How to install a dishwasher under the hob

Is it possible to place a dishwasher under the hob? We will reveal the secrets of proper installation.

Small-sized kitchens - the problem of many "Khrushchev".With just the owners come up with, to put as much technology as possible in the room, but at the same time save space. How to make the stove and dishwasher serve for a long time and without breakdowns?

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  • 1 Installation features
    • 1.1 Embedding under an induction or electric range
    • 1.2 Installation under a gas range

Installation features

Such connection requires strict adherence to security measures. Especially if in one set there is an electric stove and a dishwasher.

The hob tends to heat up, which has a negative effect on the dishwasher. The latter produces a lot of moisture, which also has a poor effect on electronic components. How to resolve this dilemma?

Consider the main difficulties that arise when placing a hob over a dishwasher:

  1. Overheating and moisture. As we already wrote above, these devices are badly combined with each other.
  2. Both the machine and the stove require connecting communications, which can be inconvenient.
  3. Calculation. It is necessary to correctly calculate the distance from the walls to the dishwasher, leave space for gaps and thermal insulation.
  4. Selection of a place. It is important to choose it so that the PMM is located near the sink, and it is convenient to use the stove embedded in the worktop.

If you really need to place the MMP under the hob, you can install it according to the size of the stove, as well as the complexity of the connection. Manufacturers offer the following options:

  • electric stove;
  • induction;
  • gas.

The first two options are better because they almost do not heat up. In addition, they do not need to connect the hoses, as is the case with the gas panel.

Consider the nuances of installing a dishwasher under different types of hobs.

Embedding under an induction or electric stove

To implement the idea, it is important to choose the right dishwasher. It is desirable to stay on fully embedded model .It is more compact, has all the fasteners for installation, as well as felt material, which serves as a good thermal insulation.

Induction panel is practically not heated, so will not give heat to the dishwasher. When buying, consider the thickness of the product( from 37 to 79 mm).

Before you put the appliances in place, study our recommendations:

  • The distance from the cooking panel to the machine body should be 2.5-3 cm.
  • Install moisture insulation in the form of a foil sheet on the inside of the stove.
  • Choose PMM not more than 80-82 cm high. The standard height of the tabletop, taking into account human height, is 88-90 cm. For convenience, imagine the highest pot in which you cook. Would you be comfortable looking into it?
  • Leave enough space at the back for the supply of hoses and communications, electrical connection.
  • Adjust the legs of the dishwasher so that air is freely circulating under the bottom - at least 1 cm. Otherwise, there is a risk of overheating.

We recommend to pre-develop a drawing with accurate calculations and measurements.

Installation under the gas stove

Buy a new electrical panel is not possible, but in the presence of a gas? To connect such a combination, you need to think carefully about everything.

Warning! You have no margin for error. When installing a gas stove, you must adhere to special requirements that cannot be ignored. Your safety depends on it.

Difficulties in the installation path:

  1. Strong heating of the gas surface will certainly affect the operation of dishwashers. Here we need an exact calculation of the size of the machine and the panel.
  2. Hoses to the gas installation should be supplied freely, without creases and kinks.
  3. The thick surface of the panel can interfere with the placement of the MMP.On the aesthetic appearance can not count.

It can be concluded that in a hopeless situation it is better to contact a specialist.

Do not forget to provide additional insulation. Penafol is suitable for this, with foil on one or both sides. The material has a low thermal conductivity, reflects radiation, has water-repellent and vapor-proof properties.

Of course there are also advantages of such a dishwasher arrangement. These are:

  • space saving;
  • unity of design ideas;
  • aesthetic appearance.

If this idea is only in your development, we offer you a ready-made version. You do not have to think through, count every centimeter when buying Candy Trio 9501 .This wonderful technique combines a gas oven, an electric oven and a dishwasher for 6 sets. The perfect solution for a small kitchen.

The stove is designed for 4 burners, a 39-liter oven with a grill function. The machine includes 5 washing programs and consumes 9 liters per cycle.

Of course, if you have a big family, then such roominess will not be enough. But if 2-3 people live in an apartment, then the combined version will suit you perfectly.

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