Overview of professional, industrial dishwashers

Are you going to open your own cafe or restaurant? Then you can not do without special equipment. A professional dishwasher will improve the quality and speed up the washing process. This is an ideal option for dining, catering, hotel complex. Let's consider, than industrial dishwasher differs from household dishwashing machine, and also in what its functional features.

Content of the material:

  • 1Features of professional PMM
  • 2Differences between professional and household PMM
  • 3Overview of professional dishwashers
    • 3.1MACH MB / 9235
    • 3.2Smeg CW510
    • 3.3MMU 1000M
    • 3.4Electrolux WTCS90ERB
    • 3.5Fagor AD-125

Features of professional PMM

In places of public catering, speed and quality of service are important, especially if they are large enterprises. To achieve this, you need to pick up a suitable dishwasher. You'll get:

  • quick washing of dirty appliances;
  • saving on manual labor;
  • the possibility of economical use of detergent, rinse aid and water.

Depending on the availability of free space in the kitchen and the volume of dirty dishes, choose from the types of dishwashers:

  1. Frontal.
  2. Conveyor (tunnel).
  3. The dome.

For cafe and restaurants in great demand are PMM of the front type. They are easier to handle, maintenance of 800-900 units per hour is sufficient for small establishments. The technique is not so expensive, but smaller than other types of machines. In the use of "front" are similar to household dishwashers.

Dome machines have a set of sinks, work surfaces, a shower for rinsing. These are whole complexes. The main sink is divided into two parts: the base and the dome. The dishes are loaded in the base (up to 1, 00 units per hour) and covered with a dome, after which a wash is started.

Conveyor PMM is suitable for hotels and large public catering. Depending on the location of the machine, you can select the left-hand or right-hand load. The capacity of this technique is amazing - up to , 00 items per hour. The principle of the dishwasher is as follows: dirty plates are installed in cassettes with clamps. Then the cassettes are put on the flow (conveyor) and move first to the sink, and then to the drying.

Before making a choice, calculate the area of ​​the room, as well as the possibility of installing such a "machine". For example, to install a tunnel dishwasher, you need up to 15 m².

Differences between professional and household PMM

Some entrepreneurs believe that it is cheaper to install several domestic dishwashers in the kitchen, because the cost of professional equipment is four times higher. However, such savings result in the rapid wear of the parts at the PMM and the frequent call of a specialist for repair. Just household models can not withstand such a load. After all, they will have to be operated 4-5 times a day.

What you need to consider:

  1. Special machines differ from conventional capacity and dimensions.
  2. In professional models there are solid parts made of reliable materials that are resistant to wear.
  3. To connect the technique of dome or conveyor type, you need special leads, as well as sockets designed for greater voltage.

Note that when using special dishwashers, you may need a person who will monitor the process. For example, in tunnel machines, you need to get the dishes when you leave the conveyor.

Before buying large-sized equipment, ask the manufacturer about the availability of spare parts.

Overview of professional dishwashers

What model to choose for your institution, if only manufacturers are more than a dozen? After studying the feedback of consumers, we chose the most popular PMM.

MACH MB / 9235

Frontal floor dishwasher in the size 410х495х650 mm. An excellent choice for a small establishment. Effectively wash glasses, cups, plates up to 235 mm high. The capacity is 800 items per hour. The dishes set in the camera are stationary, so a safe washing is provided.

The water consumption is 5, l, and electricity - 1 kW per hour. One cycle of washing lasts 150 seconds. The work of the technique is fully automated, the control panel is convenient and easy to use. The case is made of stainless steel, equipped with thermal protection. The special sensor stops operation when the door is opened.

The cost is from 70 000 rubles.

Smeg CW510

A stand-alone model with front loading. Small dimensions 600х600х820 mm allow to use the technique in institutions with limited space. The performance of the CW510 is quite high: in one hour it will wash from 20 to 40 cassettes measuring 500x500 mm. The capacity of the boiler is 6 liters, and the power consumption, depending on the cycles kW.

  1. The Soft Start program reduces the noise level and protects the dishes from damage.
  2. Automatic maintenance of the tank.
  3. Back pressure valve.

The cost is from 80 000 rubles.

MMU 1000M

The continuous technique for washing dishes is not more than 500x325 cm. Can be connected to hot and cold water. The water consumption is 200 liters. Overall dimensions (LxWxH) 3750x1080x1350 mm. In an hour PMM will cope with 1600 devices. The consumption of electricity with the use of hot water will be 24 kW / h, cold - 3, kW.


  • reduced power consumption in comparison with previous models by 3 kW;
  • preliminary rinsing of dishes with warm water;
  • lightweight washing and rinsing shower;
  • easier access to cleaning parts, thanks to a smaller number of baskets;
  • an Italian detergent dispenser is installed;
  • it is possible to control the remainder of the powder and rinse aid;
  • Aesthetic appearance thanks to stainless steel panels.

The price is from 400 000 rubles.

Electrolux WTCS90ERB

Tunnels of a tunnel type with a fully automated washing process. The Italian-made machine is equipped with a special heater, which heats the water with a final rinse. All components, including handles, doors, plugs. made of stainless steel. The dimensions of the equipment are 1124х884х1771 mm.

The productivity of MMP "Electrolux" is 90-1620 items per hour. The connection is made to cold and hot water. Consumption of water 240 liters, electricity - 2, kW. At the end of the work, the tank is self-cleaning.

The price is from 800 000 rubles.

Fagor AD-125

One of the latest developments of the manufacturer. Smart machine E-VO-ADVANCE is easy to operate and meets the highest standards. The dome PMM with dimensions of 665x775x1540 mm can wash 65 cassettes or 1170 cymbals per hour. A clear control panel is equipped with a display for tracking the cycle time.

The water flow in AD-125 is equal, l at rinsing. The SELF-DRAIN technology takes dirty water out of the tank before a clean rinse flow is poured into it. The new heat recovery system saves energy. HRS heats water up to 25 degrees by collecting steam after a wash cycle. The cast stainless steel housing is aimed at intensive use.

The cost is from 300 000 rubles.

Having studied the article, you have an idea about professional dishwashers and their features. For public institutions it is better to buy special equipment, as it will last for many years.

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