The device is a standard dishwasher: structure, function and maintainability different parts

Increasing the area of ​​kitchens in new buildings allows to accommodate a lot of useful appliances, including a dishwasher (PMM). This unit facilitates women's responsibilities and provides more time for leisure.

Functional device and the dishwasher can be different in different models, so when choosing a technique initially need to study in detail its characteristics.

The content of the article:

  • Structural components of the dishwasher
  • Types of modern models
  • Additional functionality PMM
  • Scheme of dishwashers
  • Types of drying in the dishwasher
  • Maintainability PMM details
    • Electric circulator
    • Drain pump system
    • The control board unit
    • An inlet water valve
    • Instantaneous water heaters and heating elements
    • Elements of the drying equipment
    • Other components PMM
  • Useful videos on the topic

Structural components of the dishwasher

Dishwasher is a complex technique in which intertwined electrical, mechanical and chemical interactions.

The main function of her one - cleaned of dirt embedded into the dishes. But to ensure a good result is possible only if the proper operation of its components.

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Bosch circulation pump
When washing glassware without detergent on the inner side of the circulating pump tubing quickly settles layer of fat that can lead to narrowing of the lumen and motor burnout

The main parts of the dishwasher include:

  1. Control Panel.
  2. Hermetically sealed inner chamber.
  3. Blocks dispensers (rocker).
  4. Circulation pump for return to the spray flowing water.
  5. Compartment for detergent, rinse aid, water softener.
  6. Baskets for dishes, shelves for glasses.
  7. water filter system.
  8. Flow heating element.
  9. Float switch.
  10. Power cable.
  11. An inlet water valve.
  12. Drain the pump.
  13. hose system.
  14. Pressure switch.
  15. Lamp.

These components form the basis of a sample of MMP, but other modules may be provided for in its design. The user is only available for viewing interior of the wash chamber. That it is located the main elements responsible for the purity of the treated glassware.

Behind a door of the dishwasher is hidden interior space with a mechanism that is directly responsible for cleaning utensils. Not all devices it is the same: expensive PMM provide spray on all sides, and the cheapest - from the bottom only.

The apparatus design and MMP
The metal wall of the inner space MMP usually perfectly clean, but it requires periodic cleaning of the filter so that dirt does not interfere with the drain pump (+)

The main components located within the working space of the dishwasher, are:

  1. Housing PMM. Made of stainless steel. Its walls are not experiencing strong mechanical impact, so a thickness of metal in the tank is minimized.
  2. Rocker arms for spraying liquid under pressure. They have a special drive and rotate due to the oblique arrangement of several outlet openings.
  3. Baskets for stacking dishes. They are in the interior space can be placed a few. Basket size is usually different: the bottom is more spacious for pots, and at the top - a compact for plates, cups, cutlery.
  4. The filter system. Located at the bottom of the tank sector consists of the upper bracket and located underneath the grill glass.
  5. Bay load funds. Designed for detergent, rinse aid and water softener. These three vessels may be arranged separately or be connected within a single dispenser.
  6. Sealing gum and lamp.

Without these components the dishwasher simply not be able to qualitatively carry out their functions. But within the PMM may be installed and other components for advanced features and allowing to facilitate the work with the device.

With typical apparatus and principle of operation dishwashers can clearly see in the video, with the specifics of introducing aggregates Bosch:

Types of modern models

Not all apartments have a spacious kitchen that can accommodate full-size dishwashers. Therefore, manufacturers have invented a number of alternative devices that can wash dishes and do not take up much space. All of them are exclusively electrical forced injection of water pressure.

four structural types of MMP are:

  1. Under worktop.
  2. Stand alone.
  3. Compact portable.
  4. With vertical loading.

Recessed sinks MMP typically have a depth of 57 cm, which allows a wall between the device and the necessary communications. When properly installed the front edge of the machine of this size will be flush with the table. For dishwashers can be compact width (44-46 cm) or full length (56-60sm). The height of their usual standard - 81-82 cm adjustable.

image gallery
Photo of
Built under the table dishwasher
Often built-in models of MMP involve the ability to attach to the access door of a special panel in the color of kitchen sets
Freestanding Dishwasher
Color-standing PMM quite difficult to find a common kitchen interior
Dishwasher for portable installation
The circulation pump in the compact PMM is small and provides a lower pressure than in the full-size devices
Appl dryers ware
Dishwashers and dryers are often found in catering establishments. They have a simple device, but reliable and easy to repair
Built under the table dishwasher
Built under the table dishwasher
Freestanding Dishwasher
Freestanding Dishwasher
Dishwasher for portable installation
Dishwasher for portable installation
Appl dryers ware
Appl dryers ware

Detached PMM equipped with beautiful and solid top panel, where you can put any thing. Vibration machine at work is minimal, so for sliding objects can not worry. Such devices are installed or near the edge of countertop, or in the next room, where there is appropriate communication. Dimensions freestanding PMM similar to embedded.

Compact, portable dishwashers are convenient when staying in rented apartments. They do not require installation and can be installed either on the floor or on a table. A typical size of such MMP is 44 * 55 * 50 cm. To connect them enough to attach the hose to the tap and lower the machine drain hose to the sink.

With vertical load the MMP produced rare. They usually have one level of tabs dishes, so functionally limited.

Regardless of the type dishwashers, their principle of operation is similar. However, the technical features of the models still affect the quality of the dishes and cleaning the energy efficiency of vehicles in general.

Additional functionality PMM

Above basic configuration dishwashers were considered. Inexpensive models from different manufacturers have approximately the same value and functionality, so do not differ from each other.

image gallery
Photo of
Stacking tablet "3-in-1" in the container
Tablets for MMP dissolve slowly and are therefore not recommended for fast modes
Beam on the floor to indicate the remaining time
The "Ray on the floor" with the indication of time more expensive than the simple polychromatic display of the current mode
Touchpad in the dishwasher
The touchpad MMP rarely represented LCD-display, typically a mono- or polychromatic screen with a limited set of characters
Active drying in the dishwasher
Active drying in the dishwasher often has a closed construction and requires periodic cleaning of dust
Stacking tablet "3-in-1" in the container
Stacking tablet "3-in-1" in the container
Beam on the floor to indicate the remaining time
Beam on the floor to indicate the remaining time
Touchpad in the dishwasher
Touchpad in the dishwasher
Active drying in the dishwasher
Active drying in the dishwasher

But there are also a premium class of dishwashers, which provide consumers with additional features. Such devices can include the following non-standard components:

  1. Devices for drying utensils: extra heating elements, fans, heat exchangers, air ducts.
  2. Automation for the protection of the control panel and the door of the children's activities.
  3. Guide rails for easy installation of the baskets into the working chamber.
  4. Seamless control panel, which looks stylish and easy to clean.
  5. Indicators of the remaining time before the end of the washing and the duration of each stage of washing.
  6. Built-in water softener. It serves for a long time and is subject to regular regeneration.
  7. Additional tube for connecting the hot water directly from the water mains.
  8. The sensor system, which determines the need of adding salt in a water softening. Sometimes it works completely automatically paired with a metering device.
  9. The unit for "3-in-1" detergent that allows a single cartridge with a detergent, a conditioner and emollient salt.
  10. Integrated heat exchangers, reducing temperature gradients and increasing energy efficiency Appl.
  11. water purity sensor. It helps determine the time of completion of the rinsing, saving time and energy.
  12. "Ray on the floor" system. It represents projected on the floor a light indication, which allows to evaluate the current operation of the device.
  13. The system for regulating the height of the basket arrangement with kitchenware.
  14. drying the sensor allowing to determine its optimum mode, based on the characteristics of the external air.

Each additional item in the dishwasher increases its cost. Professional machines include most of these devices that provides a high quality cleaning utensils, energy efficiency and usability.

Scheme of dishwashers

Modern PMM is a complex device. the principle of operation of the machine should consider steps to understanding the functional significance of its sites.

The operating principle of the MMP
The function of the drain pump can perform the circulation pump. This scheme reduces the number of arrangements and improves the reliability of the dishwasher (+)

So, during dishwashing following processes occur in the dishwasher.

  1. Loading dishes needed washing mode is selected and the machine is started.
  2. The inlet valve opens, the water begins to accumulate, the heater is turned on.
  3. When triggered, the pressure switch closes the inlet valve.
  4. The detergent is added to water, salt, although the latter can be permanently in the flow compartment.
  5. Included circulation pump and the water begins to beat under the pressure of the spray holes, unwinding them.
  6. Draining and filtering the water through the vessel with salt re-enters the pump.
  7. After the end of washing cycle, the dirty water is pumped to the sewer, but instead dialed pure and cold. Starting the first rinse cycle.
  8. After the first rinsing liquid is discharged and pump new water dialed. It is heated, and then it is added to the rinse. Second rinsing cycle starts.
  9. After closure of the second rinsing water is drained to the sewer and the drying process begins.

Drying dishes ends the duty cycle of the dishwasher. To ensure the quality of washing, it is desirable to wipe the dishes from the large pieces of food before placing in the PMM. Then all the dirt will wash off after the step of washing and not fall on the items in the rinsing period.

Types of drying in the dishwasher

Sometimes PMM have to load several times. Such situations call for the acceleration of washing cycles. They can cut through the promotion of drying dishes.

Zeolite drying in the PMM
When air-dried zeolite itself is dehumidified and heated by passing through Celite, and the subsequent washing cycle takes place material recovery

Just dishwashers use 3 types of drying:

  1. Condensation. Is a conventional dry warm drops on the dishes and their deposition on the cold side walls. This process is lengthy and passive.
  2. Turbosushka. The machine is fed by fans warm air having passed through the heating elements. This method of drying is the fastest, but it requires high electricity costs.
  3. Intensive drying at which stimulated passive flow of fresh air into the inner chamber due to convection currents. To do this, PMM is equipped with air intakes.

In some models of dishwashers provides a choice of several types of drying. They all have their own characteristics, but they can be included, based on the needs of a fast release of MMP.

Maintainability PMM details

Virtually all parts of the dishwasher replaced. But part of the repair work can perform the user, and some are able to carry out a service personnel.

Details expensive, so before the liquidation of the damage is worth considering, but not easier to buy a new device. Next will be considered especially the replacement of some components of the PMM.

Electric circulator

Basic dishwashing cycle is provided by the work of the circulation pump that maintains the required water pressure at the outlet of the sprinkler. replacement cost is 30-40% of the price of the new PMM.

Repair of the circulating pump
several sensors can be connected to the circulation pump, so when the repair should carefully remember the location and method of attachment of sensors

Replace pump is simple, but expensive. Simply ensure the normal functioning of the device and prevent breakage. It is possible to provide regular cleaning of filters from dirt, preventing it falling into the water hoses. In warehouses service centers almost always have a correct model of the pump, so the problems with the speed of his replacement should arise.

To understand the device and the arrangement of the circulation pump will dishwashers roller describing unit disassembling process for the replacement of a failed pump:

Drain pump system

For pumping water from the dishwasher drain pump responds. It has a small capacity, but is an important node, without which work is impossible PMM.

A broken pump can for the following reasons:

  • voltage drops;
  • clogging;
  • increased load due to excessively long drain hose.

The signs of impending failure are humming when draining the water and slow its pumping. The pump is fairly universal, so replace it with no trouble. The cost of the new device is about 1000 rubles, and it is usually available in each service center.

The control board unit

Electronic circuits are vulnerable to the influence of the majority of physical factors. To damage control boards generally results in MMP or manufacturing defects or variations in the mains voltage. The cost of replacing it ranges from 15-30% of the price of a new dishwasher.

PMM control board
Service centers can try to repair the control board, but doing it yourself is not worth it - there is a chance to break it completely

For places with problematic voltage can be advised to buy its stabilizer, but the cost of such a device is not less than 10,000 rubles.

Motherboards are specific, so wait for sending the product to have the support of the service center for a long time, and replace it with their own is unlikely to succeed. Therefore, the failure of this part will be a great challenge that will take time and money.

An inlet water valve

Break intake valve can in two cases: the electromagnetic coil burnout and breach the seal tightness. This problem is rare, but its decision will have to spend 1500-2500 rubles.

Sign coil burnout will be no water flow at startup MMP because in the open position the valve is closed. When a leak tightness there, but to pinpoint its source will need to dismantle the machine.

The inlet valve for dishwasher
The valves for the water supply pipe though structurally different, but have standard connections, so the problems with finding a suitable replacement pattern will not occur

Instantaneous water heaters and heating elements

PMM users can go for months without noticing inoperable heaters, if it does not signal equipment. Symptoms of failure of these devices may be worsening the quality of washing dishes and extend it dries.

Instantaneous heater for MMP
Instantaneous heater for MMP-looking device is difficult, but usually consists of a plastic housing and PETN

The cost of the new heating element of the dishwasher ranges from 1,000 to 3,000 rubles. It can be replaced independently, if you know how to get close to him.

On the dishwasher, you can install a heater with another model if it structurally suitable and has no specific connectors. Therefore, to eliminate breakage of PETN can be quickly and inexpensively.

Elements of the drying equipment

Re-build the drying equipment can be big problems. On Web sites, rare spiral or fans for specific models PMM. Therefore, the order of these items will have to do only through authorized service centers. Lucky those consumers who may operate the dishwasher with drying of the failed. And if the equipment will generate an error, you have to wait for repair of the machine for weeks.

But much to worry about problems with drying is not necessary, because this equipment is reliable and rarely fails. Replace the heating coil or fan can be on its own, but it is better to use the services of SC.

Drying system dishwashers
Most dishwashers are equipped with a unique patented drying system, so look for a replacement kit should be only at authorized service centers

Other components PMM

May fail almost all the parts of the dishwasher. Rough treatment of the crockery can lead to breakage or damage dispensers gaskets. A voltage surges can provoke burnout sensors, actuators, starter and other electrical devices.

Integrated water level sensor
Sign of breakage pressure switch can be an excess or lack of water, lack of draining it so very difficult to diagnose the problem

You may also need replacement filters, dispensers, hoses, fasteners and other small parts. Keep in mind that the less often broken part and the lower, the higher the margin will lay the manufacturers in its price. For example, a simple plastic failure of the dispenser will result in salt 5000-6000 rubles.

The high cost of repairs PMM should encourage consumers to careful attitude to it. Then they will be saved and the money, and nerves.

Useful videos on the topic

Submitted videos will allow better understanding of the device, dishwasher, see the work inside machines and get acquainted with the disassembly process.

The unit Dishwasher:

Dishwasher in the house is slowly becoming the norm rather than the exception. But almost any failure of this technology will be a strong blow to the wallet. Therefore, despite the reliability, MMP requires careful handling and compliance with operating rules.

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