Liquid detergent for dishwasher - overview

When you are going to buy a dishwasher, you need to understand that special tools will be needed to clean the appliances. Gels and powders will have to be purchased on a regular basis, but on what means will the choice be stopped? Consider the advantages and features of a liquid detergent gel for a dishwasher.

Content of the material:

  • 1Features of detergent for PMM
  • 2How to use a dishwashing detergent
  • 3Review of the best gels
    • 3.1Somat All in one
    • 3.2Top House
    • 3.3Grass
    • 3.4Lion

Features of detergent for PMM

Gels for washing are convenient and economical to use - special bottles with dispensers allow you to measure the right amount of liquid. The composition of liquid detergent is similar to the powder, but it does not have abrasive particles, so it dissolves more quickly and does not damage the surface of the plates.

The main advantages of liquid products:

  1. Carefully clean delicate instruments (glass, porcelain).
  2. Do not spill and easily dosed.
  3. Do not release chemicals into the air, stored in a closed container.

Liquid tablets (capsules) are most convenient to use. It is enough to put one sachet into the detergent compartment. You do not need to measure anything and get your hands dirty.

How to use a dishwashing detergent

In use, there is nothing difficult, most importantly - carefully read the instructions on the package. If it's a bottle with a cap, measure out the right amount of gel, open the camera door and find the dispenser. Where to fill the liquid? Next to the powder compartment there is a lid-closed compartment. Fill in the tool, load the plates and install the required washing program.

Note! Gel for dishes comes in a concentrated form. Therefore, you can add 1/3 of the specified quantity on the package. The quality of washing does not suffer from this.

Users on the forums are advised to put a little on the baskets. Then the foam will be more abundant, and the instruments will be washed better. How much this advice is practical - judge for yourself. But keep in mind! Excess foam in the hopper can lead toleakage and protection operation of Aquastop.

Review of the best gels

Consider the most popular and effective liquid detergents for washing dishes.

Somat All in one

Multifunctional gel "All in 1" is interesting for its presentation. The bottle has two parts, in which various substances are placed. At a dosage they are mixed, providing to devices cleanliness and shine. According to the manufacturer, Somat All in one does not require additional use of salt and rinse. The bottle contains 600 ml. The price is from 700 rubles.


I decided to try a new "Somat" for the dishwasher. I use liquid substances for a long time, since they dissolve better and do not dust. I saw the advertisement, so I bought it in the store. Two bottles are attached to one dispenser. In one of them, blue liquid, in the other - green. It is unclear why this was done, because if the bottle is tilted more, then one liquid will pour out more.

Immediately was pleased, the car still had a conditioner and salt. On the dishes there are no divorces, everything is clean and pleasant. But the rinse aid indicator turned on. After that, divorces began to appear on the plates. After washing from the appliances came the smell of cleansing gel! So, even in food, the taste was felt. That is, the means are washed out disgustingly. Did not like. Yes, and a little expensive. Rinser "Somat" is also not recommended to use.

Top House

Gel Germanic production includes a rinse aid. Effectively laundered dishes even on a fast program. The product is convenient to use, because it can be dosed directly into the dishwasher compartment. Until you press the container, the liquid will not pour out. Washes the fat even in cold water. The cost of a bottle of 720 ml of 600 rubles.


The agent appeared in stores recently, the consultant immediately pointed to it. Took a try. Liked that you can use at half load, because it's a pity to put a whole tablet. I have a narrow dishwasher, so I poured half of the indicated dosage in the instructions.

It is stated that Top House washes off fat in cold water. I installed the program at 70 degrees, but there was a fatty coating on the pan. Perhaps you need to use more means for a better wash result. As soon as I opened the door, the smell of fragrances hit my nose. I rinsed the dishes under the tap. But when I put the pan on the stove, I smelled the detergent again. The question is: why did I buy a dishwasher if I had to rinse the dishes with my hands? The result did not suit.


Universal gel, in consistence similar to liquid soap. Suitable for use in a dishwasher and for hand washing. Can be used for delicate cutlery. Economical consumption is ensured, because the concentrate is further diluted with water in the proportions of 1-3 g per liter.


Decided to leave a response to the washing Grass, because it is only gaining popularity. I liked that the gel does not have a specific smell, laundering is not bad at all. Recently, a girl with granny's Grass came to work, she said that he has no analogues and launches EVERYTHING. I loaded the most dirty dishes at home, I can say that even the cups of tea and coffee were washed. I liked it, and the price is low - from 200 rubles.


Used even for aluminum dishes, without leaving dark traces on the surface. Removes not only food contamination, but also lime scale, does not leave streaks. Splits fat, persistent dirt from the dishes and walls of the machine's bunker. It is made in Japan, the volume is 840 ml. The price is from 300 rubles.


I have been using the dishwasher for 8 years already, and what kind of money I have not tried. The main problem is the stains on the surface after washing dishes. Even a conditioner did not help. I stumbled upon this Japanese miracle, tried it and fell in love.

  • Lion is concentrated, only 6 ml is used at a time.
  • Does not leave streaks and stains.
  • Pleasant, but not saturated smell.
  • Well laundering grease, persistent soiling and a touch of tea.

Now I do not even buy a conditioner. I recommend.

After reading the product descriptions and customer reviews, you can conclude that it's better: a gel orpowderandpills. Users have proven that a tool with extensive advertising is not always effective, but it costs twice as much. Good choice!

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