How to choose a dishwasher

They say that a dishwasher saves 8 cubic meters of water annually for a family of four. Pennies at current prices. However, 200 man-hours goes to work as a hostess. A week of time, I can’t even believe that one forty-fourth life we ​​spend at the bench. Cleaners harm the skin, nails, the sink needs to be put in order. How to choose a dishwasher to do the dirty work.

Some comments on the choice of dishwashers

Facing seeing, it is difficult to label the product. Start by pricing in the store, then explore the Internet for options. Otherwise, get a chance to be at the broken trough.

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First of all, the estimated amount of dishes that you want to wash. It should choose the right dishwasher on the parameters. Note that the power of household appliances is estimated by the number of dining sets placed inside: 4, 9, 16. Each set is formed by 11 items:

  • Soup plate.
  • The plate is flat for a second.
  • Dessert plate.
  • Saucer.
  • Soup spoon.
  • Dessert Spoon.
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  • teaspoon.
  • Glass.
  • Cup.
  • Fork.
  • Knife.

Russian young families of two people cost one set all day. It is enough to buy the required amount of dishes in the store, we launch the equipment weekly, loading 9 sets. Consider that if there are 2 plates at home, two cups, a number of forks, the dishwasher is not designed for such a small number of appliances. Some models allow half load, no more.

What will happen, turn on the owner half-empty dishwasher. Rather, do not worry, just will be spent equipment life, detergents, electricity. Better in this case, find a compact dishwasher, where you want to load 4 appliances( modest capacity is not produced).The dimensions of the specimen fit into a cube with a side of 45 cm. We will place the dishwasher in the kitchen cabinet section, not far from the sink.

The maximum loading size of full-size dishwashers is 16 appliances, in practice, more than 14 are hard to meet. Minimum led - 4 devices for a compact type of product. Which is better to choose a dishwasher, decide, assessing their own needs.


People have housing, you have to choose the right dishwasher. Usually available several places suitable. Let's see where to place the equipment. Places two:

  • kitchen;
  • bathroom washbasin.

When connecting a dishwasher, you will need to collect clean water, drain the waste into the sewer system, so communications should be nearby.

Decide whether the dishwasher will be built in. A typical compact model 45x45x45 cm will not allow to load more than 6 sets of dishes. Enough is it. The answer is yes - we put the equipment in the kitchen cupboard under the sink. The size of the device fits.

Another thing is whether a built-in dishwasher is needed. It is more expensive, it is distinguished by the presence of a door, controls are located on the upper end.

We carry the summary is simplified. Find built-in compact dishwashers with a control panel facing the front. As a stand-alone equipment.

Just take note of the information, consider whether the kitchen needs embedded appliances. If you choose the right color and size, the dishwasher will be invisible, the noise is smaller. Some models come with a damping, sound-absorbing material.

Examine the cabinets, whether it is not necessary to drill moves in the walls under the hoses. Sometimes you see the point of buying a Forstner special drill.

The flexible centimeter will help you choose the right size of the washing machine. Inspect the furniture, you will need

  1. Height.
  2. Height, basement depth.
  3. The possibility of cutting out, removing the basement or the lack thereof.
  4. The height of the furniture under the table top( height, subtracting the thickness of the table top).

If you can remove the basement of furniture, you need a unit with a height of 82 cm: the standard height of furniture under the tabletop. Width choose on the basis of free space. Counters will offer the following built-in models:

  1. 45 - 50 cm.
  2. 60 cm.
  3. 80 cm.

It will be correct to choose a built-in dishwasher in dimensions, price. To navigate, please note: the cheapest models cost 8500 rubles. Above 16,000 rubles most families do not make sense to rise.

If the base is non-removable, you will have to decide how to choose a compact dishwasher. Height 60, 50, 45 cm. There are built-in models, the doors of which are visible from the outside, separate, placed inside the cabinet section. Width discussed.

Dishwasher detergents

Choosing the right dishwasher cleaner is half the success. Today we see two global types:

  1. Powder, salt, rinse.
  2. Tablets 3 in 1.

Instead of powder, gels may be required.3 in 1 choose a business woman. The cost is small, time for maintenance is saved. Child cope. Throw the pill into the tray. In a typical case, it is necessary to fill the salt container correctly, pour the rinse aid into the receiver, which has chosen the inside of the lid.

Note. Before the first loading of salt into the tank, a liter of water is poured inside. In the future, be guided by the salt level indicator. Missing - will have to be checked manually. It is done according to the instruction manual.

Even for a man, the problem takes time. Why business women choose a dishwasher that can work with 3 in 1 tools? Time is money, it is better to earn extra money, spend more with the children.

Why do we need salt, powder, rinse. Tap water is hard to soften, boilers are added to the hot circuit halite. Manufacturers of dishwashers make a special container with a salt solution under the bottom of the working compartment. In the smart equipment there are special sensors for assessing the level of hardness, the specimens are cheaper simply throwing salt into the water according to the program.

Powder serves the purpose of decontamination after soaking. It can be dosed out on the content of foam water by smart dishwashers, and the others are simply thrown into the water from the tray. Rinse pour, trying to reduce the surface tension of water, facilitating the drying process. At the end of the cycle, the water temperature rises to a high temperature. In combination with a low surface tension step will allow to accelerate the process of condensation drying.

We want to clarify that it is not expensive 3 in 1 detergent tablets themselves - the corresponding equipment option. Pay attention when deciding what brand of dishwasher to choose. There are models in the store where they sacrifice other qualities for the sake of an option.

Design features of washing machines

Noise level is important. Must be within 48 dB.In theory. In reality, doing so. In the kitchen, the refrigerator probably settled. We take from the documentation a technical description, look, what is the noise level. Exceed should not be too much. For orientation - below 43 dB is difficult to find equipment. The quietest dishwashers.

You should also know: drying is made by condensation and turbo. In the first case, the dishes heated by the last rinsing lose moisture by reducing the surface tension, the initial temperature of the water. Condensate settles on the walls. The meaning resembles the principle of operation of the evaporator of the NoFrost refrigerator subsystem, but without fans. There is no sound from inside the dishwasher.

Turbo Dryer is actually a wind blower( type of heater) that throws steam out. The smell of washed dishes will hover in the kitchen, take note when deciding how to choose a dishwasher. In the process of blowing a slight noise is heard.

Look for the soak mode to be present. A common option, meet models without it. Dishes will have to soak manually. It is not comfortable. Will choose the right Bosch dishwasher. Let the German quality compete for the cleanliness of the house.

They heard that in the dishwasher it is not allowed to wash fragile dishes, but they sell models that cross the threshold. See detailed instruction manual indicating device capabilities.

The option of the built-in delayed start timer, the program Night Wash with quiet engine operation, the indicators of salt, rinse aid, the Beam on the floor function, signaling the end of the program may be useful. What company choose a dishwasher. Described how to carry out the process of evaluating the suitability of the product. If you need a specific name, try searching among Bosch products. The double speed option and the quiet motor look tempting.

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