Finish - tablets for dishwashers

Dishwasher diligently performs the functions when properly selected and special cleaning agents. Hundred technologies and contrivances helps modern equipment, at a cost of 1.5 kWh of energy and 14 liters of water, wash the tableware 12. Quintessence of scientific developments represent Finish - tablets for dishwashers, allowing to achieve a delightful effect without the use of other means. It is impossible to facilitate the process of preparing the equipment for operation.


Standard detergent powder considered. In it, as a rule, already laid formula for soaking. As a result, the means for dishwashers Finish easily penetrates dirt. Jet with clean rinsing objects table set to shine.

Finish dishwasher powder is poured into a tray for detergents. Quantity shall be determined according to the instruction.

Finish - the best modern protection

The powder is designed to get rid of the tea and coffee deposits, traces of lipstick. This includes security options of silver and gold. These metals are not recommended to put in the dishwasher. Detergents aggressive against metals.

Means for dishwashers

In the dishwasher, in addition to the detergent compartment, are two more:

  1. The salt container.
  2. The rinse aid dispenser.

Salt is poured through a special spout in the bottom compartment, screw cap. It is recommended to use a special funnel. salt precipitation should be avoided in the working compartment of the dishwasher. If this has happened, if there was a leak of substance solution bother to immediately carry out the work cycle. No matter - with a full load or an empty compartment. After filling cap carefully screwed into place.

Salt is needed to soften the water. This will not have to worry about the protection of the dishwasher. Reacting with solutions of mineral substance prevents the formation of a precipitate. This is how the protection of the dishwasher from scale. But not dirt!

Rinse Finish poured through a hole in the door and has two functions:

  1. It reduces the surface tension of water, allowing faster drying dishes. Divorce is not formed, the kind of washed items aesthetic.
  2. The special formula adds luster ware. Ingredients harmless to health, just objects, coming out of the dishwasher to become shiny.

Rinsing meaning is that the finishing water jets are heated to a sufficiently high temperature. This greatly facilitates the drying process. Rinse further lowers the surface tension of the liquid, accelerating evaporation. This allows you to use condensation drying, which are the most economical in terms of energy consumption.

Levels salt and rinse aid sometimes monitored visually, special sensors may be used for this purpose. Flow substances in the dishwasher is regulated separately depending on the water hardness, and other factors.

Such complexity owners dishwashers do not like, then come to the rescue pill finish for dishwashers and special gels.

Clean work thanks to the Finish

Not to control the level of salt

In the civilized world, it is difficult to plan your time to make it. Not surprisingly, the control of the level of detergents and special means boring. To fill salt bother to wait until the dry compartment. You can not hurry, so as not to wake up. If the screw cap carelessly, corrosion starts working compartment walls. Yes, and rinse a relatively long time to change. Finish Gel dishwashers already includes a part of the necessary ingredients.

Poured into a tray for the detergent therefore no need to bother with seasoning salt and rinse aid, opening the working chamber. The gel is easy to dose, the scale does not arise, dishes will be shiny and beautiful. Effectiveness in comparison with standard dressing a little drop or decrease savings. But saves time housewives! Easy to adjust modes will allow to use a dishwasher in the fun.

Tablets actually perform analogy gel or powder. The advantage of ease of use. Throws in the tray as needed, the result is guaranteed. It is worth remembering that hard water (> 26 dH) requires the use of salt and rinse aid better cope with the divorce, rather than tablets. The combined funds are used exclusively in the conditions of the time limit.

When you select Finish dishwasher tablets to be aware of different compositions. Separate are compressed powder, others contain the necessary components for proper operation of the equipment. In the latter case, do not need rinse aid and salt. Complicated tablet consists of multiple layers, each material forms a shell. The design resembles a nesting doll, which is embedded in the salt rinse aid covered by a layer of powder.

Components gradually dissolve and fall into the slot one after another.


Like any appliance, dishwasher dirty. Do not save any salt or water. Every 30 cycles the dishwasher clean. The unit switches to the operating compartment empty. Cleaning the dishwasher is performed by special means.

For a pleasant aroma, add special fresheners. After the cycle starts dishes fragrant smell of lemon or other flavor.

Funds Finish - tablets analogues


It is appropriate to mention the composition of the dishes. According to European tradition, set includes 11 pieces. Accordingly, for each species, there are special trays and baskets in the dishwasher. To process went without a hitch, to perform some simple tips:

  • set of objects are not in contact, especially concerns said plates and cups.
  • When the tray is retracted, the sprinkler arms rotate with sprinklers located at the top of the compartment. If objects interfere with the free movement, eliminate the deficiency.
  • Large objects are laid down, fine - upstairs. Spoons, forks placed in special baskets. Sharp blades are stacked blade down or sideways, blunt - contaminated part upwards.
  • Cookware is placed so that water flowed easily.
  • Stubborn stains require the use of special rinsing mode. Otherwise it is necessary to clean off the visible pieces of food by hand.
  • Detergents expired better not to use.
  • If the dishes are still wet at the end of a dishwasher cycle, properly adjust the rinse aid dispenser.
  • The high hardness of the water leads to the appearance of haze in the dried container. It should adjust the salt dispenser.
  • You should not be washed in the dishwasher wooden utensils. Such everyday objects are gaining good smells.
  • The glasses may additionally put citric or acetic acid. This will enhance the effect and prevent the formation of a white plaque. Sometimes it clouding caused by glass corrosion. Here the dishwasher is not to blame.

Clean dishes and a whole dishwasher

Features of the use of detergents

Dishwasher visible hostess special indicator designed to signal that the end salt or rinse aid. Often - light red color, easy to spot. Upon detection of said characteristic desired components are added. It is worth noting that the tablets Finish Quantum dishwasher eliminate the need for such measures, as already contain tools that replace salt and rinse aid.

When, after the end of the cycle at the bottom working compartment remained detergent, the reason is in the wet tray. The resulting powder was matted clumps that violated the conditions of dissolution. Algorithms inherent in the electronics worked correctly, but a priori detergent laid dry.

Make sure the loaded dishes do not interfere with the dispenser. Inside the bay is worth tray cover, through which the detergent gets into the bay. If the object is open prevented, generation algorithm is broken when the cycle. Therefore, the powder gets inside and later does not have time to dissolve.

If traces of tea or coffee left, then detergent Finish dishwasher did not have to clean the dishes at 100%. At the same time pay attention to the presence of salt in the compartment, the increased hardness of the water, which is struggling salt interferes with the normal operation of detergents.

A similar effect is observed when choosing the wrong program. It is recommended to read the instructions and correct operation of the dishwasher.

Finally, pay attention to the technology of drawing. Other objects lose color after washing dishwasher. Therefore, you must carefully read the instructions. Such nuances indicated in the document. A careful reading will help avoid trouble.

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