Overview of products for washing children's dishes

You try to feed the child only with useful products without preservatives - but what about the detergents that you use? How closely do you study the label on the bottle before buying? The means for washing children's dishes must necessarily be safe, non-toxic, hypoallergenic. In this article, we will examine what the powders and tablets for PMM and hand washing consist of, which means obscure names on the label and how to make the right choice.

Content of the material:

  • 1Requirements for children's detergent
    • 1.1What should NOT be in the composition of a child's remedy
    • 1.2It is allowed to use
  • 2Review of the best means for the care of baby dishes
    • 2.1For manual washing
      • 2.1.1Balsam "Umka"
      • 2.1.2Babyline
      • 2.1.3AQA baby
      • 2.1.4Meine Liebe
      • 2.1.5The Aistenok
    • 2.2For dishwasher
      • 2.2.1BioMio Tablets
      • 2.2.2Jofure
      • 2.2.3Ecover
      • 2.2.4Klar
  • 3How to wash children's plates and appliances at home - homemade products

Requirements for children's detergent

On the shelves of stores a huge selection of products that position themselves as "environmentally friendly product" and "completely safe for the child." But is it? Looking at the label, the user sees large inscriptions that call for using the gel without fragrances and parabens. Often this is nothing more than an advertising move.

Turn the bottle by the other side and read the composition.

What should NOT be in the composition of a child's remedy

  • Harmful substances that are forbidden even for washing dishes of adults (phosphates, parabens, oil products, formaldehydes).
  • Components that cause a tendency to an allergic reaction.
  • Strong floral fragrance, a sharp odor of acetone, a solvent (better at all without smell).

It is allowed to use

  • Whitening reagents that disinfect the dishes (perborate, sodium percarbonate).
  • Means that improve the efficiency of washing in cold and hot water.

An important sign of product safety is flushing from the surface. When there is insufficient rinse, surfactants remain on the plates. As a result, substances get into the food, and then the body of the child. According to GOST, the surfactant balance should not exceed, mg / dm³.

Therefore, choose a remedy with surfactants derived from natural raw materials (cocoamidopropyl betaine, lauramidopropyl betaine). These components are more expensive at manufacturing, but qualitative.

Review of the best means for the care of baby dishes

Which product is best for children's institutions and home use? Consider the main groups: purchased for washing with hands and in a typewriter, at home.

For manual washing

It is always faster to wash baby bottles, plates, spoons, toys by hand. To load the dishwasher dirty instruments still need to be collected, while one of them can be urgently needed. Therefore, first consider the means of manual washing.

Balsam "Umka"

This gel is recommended for use by many mothers. He gently cleanses utensils and other things (suitable for nipples, baby bottles, toys). Good foams and removes dirt in cold water. Effectively washed off.

"Umka" has hypoallergenic properties. It has no pronounced odor, is colorless.

In the composition - 30% water. Not more than 5% of plant extract, preservative, citric acid, antibacterial component. 5-15% - sodium chloride and anionic substances.

Pleases low cost: from 50 to 70 rubles. According to consumers' reviews, one bottle is enough for a month.


What means can you wash not only the child's accessories, but also vegetables? Yes, it's the Babyline brand gel. At least, so says the manufacturer. Positive reviews tend to suggest that the product does not contain harmful substances.

Here is what is included in the composition:

  • glucose APG;
  • herbal ingredient;
  • Surfactants;
  • food flavor;
  • distilled water.

The bottle has a convenient dispenser, the gel is thick, clear, odorless. A couple of drops are enough to wash everything you need. The product is hypoallergenic, it does not tighten or irritate the skin of the hands. But, according to consumers' opinion, he copes with fat by 4 points. Minus - high cost, from 130 rubles.

AQA baby

Suitable for cleansing nipples, bottles, plates, spoons, as well as fruits and vegetables. Economical consumption. One package is enough for two months. The bottle is similar to baby soap, a convenient dispenser allows you to measure the exact amount of gel.

And what about the composition:

  • nonionic and anionic surfactants (3-15%);
  • preservative;
  • perfume composition;
  • water.

The substance is a transparent color with a pleasant fruity odor. Effectively washed off the surface of the instruments. The cost is from 130 rubles. Moms estimate AQA baby as a whole positively, but many are not satisfied with the presence of surfactants in the composition. However, do not forget that this is household chemicals, not a home remedy.

Meine Liebe

Transparent thick substance in a bottle with a dispenser perfectly copes with fatty pollution, effectively removes wax from fruit. The gel is well foamed, washed off the surface without residue.

The German manufacturer declares the ecological compatibility and safety of the product for kindergartens and household goods. Despite this, no signs of ecological expertise were found. The composition exceeded the norm of anionic surfactants - 15-30% (compared with other manufacturers). Meine Liebe also includes preservatives (5%), water, salt, citric acid.

The price is from 100 rubles.

We do not make the rating so popular"Ushastyi nanny" means, as many users complain about the composition (NPAA, APAV), poor washing off surfaces and the skin's tendency to peeling and allergies.

The Aistenok

Suitable for washing cutlery, breast pumps, nipples, bottles, rattles. Thick, transparent substance is well foamed. Do not tighten the skin of hands, has a bactericidal effect due to silver ions. A convenient dispenser. A bottle of 500 ml.

Balsam "Aistenok" includes a surfactant of vegetable origin, sodium citrate, silver, glycerin. Also, the polymer, flavor and chamomile extract. Cons of users: a strong odor, peeling of the skin of the hands.

What a detergent is better for you. Having reviewed our rating, we can draw conclusions.

For dishwasher

If you are accustomed to using a dishwasher, below we will bring popular washing aids to the PMM. This is especially convenient when a lot of children's toys have accumulated, because they can not only be rinsed, but also disinfected at high temperature. That it is difficult to do manually.

BioMio Tablets

Eco-friendly tablets with natural ingredients 7в1. Effectively fight pollution even in cold water, give shine to glass and steel. Prevent the appearance of calcareous deposits, which affects the work of the heater machine.

According to the manufacturer, BioMio does not contain surfactants, chlorine, artificial flavors, PEG and other harmful substances. The composition includes oxygen bleach, natural perfume, polycarboxylates. Packages of 30 tablets last for a month with daily use. There are no divorces on the dishes.

Plus: the soluble packaging of each tablet, you do not need to wash your hands after use.

The price is from 580 rubles.


Universal powder of Japanese production. It does not harm nature and is completely decomposed by microorganisms. The absence of harmful ingredients allows you to look after dishes for the whole family.

The composition includes surfactant (2%), alkali, softener, bleach, enzymes. It should be taken into account that the powder is not suitable for plates with drawings, made of aluminum, with sputtering. On the forums we found negative feedback about the product: users complained that the plates were washed from the glasses and the glossy layer was removed. However, the packaging specifies which powder to use the powder. Carefully read the "Method of application" before buying this or that remedy.

The cost is from 500 rubles.


Tablets in individual packaging without flavors, phosphates, sulfates. Applicable for any dishwasher. Eliminate the contamination and fat children's dishes, rattles, nipples. Ecover includes oxygen bleach, surfactant (5%), enzymes, sodium gluconate, glycerin and the like.

Tablets are completely biodegradable, with them you do not need salt and rinse. Prevent the appearance of plaque. Well launder fats and other contaminants. Glass instruments are washed without divorce. Less: high cost - from 790 rubles.


This is an organic powder for PMM. It does not contain chlorine and phosphate, and effectively removes traces of tea and coffee. Can be used for processing children's devices.

The drug is completely hypoallergenic, which is confirmed by the allergic association DAAB. It is created on the basis of natural substances.

In the composition you will find sodium silicate, citric acid, detergent components on plant basis. Positive feedback indicates the trust of consumers in the facility. The price is from 500 rubles.

If you still have a question, than wash the dishes, then read the next paragraph.

How to wash children's plates and appliances at home - homemade products

For those who want a completely natural remedy, we recommend that you apply what is at hand. Everyone knows that you can use soda and dry mustard for hand washing. And we'll tell you how to create a powder for a dishwasher out of simple components.

  • Mix half a glass of shallow salt with a glass of baking soda. Supplement the mixture with one glass of borax and 100 g of citric acid. Safe powder is ready.

Remember! You can not always use home remedy. This will lead to a rapid breakdown of equipment.

  • Mix one glass of baking powder and borax. Add two glasses of soda. The mixture is stored badly, so you need to use it for a month.
  • An example of a liquid gel of own preparation: in 25 g of glycerin add 50 g of juice of a lemon. Finish the concentrate with 1 tsp. alcohol and 3 tbsp. water.

A universal mixture of household soap with the addition of soda and warm water will help out in various everyday situations.

We hope that our article will help you make the right choice and take care of children's health. The main thing - carefully study the label. Mark, no matter how famous, does not always talk about the quality of the product. Good luck!

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