Review of dishwashers Ariston: specifications, reviews

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The dishwasher "Ariston" has long won the recognition of customers. The firm offers equipment produced in Russia, it is called "Hotpoint Ariston" (Hotponit Ariston). What features of the PMM of this brand, what innovations and technologies are introduced by the company's engineers and which models are the most popular, you will learn from the review.

Content of the material:

  • 1About company
  • 2Hotponit Ariston Features
    • 2.1FlexiPower - the next generation engine
    • 2.2New Sensor System
    • 2.3Extra Silent
    • 2.4Class "AAA"
    • 2.5Washing modes and other functions
      • 2.5.1Ultra-intensive
      • 2.5.2Baby Cycle - cleanliness of children's dishes
      • 2.5.3"Unexpected guests"
      • 2.5.4"Double sink" or Duo Wash
      • 2.5.525 minutes
      • 2.5.6Daily cleaning 60
  • 3Review of popular models with reviews
    • 3.1HCD 662
    • 3.2LFF 8S112
    • 3.3LSTF 7B019 EU
    • 3.4LTB 6B019 C
    • 3.5LFF 8S112 X

About company

The history of the Ariston company dates back to the thirties of the 20th century. At first the company produced only scales, and today Ariston is among the leaders of household and climate technology. The main advantage that captivates potential customers is the relatively affordable cost with rich functionality and compliance with quality standards.

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Hotpoint logo Ariston

So, the products of the firm "Ariston" are different:

  • advantageous ratio of price and functions;
  • thoughtful and pleasant design;
  • quality assembly and reliable parts;
  • simple operation;
  • maximum safety in use.

Hotponit Ariston Features

Let's consider some features of a design and function which are inherent in almost all dishwashers "Hotpoint-Ariston".

FlexiPower - the next generation engine

To maximize the quality of washing, a unique motor is installed in the Ariston PMM. It can change the speed of its work and the pressure of water, taking into account the degree of contamination of dishes.

In the Hotponit Ariston models with this system, the water consumption per washing cycle is only 13 liters, and this is when loading in 14 sets. If the loading tank accommodates 10tableware sets, water consumption reaches 9 liters, and this is 10% lower in dishwashers of other manufacturers.

New Sensor System

This sensor system improves efficiency when washing dishes and other utensils with any type of contamination. The sensors determine in which mode the machine should operate, regulate the pressure and water supply, adjust the temperature mode and determine the duration of each individual cycle. Saving water and electricity reaches 10%.

Extra Silent

To dishwasher could be safely called impeccable, it should not "interfere" in the life of the user. This is facilitated by a special hydraulic and modern insulation system. All this guarantees a noise level of no more than 42 dB.

Class "AAA"

While engineers from other brands still create a technique with energy efficiency classes of A, B and C, Hotpoint Ariston represents the newest class of AAA. It is typical for almost the entire model range, so you can not even think about which machine "Ariston" will be the most economical and efficient.

Classification of energy efficiency levels

Washing modes and other functions

We are used to the fact that the dishwasher should have such modes as fast, intensive, economical, but the Ariston engineers went further and offer new improved cycles.


The cycle was made even more powerful than the intensive programs known to date. On it you can wash the plates with old and sticky leftovers of food; with pots and pans, according to manufacturers, these PMMs also cope. All this is provided by washing under high pressure of water and an optimum temperature regime.

Baby Cycle - cleanliness of children's dishes

Developers have created it, focusing on the European standards of safety and disinfection of dishes for the youngest. In this mode, you can wash bottles, nipples, drinkers, plates, spoons and even pans. The Baby Cycle level is confirmed by the certificate of the University of Turin.

"Unexpected guests"

If the guests took you by surprise, and treat them to nothing, do not worry. Program duration of only 36 minutes will help to quickly wash the dishes to shine.

"Double sink" or Duo Wash

Having placed fragile dishes such as porcelain cups or glass glasses at the top, and pans with pans in the lower compartment, you can wash them without problems at the same time. In each compartment, the beetle comes with its pressure and temperature, so complex contaminants are washed intensively, and fragile utensils are handled as carefully as possible.

25 minutes

"Unexpected guests" is not the only short cycle. Users can wash the dishes even faster - in just 25 minutes.

Daily cleaning 60

This cycle will be optimal for a family of 4 people. In just 60 minutes you will wash all the utensils, including small utensils and large for cooking.

Review of popular models with reviews

Like other manufacturers, Ariston produces PMM in various variations: it is compact, narrow and full-sized machines. Also you can pick up a dishwasher by the type of installation that suits you:built-inordetachedmodel. Let's look at some vivid examples of each type.

HCD 662

A stand-alone model for 6 tableware sets. Classes for cleaning and drying - A, energy efficiency class - A +. The water consumption per cycle is 7 liters of water, electricity - 1 kW / h. Noise at work - 53 dB. Programs total 6, among which the usual, intensive, fast, "delicate" and economical modes.

The design provides for drying condensation type. Electronic control is not heavier than the display, which will ensure a long life and easy operation. Protection from children in this car is not provided.

Condensation model features


  • protection against partial leakage;
  • indication of the rinse aid and the regenerating salt;
  • inside the bunker is made of stainless steel;
  • weight - 2, kg.

Unfortunately, the manufacturer did not provide a sound signal upon completion of work.

Dimensions of the case: 55х52х44 cm (width, depth and height, respectively). The price is 16 833 rubles, according to YandexMarket.

LFF 8S112

Another stationary model, this time in a full-sized white case, WxDxH: 60x60x85 cm. The hopper is designed for 15 sets, all classes - A. Electronic control with display. Water is consumed at a rate of 11 liters per cycle, and electricity is 5 kW / h.

Control PanelA user-friendly display helps you set up

Of the 8 programs in the reviews noted as particularly useful: intensive, fast, delicate and preliminary. Additionally, there is a delayed start-up timer for up to 24 hours. Protection from leaks is fully implemented. The use of universal tools is available (tablets, capsules) "3-in-1". Provides an indication of all necessary consumables (salt, rinse aid).

How much does such a car cost? Only 2, 90 rubles.

Jan, Ekaterinburg

I'm satisfied with the capacity of this dishwasher, especially when there are trays for appliances. Three nozzles, folding holders - all this is very convenient. The technology itself has no complaints, but the support service is not contact. It's not much noise, although, maybe I have nothing to compare, but it works much quieter than a washing machine. The icons on the panel are quite understandable - my mother figured it out and quickly remembered. The instruction is also written on the "human". Sometimes strange sounds come from the circulation pump, if nothing changes, I'll take it to the repair service closer to the end of the warranty period (suddenly something else will come out).


The narrow machine is 45 cm (more precisely - 4, cm), with the energy efficiency class A +. Fully built-in model for installation in the niche of a kitchen set, color - "stainless steel". There are 7 programs, noise - 49 dB. Water consumption per cycle - 10 liters, electricity - 3 kW / h.

The hopper holds up to 10 dish sets. Provides a display for easy management.

The capacity of the hopper is important

Ilona, Krasnoyarsk

Relatively inexpensive dishwasher with delayed start, half loading, fast washing, soaking and low noise level is to plus. From the minuses - I do not understand how long until the end of work. More rods in the lowest box are not foldable, so a particularly large inventory is not included. Codes of malfunctions never lit up, we use the second year. By the way, I like the presence of a display - it shows what program is currently running. Management is simple, the pensioner will understand also. My husband said that he even understands by instructions how to disassemble the case, but so far it was not needed. For washing I use not a powder, but tablets, with them it washes very well even. In general, I am satisfied with the characteristics, and the equipment, and the quality of the work, at this price one should not wish for more.

LTB 6B019 C

The device model provides for a complete embedding. This is a full-size PMM with a width of 60 cm, so the capacity of the bunker includes 13 sets. All classes are higher. Water is consumed by 11 liters per wash cycle. Noise at work is relatively low - 49 dB. Electronic control (no display), there is protection from children (panel lock from accidental pressing). Of the 6 programs the user will be interested in intensive, economical and fast. Also this built-in machine is equipped with 4 temperature modes.

Hidden control of fully embedded model


  • there is a delayed start function;
  • complete protection against leakage;
  • salt and rinse aid indicators;
  • there is a box for cutlery and small utensils, holders of wine glasses.

The price of the model is 21 450 rubles.

Alexey, Sochi

I actively use the program "mini" without drying for 40 minutes. I do not use any tablets - the machine does its job well. The instructions do not provide a disassembly diagram in the event of a breakdown, and the errors have already been a couple of times - the machine has hung on a long cycle of washing, but after a reboot the crash disappears. Not very well thought out program IVF - on the glass with it remains a touch of white, apparently from the detergent. After a couple of months I realized that I had to use the most intensive washing - it washes everything off and there are no divorces. In general, the purchase is happy - with the car problems became less, and the cups are always snow-white, and most importantly - beer glasses and wine glasses of his wife shine. P.S. I would add more understandable notation for grandparents, but not all icons are intuitively clear.

LFF 8S112 X

Stationary PMM is made in a silver case. Full-size type: 60x60x85 cm - width, depth and height. Holds up to 15 sets of dishes in the bunker. All classes are higher - A. The water consumption is 11 liters per cycle, electricity - 7 kW / h. The duration of the usual mode is 3 h 15 min. Maximum quiet operation with noise level of 42 dB.

Electronic control is complemented by a convenient small display. Provided protection against accidental depression (lock). Design with a flowing water heater.

Set bin and priority protection

Each user will find his "own" mode, because there are 8 programs to choose from, among them: intensive, fast, delicate, economical, soaking and auto programs. Also, the function of partial loading of the hopper is realized to save time and resources.


  • delayed start up to 24 hours;
  • protection against leakage of the full type;
  • the possibility of using universal tablets or capsules "3-in-1
  • indication of funds.

The cost of an electrical appliance is 25 590 rubles and more.

Igor, Moscow

The machine is simply very simple. A high level washer. Compartment for forks with spoons convenient. At work it does not make noise. Cons for 2 years of work is not found, I recommend to buy.

As it was required to prove: Hotpoint Ariston machines "keep the mark" and correspond to practically all declared promises of manufacturers, which is clear from the technical characteristics and mainly positive feedback users. We wish you a successful choice!

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