How to start the dishwasher

You bought a dishwasher, waited for delivery, unpacked and installed. It's time to read the instructions and learn the rules of use. In this article, you will learn how to properly start the dishwasher, in which sequence to act and which programs to choose.

Content of the material:

  • 1Preparing for launch
  • 2How to start a dishwasher with dishes
  • 3Correct mode selection in PMM

Preparing for launch

Before you turn on the dishwasher Bosch, Siemens, Ariston, Electrolux, Beko or another brand, you need to study the control panel, the rules for loading dishes and detergent powder. The first launch is always a test run. He must clean the hopper of dust, small debris, which accumulated during storage and transportation.


  • Check the correct installation of the built-in PMM (level, mounts).
  • Check the quality of the connections, the location of the hoses, the connection to the network.
  • Open the hopper door. Turn the spray gun at the top and in the pallet, unscrew the drain filter, remove the stickers from the walls of the camera.
  • Prepare a starter kit or a normal set to start. It includes: detergent (powder, gel, tablets), rinse aid, salt. With detergent everything is clear: it removes dirt from the dishes. The rinse aid serves to brighten the devices, eliminates the stains and promotes rapid drying. Salt softens water, so that the details of the machine does not settle scum.About secure tools for PMM, read the article.

  • Remove salt and pour it into a special tank. It is located in the PMM tray, next to the drain filter. Open the lid, fill the container with water and completely pour salt. Remove excess water with a sponge.
  • Pour the powder into the dispenser compartment. The dosage is indicated in the instructions on the product package.

  • Rinse aid for the first time you can not add.
  • Close the door firmly, install a long program with a high temperature, press the power button.

What to look for while washing:

  1. How water is poured into the bunker.
  2. Whether the water reaches the right temperature, whether the heater is running.
  3. How does the waste water drain from the tank.

When you load the dishes, also check the quality of the washing. Usually it takes a little time before you pick up the correct dosage of detergents and the proper program.

How to start a dishwasher with dishes

If the test run was successful, the machine is ready for continued use.How to load dishes correctly, we wrote in one of the articles.

Let's consider the requirements for the inclusion of the PMM Gorenje, Whirlpool, Vestel, Zanussi, Hansa together with the dishes:

  • Detergent is added one-time, before each washing. Rinser and salt enough for several times. You will be informed about their end by the indicators on the control panel.
  • Clean the appliances of food debris before loading.
  • Place the dishes at a short distance from each other, otherwise it will not be washed. Large appliances are located in the lower basket, plates in the middle, cups and glasses in the upper (depending on the configuration of the dishwasher). In many models, holders for glasses are provided. It is important not to overload the baskets, otherwise some devices will block others, and water will not get to them.

  • You can not place objects in the pan, the spray gun should rotate freely.
  • Close the door and select the optimum mode for starting work, focusing on the degree of contamination and the type of dishes.
  • After washing, do not remove items immediately. Allow them to cool and dry.
  • Each time clean the drain filter of food residues, check the sprinkler nozzles.

Follow the instructions carefully. The manufacturer indicates what kind of dishes you can and what you can not wash in the car. Otherwise, you risk spoiling the instruments.

In one of the articles we wrote that you can wash in a dishwasher. Briefly about that you can not wash:

  1. Aluminum, wooden, tin devices.
  2. Products made of non-heat resistant plastic. On such vessels, plates, there must be designations for washing.
  3. Porcelain, crystal.
  4. Cast iron, Teflon coatings.
  5. Thermoses, thermo mugs.

Often users on the forums ask: can I include a dishwasher without salt? Doing this is undesirable, as with time on the dishes there will be white spots, and the details will be covered with scum and spoil.

Correct mode selection in PMM

Machines "Bosch "Electrolux "Hotpoint Ariston "Hansa" will perfectly cope with the tasks set, if the user installs a suitable washing program.

Often, the consumer chooses the most convenient mode and uses it constantly. This does not take into account the degree of contamination, the material of the products.

Whichever PMM model you use - Siemens, Beko, Kerting, Burning, Ikea - study the programs in the manual.

  1. Express mode. The program time does not exceed 45 minutes.
  2. Intensive washing at 60-80 degrees. Suitable for highly contaminated utensils.
  3. The standard program automatically determines the degree of loading, and then selects the duration and temperature of the washing.
  4. An economical program consumes less water and electricity.
  5. Delicate mode is set for fragile dishes.

The table will help you decide:

Be attentive to every loading of your car, then it will serve you for many years. After watching the video, you will learn how to properly configure the dishwasher:

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