Specifications grinders

Today grinder replaces a food processor. The shop is easy to find a unit that is difficult to classify appliances. Called harvester, processor, when in addition to the shaking of fruits and vegetables device turns meat and whips cocktails. Today profitable to buy the multi-function products. If you need only beef, we recommend to take a meat grinder, in other cases, it is logical to slowly pick. Let's talk on the subject, which is better to buy a meat grinder.

Mechanical characteristics grinder

Drop the idea to grind the meat in a blender, though other models is quite suitable. Pies and Tartars are prepared in a similar way, but delicious meatballs and hamburgers will not work. Blender meat turns into a sort mass consistence is far from being used for cutlets.

Meat grinder in action

Meat grinder in action

Protection against mechanical overload grinder

The type and price depend on the meat grinder meat. If a lot of living, if the animal is old, is aimed at machines with a large number of safety elements in the set. Today almost all the meat grinder is protected against overload, the type of implementation of the concept of two types:

  1. Plastic gears are easily broken when an overload occurs. This quality instrument is used to protect the motor from overheating. Selling model with steel gears like rare. In the latter case it is necessary to closely monitor the process. However, there are rumors that the food processor grinder grinds Mriya easily plugs without protection.
  2. Saving is typical for the country. It is not surprising that a relatively expensive gear domestic designers to replace the bushing. Unlike in smaller sizes, because complete security elements is greater. For example, 15 against two gear from foreign meat grinders.

Determine the type of protection grinder from mechanical overload. Certain devices are not equipped with such. Then, when ingested, for example, fork chopper goes down.

Protection against thermal overload grinder

household meat grinders

household meat grinders

Happens, the meat is stuffed veins. According to the grinder phenomenon unnoticed. Slowly neperemalyvaemaya weight is wound on the shaft near the knife, the cook does not notice anything. As a result, the engine load gradually increases, overheating would cause combustion winding. We'll have to rewind the wire or to buy a new engine. It is expensive.

To like this has happened, the engine is protected. Types of practical implementation of this concept:

  1. In the simplest case, the motor magnetic or thermal fuse is placed inside the coils (typically 120-130 degrees Celsius). The idea is simple: with an increase in motor current consumption of the load increases, allocated an excessive amount of heat. Heat causes the fuse to blow before winding get hurt.
  2. In refrigerators used puskozaschitnoy relay. The operating principle is based on bending of the bimetallic plate (one) due to the heat caused by the passage of electric current. Further analogous scheme: increasing mechanical stress triggers. Such use separate species Zelmer mincing machines, sometimes when pressed protective button. Perhaps once again to press to make the device work. It seems amazing, but it is written in the instructions. What is the secret, we do not know. Protection tripped, but the engine will work a little bit... probably too tight button for a long time can not be kept because there was no danger. Otherwise inquire more from a consultant (to verify the extent permissible finger tugostyu store).
Twisting meat minced

Twisting meat minced

There is protection against overheating, in addition, at any grinder is present the work cycle. For example, two minutes of activity interspersed with a little more than a long holiday. Both aspects of non-compliance with the rules of cause overheating. Meat will cut according to the instructions, keep the cycle of the clock. Otherwise, the protection trips, disposable and is renewable. Either have to change parts or easy to clean the grinder to cool down from the crammed lived, then allowed to start working again.

Therefore, when buying is to be recognized, a cycle and the type of security used. Meat grinders efforts of designers look colorful, but the fine print in the instructions set out rules for placement of breaks. It is useful to know the device performance, meat cut in advance. Most models to cope with a mountain of raw materials quickly. Do not look askance at the grinder, where the break is longer activity.

bright chopper

bright chopper

Mincer is protected from overheating:

  1. Premeditated cycle of work that must be followed after the purchase, and to purchase and try to assess their own needs. Number of processed meat beforehand calculate the parameter performance. Assume 3 kg x 2 m = 6 kg. Look, there will be enough, then wait for 10 minutes (for example) not everyone wants to.
  2. The design of a good half of meat grinders models include special fuses. The task - to cut off power supply in case of overheating, regardless of the cause of the failure to observe duty cycle, or plug, podatochnom stuck in the throat, in a matter of moments lead to burnout Fuse.

power grinder

It is not always a large number of watts - better. The dependence of the determined structure of the mechanical part. This is illustrated by the blender Bamiks, expensive grinders in kind, to cope with the duties, but characterized by the consumption of 150 watts. Cheap models are powerful and stupid. Consuming a large number of watts, quickly heated and not really allowed to work.

The power dissipated as heat, depends linearly on current. Copper winding, because the resistivity of the same model, it is easier to dissipate the excess heat of the engine to large volumes. Something similar was observed in any kind of home appliances. If small grinder consumes more power, open the manual and look for the fine print about the duty cycle. There may be moments of activity against an extended vacation.

Not to be trapped, choose the product performance, minimize power. Do not forget the duty cycle. Buy cheap meat grinder, which copes with the duties. Minimizing consumption of starting to save in the accounts. No wonder powerful engines manufactured massive observing fulfillment of heat dissipation conditions.

Sometimes buy a good grinder - synonymous with a massive choice of instrument (Mriya, for example, heavy). Being able to piece together these factors, one can easily judge about the quality factor of a certain device.

Tip - buy a meat grinder production in the workshop, private business, you need to look at the massive and durable models. These are signs of a long-term continuous operation.

Availability of spare parts for meat grinders

Buy attachments for meat grinder Zelmer possible on the official website. This will allow to select the desired functionality and gain unit brick by brick. Decide to buy a meat grinder rows or brand, find out where and how much in selling spare parts and additional accessories. See the nearest service centers. Even to give to an old device for repairs to ensure quality of service.

It is not always the best option would be the purchase from an authorized representative. For example, buy a meat grinder Scarlett in Eldorado for the shares will be cheaper, given the proposals for the exchange of household appliances and night action with reduced prices. Be careful: for special offers often come true defective equipment. The nature of defects is such that it is not detected at the site, revealed gradually.

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