Dishwasher to give: a review of miniaturized solutions that do not require connection to the water supply

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A complete rest in a country house can be considered when there are no worries of cleaning and washing kitchen utensils, dishes. In this case, portable devices are provided which perform the function of cleaning dishes and other articles without connection to a central water supply.

To choose what to give the dishwasher will be the best option you should be familiar with popular models.

The content of the article:

  • Nuances selection dishwashers for a country house
  • Top 3 Best compact models
    • # 1: ELECTROLUX ESF 2400 OS - economical machine
    • # 2: Midea MCFD 55200 W - a budget option
    • # 3: Candy CDCP 6 / E-S - maximum capacity
  • Top 3 dishwashers without water connection
    • Solution # 1 - inexpensive Wash N Bright
    • Solution # 2 - model of the future Circo
    • Solution # 3 - innovative development NoStrom
  • Useful videos on the topic

Nuances selection dishwashers for a country house

Before purchasing the appliance be sure to take into account the availability of connectivity to communications. Many holiday villages have centralized water supply, so the problems with the connection dishwashing equipment should not arise.

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If, however, on the estate there is no water supply, often drilled borehole and install the pump station for regular access to the resource.

Types of dishwashers
With good pressure in the system in suburban homes may be connected as a Full Size product and compact size devices

More comfortable to use and placement in small spaces is a desktop or built-in models. Next will be considered the most cost-effective, functional and inexpensive devices, which are suitable for use in the country.

Small-sized models are designed for washing a small amount of items - 6-8 sets. Camera equipment is equipped with a basket for plates and additional holders for cups, glasses and cutlery tray.

Let us consider in more detail on what to look for before you buy.

Capacity. Depending on the number of people who live together and use the dishes must be selected and the optimal volume of the inner chamber. The least machines can hold 6 standard sets.

It should be borne in mind that such a device will not fit bulky pots and pans. Therefore, for a large number of persons, or the need to wash large items is better to buy 8-seater dishwasher.

Type of instalation. If your countertop is enough space for the equipment, then you can safely buy a desktop version.

An apparatus for installing a sink
To save space, it is possible to choose a model for full or partial integration into furniture, under a sink or at any other convenient location

Volumes resource costs. Inexpensive models tend to be less efficient and have a flow rate of 8-9 L of water to perform a purification cycle, and up to 1 kW of energy.

Medium and premium segment of the machines has a more economical consumption of resources, and therefore their cost is much higher.

Index sound effect. The quieter the device works, the more comfortable stay in the premises users.

Therefore, this indicator is necessary to pay attention. For example, the level of 42-45 dB is comparable to whisper or quiet conversation.

Available modes and functions. To use the unit on the hacienda sufficient minimum programs, which are designed for standard and intensive cleansing.

In addition, such programs may, as a rapid, economical, automatic cleaning of glass, etc. The choice depends on the wishes of users.

temperature range. Depending on the program you can select the optimal temperature at which the products are guaranteed to be laundered.

Standard range is 35-60 degrees, and this is enough to cleanse even the most complex and enduring traces of food.

Temperature dishwashers mode
If necessary delicate cleaning or disinfecting tableware infant is recommended to choose a model with the maximum temperature conditions of 70-75 degrees

comfort level. The last important indicator - the presence of additional features. For example, protection against transfusion of switching programs in operation, folding holders, self-cleaning filters, delay of switching, display, etc.

Top 3 Best compact models

Taking into account the above criteria, the user can choose the product that will meet their expectations. The rating will be reviewed 3 desktop machines, which were the best in the category "Energy efficiency", "Inexpensive", "The most capacious." For their connection needs water.

# 1: ELECTROLUX ESF 2400 OS - economical machine

Dishwashing equipment model ESF 2400 OS is designed to be installed on the countertop or in a cabinet. ESF 2400 OS differs original color scheme - the case is made in soft silvery tonality.

Feature Summary:

  • Energy Efficiency - A + class according to European standards;
  • number of modes t ° / programs - 4/6;
  • dimensions - 438h550h500 mm;
  • maximum load - 6 sets;
  • water / electricity flow - 6.5 l / 0.61 kWh;
  • management - electronic;
  • Display - set;
  • noisiness - 50 dB;
  • Features - Display, thermal efficiency of the system, the third basket.

ESF 2400 OS has received a lot of positive feedback, not only for low power consumption and water consumption, but also for the existence of different treatment programs with maximum exposure temperatures - 70 degrees.

A twenty-minute program is designed for the rapid purification of utensils while the need for frequent change of instruments and utensils. For careful washing glassware option, a special "Glass" at 40 degrees. Among the advantages of the presence of isolated time indication, which is placed on a digital screen.

The main disadvantages - lack akvasensora, rinse mode, partial load, lighting inside the chamber.

# 2: Midea MCFD 55200 W - a budget option

Freestanding machine MCFD 55200 W stands out for its white body. Although the model and inexpensive, different device functions and a sufficient amount of good characteristics.

Description of equipment:

  • Energy Efficiency - A + class;
  • number of modes t ° / programs - 5/7;
  • dimensions - 438h550h500 mm;
  • maximum load - 6 sets;
  • water / electricity flow - 6.5 l / 0.77 kWh;
  • control - electronic with LED-display;
  • display - is absent;
  • noisiness - 49 dB;
  • Features - Display, height adjustment of the basket, blocking children from entering the system, the use of 3 in 1, rinse.

A slider machine dispenser allows to economize detergents. In addition to the hour and a half, rapid and intensive programs in the product provided by rinsing already washed items for their refreshment or eliminate heavy raid on the products.

Compared with the previous model, in MCFD 55200 W set the start delay function on 3-9 hours.

Among the shortcomings is isolated absence AutoProgram cleaning the screen and a self-cleaning filter.

# 3: Candy CDCP 6 / E-S - maximum capacity

Regardless of the large-capacity chamber, the dishwasher is compact, allowing it to be placed even in a small kitchen. Model CDCP 6 / E-S is formed in silver with a black control panel.

Description of equipment:

  • Energy Efficiency - A + class;
  • number of modes t ° / programs - 5/6;
  • dimensions - 550h500h438 mm;
  • maximum load - 6 sets;
  • water / electricity consumption - 7 l / 0.61 kWh;
  • management - electronic type;
  • noisiness - 51 dB;
  • particular - the display panel, two adjustable basket, the buzzer at the end of the process.

CDCP 6 / E-S is equipped with a comfortable and roomy basketsIn which you can place not only plates, but also larger items - trays, pots, casserole, etc. If necessary, the box can be adjusted or block. The product also provides the function enable deposits to 23 hours.

Among the shortcomings - lack of protection from water strait Akvaprotekt function, automatic cleaning program, the possibility of incomplete filling goods chamber, automatic door opening.

Top 3 dishwashers without water connection

When, in the holiday village it is not possible to connect the compact equipment water supply, alternative - to buy a stand-alone device for cleaning utensils. Such devices is shown in a small amount of the market.

Portable dishwashers feature - no need to connect them to a power outlet or the water pipe. Their weight is small - in the range of 1-2 kg, but they perform the main task - clean plates, glasses, cups and cutlery with great saving of water resources.

Consider some embodiments autonomous machines, especially their device specifications and functionality.

Solution # 1 - inexpensive Wash N Bright

Wash N Bright - device for manual cleaning of any number of dishes, which does not require connection to any communications.

Wash n Bright on the table
The device can be used when traveling out of town, on vacation, or in the tourist field conditions. cost of the device is 2,000 rubles, which is almost 5 times cheaper than even the most budget compact cars

Description of the device:

  • dimensions - 350h230h240 mm;
  • maximum load - a limited number of subjects;
  • Water consumption - 4.5 liters for 6-8 sets;
  • Control - Manual;
  • display - is absent;
  • weight - 1.4 kg;
  • especially - to be fixed to the worktop by means of suction cups, hard brushes are located inside the tank for washing with 10 thousand. bristles.

With Wash N Bright is possible to quickly and effectively clean all kinds of cutlery and plates, cups, glasses, and so on. D. For each type of kitchen utensils provided a special device for purification. For high dishwashers cup side brush is located.

Dishwashing machine is divided into two sections, in one of which there is the main purification process, and the second is intended for rinsing objects.

Features of use Wash N Bright
For its operation will only need to fill in a little warm water, detergent and then turn to load items for washing

Among the advantages of economical consumption allocate resources and detergents, light weight, compactness, convenience in transportation. An excellent solution for those who prefer to quickly cope with the cleansing of kitchen utensils, without spending a large amount of water.

Solution # 2 - model of the future Circo

Great invention of designer Chen Levin, the mechanism of which is manually operated dishwasher Circo. It is no commercially available, although the design concept was highly appreciated at the international exhibition.

Model autonomous dishwashers Circo
The principle of a process - the same as in the standard dishwasher: kitchen utensils cleaned by spraying jets of water from the bottom upwards

After performing the product purification procedure may leave the chamber and used as a grate shelves for drying.

Description of the device:

  • dimensions - 370h350h350 mm;
  • maximum load - 6 plates, 6 cups and cutlery for 6, 1 cycle;
  • flow rate - 3.4 L / cycle;
  • Control - Manual;
  • display - is absent;
  • weight - up to 1.6 kg.

Features of the unit Circo - set on the table, are located inside the chamber holder for utensils.

The operating principle of Circo
The device is well-washes pollution for 1 minute turning the knob. For this purpose, pour enough water in the tray and means for washing the sodium acetate, which allows not only to clean the articles, but also to heat water

From the "minus" highlight the need for a constant change of water in the manual mode, the small volume of the chamber and a limited number of offers for the purchase of appliances.

Solution # 3 - innovative development NoStrom

NoStrom EcoWash Dinner Set - a stand-alone device for the purification of small amounts of kitchen items, which does not require connection to the mains.

This dishwasher is also a promising development, but on sale it has not yet appeared. The inventor of design AD fantasy Stockton came up with this portable dishwasher, first of all, to facilitate the life of camping enthusiasts.

The apparatus for washing dishes
New Zealand has developed a device designer David Stockton in 2011. Powered NoStrom EcoWash Dinner Set on a similar principle as the previous model

Description of the device:

  • dimensions - a cylindrical shape, a diameter of about 350 mm;
  • maximum load - 4 sets;
  • flow rate - 3.4 L / cycle;
  • Control - Manual;
  • display - is absent;
  • weight - 1.5-2 kg;
  • particular - can be placed on any convenient surface within the chamber is a metal holder for articles, the button for draining waste water.

For operation of the device is enough to fill in the upper opening of the water, detergent put dirty dishes and flatware, and then rotate the knob in a few minutes.

NoStrom EcoWash Dinner Set economize on resources, well-washes stainsSo perfect for the conditions of use in the country.

Among the shortcomings - a small capacity, as well as manual filling and draining.

Useful videos on the topic

Rules for choosing a dishwasher appliances for household use covered in the video:

Subtleties loading the dishes and placing it in a compact dishwasher shown in the video:

The video demonstrates the nuances of using the manual model mobile dishwasher:

If there is no centralized system of water supply or electricity, device selection is not that big. Autonomous dishwasher saves you time and considerable resources, but sometimes more efficient use of conventional washing under the tap. If possible, connect the equipment to the communications other than "helpers" will be compact desktop model dishwashers.

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