Overview of Bosch dishwashers 45 cm

It is difficult to imagine modern life without machinery. Refrigerator, microwave, washing machine - all this makes our life easier, saves time and effort. The dishwasher also belongs to them. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford this technique, and not so much because of the high price, but because of the impressive size. But there is always a way out - take a look at the Bosch dishwasher 45 cm. In this category of PMM today you can find both built-in and stand-alone options. Such a machine does not take a lot of space in the kitchen and will be an excellent helper.

The main push-button panel of the Bosch dishwasher is not more than 45 cm

What are the features of such dishwashers, what are the criteria for their selection and the rating of the most popular models, we will consider in this publication.

Content of the material:

  • 1On what characteristics of dishwasher "Bosch" 45 cm pay attention to
    • 1.1Dimensions
    • 1.2Connectivity
    • 1.3Embedding
    • 1.4Baskets
    • 1.5Washing Quality
    • 1.6Programs and Modes
    • 1.7Drying
    • 1.8Saving water and electricity
  • 2Overview of the popular Bosch PMC 45 cm
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    • 2.1Bosch SPV30E00GB
    • 2.2Bosch PI50X95RU
    • 2.3Bosch SPV40E30GB
    • 2.4Bosch SilencePlus SPV43M00RU
    • 2.5Bosch SPV47E30GB
  • 3User Reviews

On what characteristics of dishwasher "Bosch" 45 cm pay attention to

If you go to the store for the first model you find, you can simply waste your finances. The dishwasher should not just fit into the interior of the kitchen, but also meet your needs and expectations. Before you start choosing the right narrow dishwasher, you should determine for yourself the basic parameters, which you should pay attention first.

Experts recommend to rely on the choice of dishwasher "Bosch" 45 cm for the following characteristics:

  • overall dimensions;
  • features and connection diagram;
  • possibility of embedding in a kitchen set or under a sink;
  • type of baskets for dishes, their location and the possibility of regulation;
  • quality of washing;
  • functional, a list of washing regimes and temperature;
  • drying, its configuration and features;
  • economy in the issue of water and electricity consumption.

Let us consider the above-mentioned points in more detail.


Dimensions of compact built-in dishwasher Bosch for kitchen

This characteristic requires consideration if you have a small kitchen. In this case, the built-in 45-centimeter machine from the "Bosch" brand becomes an excellent choice. Of course, it is worth considering that a narrower machine and capacity is smaller, but this can be found advantages:

  • Do not wait until a large volume of dirty dishes is collected;
  • economy in the consumption of resources;
  • performance small-sized PMM will suffice for a small family of 2-4 people.


This characteristic is closely related to the energy consumption of the dishwasher. If the model provides for connection to hot water, then the TEN goes much less load, and electricity will be consumed at a minimum. The reverse side of the "medal" is that the consumption of water will increase, and with today's tariffing, saving is a big question.

Important! Experts are sure that the most optimal connection of PMM - to a cold water pipe. This will save for a long time the details of the machine that are vulnerable to scale and limescale. In addition, cold water provides a higher quality of washing.


Users especially appreciate the dishwashers "Bosch which can be built under the sink or in the kitchen set - in this case, the restrained design of the technology will not spoil even the most refined interior.


The device of a tray for ware in the dishwasher of Bosch no more than 45 sm

In the 45-centimeter dishwasher "Bosch" the baskets should be as convenient as possible so that with small machine parameters you have the opportunity to wash any type of dishes - from glasses to baking. Well, if in the chosen model will be provided containers for cutlery, special fastenings for glasses, departments for small kitchen utensils, etc. The more functional the capacity, the better. The preferred material is steel, not plastic.

Washing Quality

Sticker on the dishwasher Bosch with technical characteristics and properties

Usually the manufacturer of Bosch produces machines with the highest class of washing. But just in case, pay attention to the information sticker on the case, where the quality will be marked in Latin letters.

So, the highest classes are A or A +. The worst quality of washing of dishes - D, E. Machines class B and C wash dishes at an average level, but it is better to pay a little and select the highest class, because the machine should wash dishes, and not just water it - in this its main destination.

Programs and Modes

Most machines "Bosch" 45 cm are fully functional. Nevertheless, when choosing, pay attention to the presence of such modes:

  • Main. This regime can have many names, but its essence is in washing under hot 50-60-degree water for a couple of hours.
  • "Super-mode". The meaning of such washing in the bowl is very hot water for a period of hours.
  • "Soaking "Prewash "Soaking" - this mode is suitable for withered dishes.
  • "Fast". Suitable for not very dirty dishes. Wash lasts 30-40 minutes.

The basic modes will be enough for normal washing of any dishes. But the manufacturers of Bosch went further and began to equip some of their models with 10-15 modes. Not the fact that you will enjoy all the functions. Therefore, if you see that the price is too high compared to a similar model with a smaller set of modes, think well before buying.


Even narrow models of 45 cm can fully dry the dishes. It can be a natural drying, when the dishes just drain water for a certain time. Or the machine can be equipped with convection superchargers, which quickly drain the dishes, while spending more energy than conventional models.

Despite the uneconomicality, models with turbosupply enjoy an enviable demand among buyers.

Saving water and electricity

To find out the degree of economy of the machine, it is necessary to correlate this parameter with the number of programs. For example, if the design of PMM provides forced drying, then the energy efficiency of such a model will be inferior to others. The same goes for capacity - the more sets of dishes can wash the dishwasher, the more water it will need for it.

Important! In many models of dishwashers "Bosch" innovative sprinklers are provided, which manage to save water by one third of the standard consumption without losing the quality of washing.

Overview of the popular Bosch PMC 45 cm

To find out which "Bosch" machine is the best 45 cm, check out the review of popular models. Also recommend reading the user reviews at the bottom of the page.

Important! All Bosch 45-centimeter models have a 10-year warranty against end-to-end case corrosion.

Sticker with end-to-end corrosion protection for Bosch dishwashers

Sticker with a guarantee for the operation of the Bosch dishwasher system

Bosch SPV30E00GB

Model Bosch Silence SPV30E00RU - a bright representative of PMM, combining the optimal functionality, the enviable reliability and quality of all parts and components.

The open door of the dishwasher Bosch with access to the control panel

Features of the model:

  1. Provides protection against leaks due to high-strength hoses. In the design there is a sensor that signals a leak.
  2. Gentle washing of glass and porcelain dishes in a delicate mode.
  3. The control panel has the ability to lock from accidental pressing - the door can not be opened accidentally without pressing a special key combination.
  4. EcoSilence Drive is an inverter-type motor that will give reliability and quiet operation to your equipment.
  5. DuoPower is a double-type rotating rocker in the area of ​​the upper basket, it will ensure thorough washing of the dishes with any degree of contamination.
  6. Auto detection of a detergent.
  7. The progress of the program is accompanied by a low sound signal.
  8. A shelf for cups and a container for appliances.
  9. The door is equipped with a door closer for easy and silent closing.
  10. The design provides a special metal plate, which protects the countertop from the harmful effects of steam and rapid damage.

Video review:


  • Drying and washing classes: A.
  • Noisiness - 52 dB.
  • A load cell is provided.
  • Holds 9 dishes sets.
  • Water and energy consumption: 13 liters and, kW / h.
  • Three modes: Normal, Eco and Quick.

Top view of the task panel of the dishwasher Bosch on the door of the device

Bosch PI50X95RU

Dishwasher Bosch with a display and taskbar on the front of the front panel

Bosch ActiveWater PI50X95RU is a model whose dimensions are limited to a width of 45 cm. A machine from the Aquastop series with an adjustable top box for washing dishes of any size. Among the features the manufacturer focuses on these points:

  1. With the VarioSpeed ​​option, you can wash the dishes twice faster.
  2. A well-designed system AquaStop protects against possible leaks for the entire operating period of the machine.
  3. Thanks to the technology that ensures gentle washing of porcelain, glass and crystal dishes, you can save yourself the trouble with the care of fragile devices.
  4. EcoSilence Drive - quiet, inverter-type motor will provide silent and reliable operation of the device.

Overview of Bosch dishwashers 45 cm


  • A - the highest grades of drying and washing.
  • For 1 cycle it will take up to 9 liters of water.
  • Electricity consumption 8 kW / h.
  • Capacity: 9 dishes sets.
  • 5 modes and 1 special VarioSpeed ​​option.
  • The DuoPower.
  • Digital display.
  • Delay start up to 24 hours.
  • Indication of the level of salt and rinse aid.
  • Steel plate for protecting the kitchen tops.

External panel of Bosch dishwasher tasks on a steel casing

Bosch SPV40E30GB

Option hidden taskbar on the dishwasher Bosch with advanced functionality

Built-in dishwasher Bosch SPV40E30RU 45 cm from the Aquastop series was liked by users thanks to such characteristics:

  1. The possibility of adjusting the height of the upper box for washing large dishes.
  2. The presence of the system "Aquastop which protects the machine from leaks for the entire period of use.
  3. Delicate washing of brittle and glassware.
  4. "Parental Control" - blocking the control panel from child intervention.
  5. Inverter motor.
  6. The "smart" processor detects the type of contamination.
  7. If the dishes are smaller than you need for a full cycle or more than you need for a half-load, a special The load sensor will determine the number of dishes and adjust the necessary parameters for an efficient and economical washing.


  • Washing and drying classes are the highest - A.
  • The water consumption per 1 cycle is only 9 liters. At the same time, you can wash up to 9 dish sets at a time.
  • 4 main functional modes: "Intensive "Eco "Delicate "Pre-rinse".
  • There are both main and half load.
  • Electricity consumption 8 kW / h.
  • Noisiness - only 48 dB.

Bosch SilencePlus SPV43M00RU

Hidden task bar with display on Bosch built-in dishwasher

The main parameters of this model are identical to the previous versions, so we immediately go to the characteristics:

  • Washing and drying classes are the highest - A.
  • Water consumption per cycle - up to 9 liters.
  • Electricity consumption - 8 kW / h.
  • Capacity - up to 9 dish sets.
  • 4 basic modes: "Auto "Eco "Normal" and "Preliminary rinse".
  • 2 special functions: VarioSpeed ​​and half load of the washing tank.
  • The function "Ray on the floor" with a projection of the remaining time.
  • Delayed start.
  • A beep at the end of the wash.
  • Protection against leakage and interference of children.
  • Plate for countertop.

The correct distribution of the dishes in the Bosch dishwasher tray

Bosch SPV47E30GB

The structure of the Bosch dishwasher with the hidden task panel on the front panel

This model deserved recognition of customers and praise to experts due to such features:

  • Maximum capacity at a width of 45 cm: 10 dishes sets.
  • Water and electricity consumption liters and, 1 kW / h.
  • Low noise: only 48 dB.
  • Higher classes of washing and drying: A.
  • 4 modes.
  • Possibility of half load.
  • VarioDrawer - the third level of loading, replacing the container for small utensils and cutlery.
  • Delay start timer for 3, 6 or 9 hours.
  • A gentle washing.
  • Protection from children, leaks.
  • The ability to adjust the legs.

The option of placing the built-in dishwasher Bosch in a light kitchen

User Reviews

Model: Bosch SPV40E30RU

Alina, Divnomorsk

It is worth praising this machine for excellent washing of fat from any dishes. For 4 years of operation there was not a single breakdown, so even the instruction was never needed. There is a problem: one basket broke, now I do not know where to buy a new one. Quite quiet work, quick drying, completely satisfied with the chosen model.

Model: Bosch SPV47E30RU

Sergey, St. Petersburg

The bachelor life is rich and interesting. There was no time for washing dishes and no. With the move to a new apartment I bought a dishwasher. I chose the last model, I immediately focused on the German manufacturer. I did not regret it. And even did not get too lazy after 2 years of using to write a review, because the technique to this day works like a new one. After noisy parties, plates, glasses, glasses, forks and spoons shine like new ones. Still never on one cycle nothing has broken, there were no leaks and other excesses. Completely satisfied, I advise everyone.

As you can see, all Bosch PMM models are of high quality and in demand. The only problem that can arise is the search for components. Although with careful use, this problem also "disappears". We wish you a balanced and correct choice.

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