracting sodium salt (sodium + classical chloro);
  • is cleaned not extracted from the sodium mineral inclusions;
  • made packing this powder in packets to send to stores.

All very simple. The main thing here - it's a high degree of purification. Any inclusions anything else other than sodium bring only harm. All other chemicals in heated water themselves become a source of scale. That is why the use iodized or sea salt for filling in the car is strictly not recommended.

Packaging options means for PMM

Saline compounds for MMP is produced in the form of powders, tablets and capsules - they may contain only the "regenerating salt" or go along with the detergent and rinse

When you select a compressed tablet in which the right and "soap" is added in addition to the salt, you should pay special attention to the type of surfactants in the composition. It is best to take them with non-ionic (non-ionic) surfactants. They, unlike the anionic counterparts are completely biodegradable and are less aggressive.

Damage impurities in the regenerating salt

Regenerating salt means on the basis of sodium specially designed for dishwashers. They are necessary for the proper, safe and efficient use of this technology. Such salts contain only NaCl, which we all are widely used in cooking.

Salt as a replacement

Saline additive consisting of sodium chloride, harmless to the human body - a classical salt, which is a common food product

Risk may be only surfactants are not washed out with water from the dishes during rinsing. But these substances are contained only in tablets with detergents., Then the drug is completely safe if the pelletized or powdered salt is in its purest form. In the process of dishwashing it is fully dissolved and washed away without a trace into the sewer.

Use ordinary table salt for filling in the ion exchanger equipment manufacturers in their instructions do not recommend. However, if it is well cleared and has no impurities, the application is possible. But it must necessarily be digested. Before you fall asleep edible salt in the dishwasher, you need to very carefully read what is written on the package with her.

Evaporated of table salt

In the usual food can not be used as a replacement analogue branded salt compositions because content of iodides, carbonates, or fluorides of more than 0.5%. The degree of purification allowed the use of salt is 99.9%

Sea salt with iodine contained therein to replace the totally unsuitable. In this case, the abundance of additional ingredients only worsen the situation with scum. Only use NaCl, purified from impurities restrained washes. Only it will not harm the dishwasher, and soften the water as it should be.

Apply different compositions and preparations from the range of household chemicals is not worth it. In them the sodium salt is in small fractions and always has a plurality of accompanying ingredients.

If a replacement is selected "extra", it is recommended not to fall asleep in an ion exchanger, and fill in the form of water-brine 1: 1. This will avoid the formation of a compressed lump inside. If it is formed, the water in the ion filter ceases to flow and soften.

Dosage and use nuances

The volume of necessary salts and its rate of flow in the PMM depend only on the hardness of water and soap. The harder it is, the more is consumed the drug. And guess this figure is difficult, it is constantly changing depending on the season and used to clean the water canal aqueducts content tools and technologies.

container location for salt

Backfilling (powder) and the tab (tablets) regenerating salt is carried out in special bay-exchanger, often located at the bottom of the chamber for the dishes - in the instructions to the car he always indicated (+)

If the dishwasher is designed for the use of salt, it does one of two things:

  1. Water hardness sensor.
  2. Lever for manually issuing this parameter.

The technology of using these devices is always described in the machine data sheet. Depending on the model, it may be different. Read the instructions before you enable this washing technique, certainly not hurt.

In most cases, a salt is recommended to fill the scum start immediately sink. And often it is necessary not just to pour, but also add water to the best pre-solubility.

The main attention should be paid to the storage of the tool. The sodium salt is very hygroscopic, as saturation moisture it loses its effectiveness. It should be stored in a dry place away from sunlight, otherwise the water will remain tight, as it was originally in the pipeline.

Rating of brands and manufacturers

Almost every manufacturer produces dishwashers parallel to them as the salt and detergent compositions or recommended in the instructions directly to the machine to apply the version of the salt of a brand with a particular dosage.

Branded salt descaled

Prices for selling salt compositions vary little by brand - if saving money is not worth it in the first place, it is best to buy brand-name drugs, recommended by the manufacturer standing in the kitchen dishwasher equipment

Create full rating salts for dishwashers collated sets various parameters difficult. Such a composition - a substantially pure sodium chloride (NaCl mass fraction typically therein 99,5-99,7%). Invent something special here is problematic.

In this means, according to the standards should be no additives, softeners, additives and detergents. If something like this is available in the description of the composition, it is not active salt for the ion exchanger, and ordinary dishwashing detergent in Automatic dishwashing machine of the "3 in 1", "5 in 1», «ALL in 1", etc. Such tablets and powders are placed in a completely different compartment, dishwasher.

Best option regenerating salt - a large crystals NaCl. Powdered analog of finely ground too quickly consumed it in the store is better to get round. Search need salt product in the form of granules of size at least 6.4 mm. The tablets in this regard are also good, but not in each exchanger can be at the same time lay in the required amount.

1st place - «Finish Calgonit»

The first place was given to «Finish Calgonit» due to the almost complete absence of negative feedback from housewives to the products under this brand. At a cost of this salt is in the middle price segment.

Salt PMM «Finish Calgonit»

«Finish Calgonit» are of high quality cleaning NaCl and bulk pellets, in their characteristics over the corresponding premimum-products

2nd place - «Sodasan»

«Sodasan» is not inferior «Finish Calgonit» purity sodium chloride, but it costs a little more.

Salt for PMM

Available brand "Sodasan" (it's not just the salt) famous company «Henkel», is the clear leader among manufacturers of household chemicals for various purposes

3rd place - «Somat»

«Somat» differs high levels of purity and lack of salt in it of any impurities. However, the crystals in the package from this manufacturer is smaller than the other.

Salt for PMM

Salt consumption for PMM "somatic" turns a little more, but for the price it is the first two competitors is not inferior

The final third, «Somat» is a classic middle.

4th place - "Eonit"

Under the brand "Eonit" on the market two versions of salts represented by the scale: "Regenerating the NATURAL» and «CLEANVON». The first product is positioned as made from natural materials, and the second - to a purification of 99.9%. But the naturalness of NaCl - the big question.

Salt for PMM

All such salt is produced according to a single technology by evaporation. Here most advertising ploy particular manufacturer, designed for gullible housewives than some innovation

The price for this is both closer to 100 rubles / 1.5 kg. Fourth place for the presence of different products in the range and cost budget.

5th place - «Top House»

The top five «Top House» rating. These are the large crystals from the competition, but the high price. Enough of the salt in deionised long.

Salt for PMM

If the dishwasher is often used to clean dishes and a lot of, this is a great option. However, with infrequent use of dishwashers is better to take a cheaper drug from scale

In all cases, for a packet of salt 1.5 kg have to pay about 100-250 rubles. The price depends on the region, the seller and held shares at a discount.

If offered a cheaper product from a different brand with a cost below $ 100, it should take with caution. Cheapness here - is the first sign of too fine granules or low purity sodium chloride. As a result, less pay for salt, but it is quickly consumed or harm the washing machine.

Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

To simplify the choice of salt products for PMM, we offer a small selection of video materials. They discussed in detail all the nuances of using salt.

What you need to know about salt compositions for the automatic washing of dishes:

The significance of the use of salt on the scale:

The salt can be replaced by a proprietary automatic PMM:

Salt from scale - it is a necessary and often a prerequisite correct operation of the dishwasher. When purchasing such a technique, it is necessary to be constantly ready for acquiring supplies it in the form of detergents and salt tablets or powders. Without the latter within the PMM will start to accumulate quickly scale, which will inevitably lead to damage to the automatic dishwasher.

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