Which dishwasher is best - 45 cm or 60 cm

Which is better: dishwasher 45 cm or 60 cm? Everyone has pros and cons. Consider them in detail, so you can take a deliberate and measured decision, and buy a technique that fits all parameters, including the width.

Content of the material:

  • 1Criteria for choosing a PMM: usual or narrow
  • 2Pros and cons of narrow PMMs of 45 cm
  • 3PMM 60 cm: advantages and disadvantages
  • 4User Reviews
    • 4.1Tatiana, Moscow
    • 4.2Oleg, Sochi

Criteria for choosing a PMM: usual or narrow

First determine the installation site and connect to the communications. If the kitchen is tight, the main task is to save usable space. A full-size model of 60 cm can not fit in a small kitchen, and a 45-cm-wide machine will successfully fit into a small room; owners of narrow washing machines will perfectly understand what is at stake.

If there is enough space, you still should not immediately dismiss the option of buying a narrow PMM. First, it is worth familiarizing yourself with other criteria that influence the choice:

  • Number of families, frequency of guests. The larger the family and the more often your friends look at you, the higher the need for washing dishes. A small family of 2-3 people, without frequent gatherings, a narrow machine will do.

Important! Why does not the narrow model save resources? With an impressive volume of dishes you will need 2-3 bookmarks per day, and the water flow will be higher than when you start a full-size model. Sometimes it is worth sacrificing one cupboard in the kitchen set to put PMM, than to overpay for light and water.

  • Specificity of dishes. Are you not restricted to using standard plates and cutlery? For pots, pans, oversized dishes and trays, baking trays and large utensils will go a full-sized bunker.

  • The cost of water and electricity. In order to anticipate the flow of water and electricity in advance, read the technical documentation: it lists the classes of washing and energy efficiency, the annual water consumption in liters. This information can be read on the information sticker on the PMM case.

Important! The resource consumption is affected not by the size of the machine, but by the functional and the number of programs.

  • Convenience of the bunker and baskets. The criterion intersects with the specifics of the dishes. Manufacturers are even trying to equip compact models with adjustable containers for utensils of any size. Additional convenience creates drawers for cutlery, holders of wine glasses, fastenings and so on. Such accessories for dishwashers are included or sold separately.

  • A set of programs, functional. It is not necessary to choose the most functional model - often half of the programs are not used. But at least 5 modes should be. The most useful is the half load mode, which is especially relevant for the PMM 60 cm. You can use the half cycle without waiting for the hopper to be filled.
  • Noise level. Models that produce more than 55 dB of noise will interfere. The normal noise range for dishwashers is from 45 to 52 dB.
  • Brand. If the country of assembly and fame of the manufacturer is important, choose the German technique Bosch, Siemens, Miele, Kaiser, Körting. The experts of the Russian assembly do not recommend buying experts - they are about such brands as Indesit, Ariston. Although, if there is a task to buy a budget car, you can take a chance. The average position is taken by products from the PRC - in this country they produce models of the class "economy" and "premium" of different price policy and quality of assembly.

  • Degree and type of protection. With a quality assembly, the manufacturer provides all types of protection: both from children's intervention (a function that blocks accidental depression), and from leaks. This is not an advertising move - it's better to overpay for protection than to repair neighbors from below.

These are the main criteria for choosing a dishwasher. Not every parameter will help to make a choice in favor of a 45- or 60-centimeter machine, but, having analyzed everything together, it is possible to draw conclusions. We still have valid arguments. Consider the theses advantages and disadvantages of different types.

Pros and cons of narrow PMMs of 45 cm

This part of the review is devoted to the pros and cons of narrow PMMs.

Let's start with the advantages of 45 cm machines:

  • Compact body, ergonomic design. This applies to both the space saved in the kitchen and the ergonomics of the appliances in the kitchen space: it is easier to integrate into the headset.

Interesting! The narrow case PMM is easily placed in standard pedestals from the leading furniture companies.

  • A wide range of. Given the demand, there are more varieties in the model range. It will be easier for you to choose a machine from the mass of the proposed options.

Important! For those who do not like to "look for a needle in a haystack this plus will seem a minus - some users find it more difficult to make a choice if the assortment is too large.

  • Simple choice of facade. The popularity of embedded small-scale PMMs on hand: you can choose a ready-made facade with any texture and color solution. Then as for a large machine will have to do the facade to order.

Let us repeat about saving a space of at least 15 cm - along with the listed advantages, the list was impressive. But it's time for cons:

  • Some dishes can not fit. A large saucepan, a pan tray, a frying pan or a stewpot may not fit into the bunker or press another dish. Wash your hands heavily, and run a separate cycle - uneconomical. We draw conclusions.
  • Operational period and functionality. The narrow body assumes a close and compact arrangement of parts. And the functional is designed in such a way as to "shove" into the machine as much as possible. This reduces the service life by 2 years.
  • Not suitable for a large family. Repeated use of PMM throughout the day will entail only extra expenses.

PMM 60 cm: advantages and disadvantages

With narrow models everything is clear, but what about the standard? Still, they are considered traditional and are bought in all countries of the world. Consider the advantages:

  • Capacity. There will come not only dishes, but also a few pans with pots and pans.

Important! Full-size dishwasher can wash for 1 cycle of 16 or more sets of dishes.

  • Quality of washing. With the same declared quality of washing (the highest level is denoted by the letter A), a narrow and ordinary machine can wash in different ways. In the standard model, the dishes are washed better, because in a spacious bunker it is free, water gets to even hard-to-reach places.
  • Economical. Save water and electricity at such dimensions? Easily! There are special programs, such as a half load mode, which reduce the waste of resources.

The minus is only one, and it consists in the complexity of the installation - in a room of modest size it will be problematic to allocate 60 cm of free space. Embedding such a model is even more difficult. If the kitchen is spacious, then the question of which one to choose a PMM will not arise.

User Reviews

After researching the thematic forums, we picked up user feedback, which reflects the advisability of buying a typewriter of 45 or 60 cm.

Tatiana, Moscow

She was delirious about the dishwasher for two years. But I did not want to take a narrow or compact, I waited until I moved into an apartment with a big kitchen. And so it happened: buying an apartment, moving, a dishwasher - I already knew what size I needed, took a full-sized 60 cm. I use once a day, and even a day or half way. There is really ALL - even a leaf from the oven. I do not know what would fit in the machine at least 10 cm less.

Oleg, Sochi

My wife has long wanted a dishwasher. We have a small kitchen, and I thought for a long time how to solve this problem. As a result, the washing machine was moved to a bath (also narrow, "Virpul"), and in its place put PMM. Even the place became bigger - you can not put anything on the stylalk, because the lid, and here we immediately put a kettle and a toaster. It's disappointing that I can not wash especially large dishes, but I help my wife with this issue in my spare time. The rest is washed by 5 points - the glasses creak, the plates are clean and without divorce. I can not say which is better than 45 or 60 cm, because there have not been any analogues yet.

Of course, a couple of opinions are not enough to make up your own. But on the whole it is clear that buying a 45 cm machine is beneficial if you have limited space in the kitchen. In the rest it is inferior to the full-size PMM.

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