Overview of Hansa dishwashers (Hansa) - device, reviews

Have you decided to buy the equipment in the kitchen? Then pay attention to Hansa dishwashers. These are modern models with built-in technologies and wide functionality. The brand has German roots, but today it is produced in China. Manufacturers have developed new lines that consume resources economically. More information about dishwashers "Hansa" you can read in our review.

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  • 1Features of Hansa PMM
    • 1.1Functions and technologies
  • 2Specifications and description of the best models PMM Hansa
    • 2.1Hansa ZWM646WEH
    • 2.2Hansa ZIM 676 H
    • 2.3Hansa ZWM476SEN
    • 2.4Hansa ZWM 436 SEH
  • 3Typical malfunctions of Hansa dishwashers

Features of Hansa PMM

The products of the Hansa plant appeared on the market in 1997, and in 2000 the residents of Russia could get acquainted with the technique. Among the models there are both budget and mid-range options. By the method of installation you can pick up such machines:

  • full-scale narrow models;
  • compact;
  • detached.

Dishwashers have low consumption of resources. When loading from 6 to 14 sets of dishes, machines consume 9 to 17 liters of water. The ability to rebuild the internal space of the camera allows you to place large objects. The system remembers the last settings, so you can save time by selecting a program with a single keystroke.

The control panel is equipped with displays in almost all models, light indicators indicate the presence of salt, rinse aid, the end of the program. The connection of the PMM is done quickly thanks to an understandable scheme in the instruction manual.

The latest intelligent Hansa models belong to the A ++ class, which saves 64 kWh.

Functions and technologies

Are the mountains of dirty dishes left after meeting friends? With the dishwasher "Hansa" you at once can cope even with pots and pans. Flexi Space technology allows you to adjust the baskets, and the upper tray Up & amp; own can be lowered down.

If you save dirty plates every day for a full load of the machine, you do not have to do this with the Zone Wash function. At half load, only the lower and middle baskets are washed, which saves water.


  1. MultiSpray. The system rinses the instruments on all sides on three levels.
  2. Bio-mode. With the use of special detergents, enzymes are used, which cope with pollution.
  3. AQUASTOP. The machine is completely or partially protected from leaks.
  4. Turbosushka. The cookware dries much faster with a fan that accelerates the hot air through the chamber.
  5. Ray on the floor. The machine notifies the user when the job is done.

This is not the whole list of programs that you can find in the dishwashers "Hansa". Let's consider more in detail popular models, and also we will get acquainted with responses of users.

Specifications and description of the best models PMM Hansa

Each model has both basic and additional programs. Differing PMM can be bundled, the presence of a display, the duration of work in the mode of washing and drying.

Hansa ZWM646WEH

A full-size detached machine with a capacity of 14 sets. The overall dimensions are 60x60x85 cm. Electronic control with a display makes it convenient to choose from 6 basic modes. There is a possibility of half loading and delay of start up to 24 hours.

For one cycle, the technician consumes 12 liters of water. The noise characteristics do not exceed 45 dB. The camera is made of stainless steel and is equipped with a backlight. The upper basket is moved to the upper and lower tiers. At the end of the washing, an audible signal sounds.

The cost is from 17 000 rubles.


Long looked closely at the model ZWM646WEH, several times went to the store, learned the technical characteristics. Still decided to buy, because it arranged the functional and the price is affordable.

I have been using it for two years. Before that, I thought that the burnt pots were washed only by hand. But if you choose the right mode and quality detergent, then wash both pans and pans. Capacity is good, purchase is happy.

Hansa ZIM 676 H

The built-in model is 60 cm wide. The A ++ energy consumption class allows you to expend 258 kW per year. The water consumption is 11 liters per cycle.

Baskets hold 12 sets of dishes. Large appliances and pots take up space in a separate order. Control panel with display. Each key corresponds to the specified function. A total of 6 main programs are used. The sink ends with the turbo-dryer. The beginning of the cycle can be postponed until 9 o'clock.

Adjust and free space in the bunker by reducing the size of the baskets. The AquaStop function protects the machine from leaks.

The price is from 16 000 rubles.


My dishwasher "Beco" broke, so I had to look for a replacement. A familiar seller in the store said that Hansa is a normal technique. I chose the model based on the price. The main thing is that there should be protection from leaks and loading at least 12 sets.

I liked washing the dishwasher well, if you place the dishes correctly. But for some reason constantly asks to add salt or rinse. Previous technique requested salt once a year, and this - every two to three months. He rinses the instruments quite noisily.

Hansa ZWM476SEN

Separate standing dishwasher 45 cm wide. The model economically spends electricity 3 kW per hour (class A +). The water consumption is only 9 liters.

Upper basket Up & amp; own System is rearranged, other MaxiSpace3 branches can be adjusted and changed in size. Included 6 washing modes. Pre-soaking helps to get rid of the dried up dirt. The half load mode saves resources when the camera is not full.

Condensation drying, it is possible to connect to a hot water pipe. The AquaStop system protects against leaks.

The cost is from 28 000 rubles.


The instruction manual for the dishwasher is written "not for people". How to use the equipment, it was necessary to understand independently. Special difficulties did not arise, the control panel is clear, while I use only "quick washing". I wash the dishes well, there are no complaints. A good model for those who are looking for a compact and functional machine.

Hansa ZWM 436 SEH

A narrow PMM with dimensions of only 8, x4, x60 cm. The technique can be built in under the countertop, since the top cover is removed. Energy saving technologies will help you save: A ++ energy consumption class (, 4 kW / h). The water consumption is 9 liters.

For one cycle, the machine will wash 10 sets of dishes. This is helped by 6 programs, as well as drying Hot Air Drying. Protection from the leakage "Aquastop salt and rinse aid indicator make the use convenient and pleasant.

The price is from 19 000 rubles.

Typical malfunctions of Hansa dishwashers

Like all modern models, Hansa PMMs are also equipped with a self-diagnostic system. Therefore, if a breakdown occurs, the code is displayed. After learning its meaning, you can quickly find the problem. What crashes are most often reported by users:

  1. A carpoorly dissolves washing tablet. This happens when the wrong loading, if one of the plates blocks the compartment with the powder, then it will not wash well. The reasons can be more serious: a heater failure or lack of water.
  2. PMMdoes not drain water.. Such consequences are not uncommon if you do not clean the drainage system. Twice a month you need to clean the drain filter and injectors. Slightly hose and sewage are checked less often.
  3. The technique does not heat water.. Over time, a calcareous deposit settles on the heater, which forms a scum. The heater overheats and burns. Therefore, it is recommended to reduce the water hardness level with special salt.

Having studied the advantages and disadvantages of Hansa dishwashers, you can go to the store for purchase. Check the equipment and documents carefully. After installation, run a test run to contact the seller immediately in case of a malfunction.

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