What pots can be washed in the dishwasher

Have you ever wondered if it is possible to wash pots in a dishwasher? Everything depends on the dimensions and materials of the dishes, on the parameters of the PMM.

Do not load into the dishwasher, for example, aluminum or wooden appliances. How is it with pots - stainless steel, with ceramic and Teflon coating? Want to know the details - read our article.

Content of the material:

  • 1Stages of the washing process
  • 2Possibility of dishwasher
    • 2.1Dimensions
    • 2.2Functional
    • 2.3Special Tools
  • 3Advices for housewives

Stages of the washing process

Which saucepans should not be loaded into the bunker? First of all it concerns aluminum - they will be oxidized, appearance will worsen. Do not wash iron ware and dishes with wooden handles. All others perfectly tolerate the machine wash, especially if the label has a permit.

To understand in general what is possible, andthat you can not wash in a dishwasher, it is worth to find out what the washing process looks like from the inside:

  1. After start-up, cold or hot water (depending on the model) enters the tank.
  2. Water is heated to a maximum of 70 degrees.
  3. The dispenser discharges the cleaning solution into a tank with heated water.
  4. From the tank it is fed to the nozzles, which evenly distribute the spray on the dishes.
  5. The water circulates through the bunker for half an hour.
  6. At the end of the first washing cycle, it, with the dissolved detergent, is drained into the sewer, and the water is already supplied to the tank for rinsing.
  7. Modern models of PMM are equipped with sparing cycles, in which the water temperature remains low. Such modes are suitable only for dishes with slight impurities.

We can conclude: it is unlikely to be able to clean the dishes with carbon deposits or strong contaminants. If the pots are too dirty, they need to be cleaned with a brush and abrasive chemicals to shine. Yes, and the responses of housewives confirm that the dishes, in which the porridge has burnt or the vegetables were cooked for a long time, is not laundered ideally.

Possibility of dishwasher

Parameters and characteristics of washing equipment are no less important.


It is necessary that the pan fit into the bunker. In a compact desktop machine is unlikely to fit a large utensils, but you can try to wash a 1-2-liter saucepan. In a narrow PMM can also not fit too wide a dish, in particular stewpans with handles or large pans.

Only a full-sized design will fit almost any dish from your kitchen - you can safely place the largest saucepan in it.


It is desirable that the dishwasher provided for an intensive washing regime - the pans require thorough cleaning. If there is no such mode in the typewriter, it is not a fact that the dishes will be washed off qualitatively.

Also useful is "Soaking if the dirt is very strong, this function will help get rid of them. In the "high-tech" technique there can be special programs for pots - study the instruction manual to find out more.

Special Tools

Pots, pans and other large vessels require specialized tools. The usual "chemistry" for manual washing can not be used in dishwashing: it will not work, it will be ineffective, it can damage your technique.

Going to the window with professional compositions for PMM, many users are lost, what to give preference: gel, powder and3-in-1 tablets.

If complex action is required, stop the choice of universal tablets or capsules for dishwashers. In them, simultaneously combined detergent (powder in a tablet or gel in a capsule),regenerating saltandrinse aid. The tablet dissolves, sequentially releasing the components at each washing stage.

Important! Do not crush or pound the tablets into powder. Inside is a rinse aid - if it dissolves during washing, the rinse will be substandard.

If you chose the option in the tablets, make sure that there is a compartment under the universal means in the machine. Read more about this on the page "Where to put a pill in the dishwasher".

Advices for housewives

When there is a question about washing pots in a dishwasher, follow the recommendations:

  • Before loading into the hopper, clean the dishes of dirt and food residue. Rinse the pan or wipe it with a tissue.
  • Make sure that it is made of material that can be washed in the PMM. Ideally, the dish should have an icon that allows washing in the dishwasher.

  • Place the utensils on the lowest shelf of the bunker or in another permitted place. Some models have zones for washing large-sized objects without using baskets.
  • Installation is made strictly upside down - this will ensure high-quality washing.
  • When placing, make sure that the products do not interfere with the technique to work. It is important that the pans do not touch the other dishes and do not interfere with the washing process.
  • It is desirable that the detergent has active biological substances - enzymes. With them, the quality of washing will be higher, since they split organic compounds and eliminate complex stains.
  • Do not choose a fast cycle. Give preference to long-term treatment, or even better - intensive.
  • Use automatic drying. Leave the wet dishes in the hopper to dry after washing.
  • Try to wash the dishes right away, without waiting for the contaminants to wither and become difficult to remove.

Now you know everything about washing large-sized dishes in your dishwasher. Follow the recommendations, and the dishes will be clean and whole.

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