Overview of professional dishwashers Meiko for cafes and hotels

Meiko dishwashers are used in places of public catering: hospitals, hotels, hospitals, airports, cafes. This is a professional equipment with electronic control and universal design. Equipped with powerful technologies for processing dishes, special equipment.

Content of the material:

  • 1General information about dishwashers Meiko
  • 2Meiko periodic batch
    • 2.1Frontal machines
    • 2.2M-iClean Series
    • 2.3Dome type models
  • 3Meiko Continuous MMA
    • 3.1K-tronic series
    • 3.2B-tronic series

General information about dishwashers Meiko

The company "Meiko" is located in the city of Offenburg, Germany. Year of creation - 1927. During this time the producers managed to open ten branches in Germany, six in Europe, and also production in China.

Meiko products are actively supplied to Russia, filling hotels, restaurants, factories, places of public catering. This is a reliable and cost-effective equipment that has an international certificate.

Dishwashers of this German brand can be used in large and small organizations. Therefore, each line has its own features, technologies and dimensions.

For small public catering facilitiesa dome or frontal dishwasher with a periodic action is suitable.

Enterprises with a large flow of customerschoose a continuous MMP. These dishwashers are cassette or tape type: dirty dishes are made up on a conveyor. The work must necessarily be followed by a person who will put the dirty and clean the clean dishes at the outlet. The performance of the equipment is impressive - up to 5000 items per hour.

As we already mentioned above, dishwashers of this brand are divided into several types. Let us consider each of them in detail, as well as the models that apply to them.

Meiko periodic batch

The performance of these models depends on the dimensions and type of loading of the camera: from 360 to 2150 items per hour. There are two types of continuous dishwashers:

  • The dome.
  • Frontal.

Separately, you can distinguish machines for washing glasses.

Frontal machines

The equipment is located under the table, which allows you to save space in a small room. Budget models have spray guns made of plastic, Eco Plus filtration. More expensive - with a dosage of detergent ADT, option Low Energy Management to save electricity, steel sprayers.

General Features:

  • front type of installation of dishes;
  • electronic module;
  • The Active Plus drain filter cleans the runaway water two times in a row;
  • protection against leakage AquaStop System;
  • in expensive PMM sprayers are made of stainless steel;
  • equipment: two cassettes.

MeikoFV 40.2

Equipped with infrared control Mike 2 and modern diagnostic system. There are two options, designed for 220 V and 380 V:

  • Models 220 V carry out a washing cycle for 160, 240, 360 seconds, the productivity per hour is 22, 15, 10 baskets.
  • Dishwashers at 380 V operate at a speed of 90, 120, 240 seconds, washing 40, 30, 15 baskets.

Useful functions:

  • double filtering Active Plus;
  • the AutoSafe function guarantees high-quality rinsing even in cold water;
  • EWS technology recycles water, allowing you to save and spend a cycle, liter.

The upper part of the chamber is shaped so that the droplets do not drain onto the plates at the end of the cycle.

The cost is from 200 000 rubles.

Meiko FV 60.2 3 ph

The premium car is suitable for bakeries, meat shops, public catering. Allows you to wash not only plates and glasses, but also baking trays, boxes, other containers. In an hour it washes 15, 30, 40 trays, the cycle lasts 120, 180, 240 seconds.

Compact design: 60x60x85 cm.

Provided are:

  • protection of Aqvastop;
  • steel (CrNi steel) hoses for washing and rinsing;
  • three modes of washing;
  • self-cleaning of the sink;
  • if desired, you can put the softener on the water Active Clean;
  • protection of electrical equipment against moisture IPX5.

Modern control has an additional option M-Commander W, which reads the data and sends it to the service center.

The price is from 400 000 rubles.

M-iClean Series

Subsidious dishwashers are distinguished by an intuitive panel, economical consumption of resources, automated work and diagnostics.

General characteristics:

  • the camera is equipped with a backlight, the door handle - colored indicators;
  • indicators indicate the current mode;
  • the touch screen is equipped with program icons and a display bar;
  • special sensors monitor the operation of cleaning hoses, in case of problems in operation, they show an error on the display;
  • soft start;
  • AirConcept - the system redirects the hot flow from the chamber towards the recirculation of water, which helps to reduce energy consumption by 15%;
  • water purification GIO: protects dishwasher parts from scale, improves the efficiency of detergents.

Meiko M-Iclean UM +

Dimensions of the model: 60x60x83 cm, capacity: 40, 30, 15 cassettes per hour. Applicable in hotels, restaurants, groceries.

  • Indication of operating modes.
  • Touch screen.
  • Automatic control of water and electricity consumption.
  • Soft start.
  • Protection of Aqvastop.
  • Dosing of detergent and rinse aid.
  • Heat Conservation function AirConcept.
  • Self-cleaning water GIO.

Cassette dimensions: 500x500 mm.

The price is from 400 000 rubles.

M-iClean US

The dishwasher is designed for 220 V and 400 V connections. For a program cycle of 90, 120 or 180 seconds, 40, 30, and 20 baskets will be washed. Thanks to the GIO water purification option, the glasses do not need further polishing.

  • Economical consumption of detergents.
  • Touchscreen.
  • Handle with light indication: blue light bulb - washing is finished, green - program in process, red - message.
  • Transfer of data to the service center via Bluetooth.
  • AirConcept - heat transfer.

The cost is from 200 000 rubles.

Dome type models

Dishwashers allow you to load and retrieve the devices through the way. There is a budget line Ecostar and more expensive - DV. The latter is equipped with modern technology of Active Plus cleaning, has several programs, electronic control.


  • Improved thermal and noise insulation thanks to double walls.
  • Sprays made of stainless steel.
  • Cassettes are put forward through the way, on tables.
  • IR interface Mike2.
  • Possibility to complete the assembly with conveyors, blocks.


Compact model - 635х750х1470 mm - with high productivity: 60 baskets per hour (about 1100 plates). The size of one tray: 500x500 mm.


  • It is installed between two tables for convenience.
  • The touch panel and digital display allow you to monitor the temperature and wash cycle.
  • Three programs: light pollution, glass - 60 seconds; pollution of medium gravity - 90 s; strong pollution - 120 s.
  • Automatic start after lowering the dome.
  • The function of removing steam to the rear wall when opening.
  • Soft Start mode protects fragile dishes from damage.
  • In a round, seamless tank, there is no pollution in the corners.
  • Low water consumption due to rinsing with EWS liter.

The price is from 500 000 rubles.

MEIKO DV 270.2

A capacious technique with dimensions of 160x9, x17, cm. Used for cleaning boilers, trays, containers, pots, plates. For an hour, 30 trays of 131x69 cm (1100 items) are washed. Touch control will help you choose from 3 washing programs.

  • The electronic control MIKE 2 is equipped with an IR interface. Now you can carry out diagnostics through a laptop.
  • The case and all accessories are made of stainless steel.
  • The delivery pump and the drain pump are included - the work does not depend on the pressure in the pipes.
  • Reusable Active Plus filtering.
  • Self-cleaning.
  • The AquaStop tray.

The dishwasher can work with hot and cold water at the same time. The floor arrangement includes 4 legs, which are adjustable in height. Available filter and trays are easily pulled out for cleaning. The manufacturer advises to complete the PMM with working tables for cleaning and rinsing the devices.

The cost is from 1 000 000 rubles.

Meiko Continuous MMA

They are designed for large-scale production with a large flow of customers. They are divided into two types:

  • Cassette (K-Tronic). Various equipment allows you to place a variety of dishes. Serves 70-280 trays per hour.
  • B-Tronic. They are selected separately for each room. The tape allows you to place small and large objects at the same time. In one hour, 1300 to 4500 objects will be washed. The design is diverse, depends on the user's wishes.

K-tronic series


  • Option "Heat Exchanger" to save electricity. It is a water tank that heats up during washing and gives away its heat when drying.
  • You can complete the CSS System for an economical consumption of powder or gel.
  • The Tandem System filter is easily cleaned.
  • Rounded corners of the hopper do not accumulate dirt.
  • In addition, you can add drying and prewash areas.

Meiko K160 PI

The model is equipped with an automatic conveyor, includes a main washing zone and two rinsing sections. Sensor sensors monitor the temperature and turbidity of water for an ideal cleaning of the instruments. Can be connected to cold and hot water.

For one hour, a dishwasher measuring 145x77x205 cm will be washed by 105 cassettes.


  • The whole building has double walls.
  • Option "Heat Exchanger".
  • Filter Tandem System with easy access for cleaning.
  • Protection against leaks.
  • Possibility to complement additional zones, as well as a system of water saving.

The case is made of steel CrNi 18/10.

The price is from 1 000 000 rubles.

B-tronic series

The dishes go through all the processing stages: preliminary and basic washing, rinsing, drying. At the same time, various devices can be placed on the tape: cups, glasses, plates - this does not affect the quality of cleaning.

B 190P CSS Basic

Fully automated workflow, rinse zone with a separate pump. Dimensions: 410х77х205 cm, capacity - 1500 plates per hour. Electronic control, three speeds. There is an emergency shutdown option.

Additional functions and technologies:

  • CSS-basic system - economical consumption of detergents (50-60%).
  • CSS-plus system - economical rinsing (70%).
  • Active Water Saver - economical water flow during rinsing (20%).
  • Low Energy Management - a uniform distribution of energy through the system in order to save 20-50%.
  • Double walls.
  • An additional option is a heat exchanger.
  • Built-in automatic timer.

FV 250.2KW

One of the specialized PMMs is the boiler technology. It is designed for large enterprises for the care of boilers, pots, baking trays and other large dishes.

PMM for washing boilers serves 15 baskets in an hour: 131x70 cm. The panel is equipped with a digital screen, which allows you to choose from three programs: 120, 240, 480 seconds. The self-cleaning function helps keep the camera clean. The Active Plus drain control prevents the camera from overflowing.

A convenient double-layered door provides convenient loading: one part moves back and forth, the other - up. It turns out the window 131h70h89 cm (WxDxH). The body, including all parts (sprinklers, filter), is made of stainless steel. The sizes: 149х8, х19, sm. Location: outdoor.

The cost is from 1 000 000 rubles.

In addition, the producers of "Meiko" complete the professional machines, as well as produce equipment aimed at solving certain tasks:

  1. Machines for washing small cutlery.
  2. For cleaning trolleys.
  3. For grinding waste and further disposal.
  4. To care for a specific inventory.
  5. Conveyor systems.
  6. Conveyors of vertical type.
  7. Automated systems for sorting items at the output.

Give preference to Meiko's professional equipment in dealing with catering establishments, hospitals, airports.

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