Review of Siemens Dishwashers (Siemens)

Siemens dishwashers make life easier for the user. Height-adjustable dish baskets, folding guides and other options allow you to wash not only fragile dishes and ordinary plates, but also dimensional kitchen utensils. We propose to immerse ourselves in the world of PMM Siemens and find out what their main features are, what types and types of machines there are. Also you will get the rating of the most popular models.

The Siemens dishwasher is the result of the work of Robert Bosch GmbH. This legendary company produces household appliances for over 150 years, offers the customer always innovative products, with the highest quality of assembly and a stylish design solution.

"Bosch or Siemens - which is better?" - Ask buyers in retail outlets. It makes no sense to compare these two brands, since they belong to the same concern. They have both budget lines and premium-class options.

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  • 1What are PMM Siemens?
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    • 1.2Dishwashers of a width of 45 cm
    • 1.3Compact PMM
  • 2Features and advantages of PMM Siemens
  • 3Browse popular models
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What are PMM Siemens?

The official website of the company includes all types and types of dishwashers, which are currently available to buyers all over the world.

Where are cars assembled? Carefully study the marking: really high-quality models are assembled directly in German factories. But the company has workshops in other countries of the world.

Dishwashers with a width of 60 cm

Full-size models are most in demand among buyers - thanks to good capacity, clear and thoughtful lines of the hull, powerful functionality. Among the machines of 60 cm are available two types:

  1. Embedded with an open user panel (partially embedded models).

  1. Fully integrated PMM.

Dishwashers of a width of 45 cm

These machines are usually called narrow - their width allows you to significantly save space in the kitchen. As in the previous category PMM, for machines 45 cm there is a division into 2 types:

  1. Stand-alone models.

  1. Fully recessed.

Compact PMM

Small dishwashers from Siemens can be installed where it is convenient for the user. There are both built-in and stationary models that do not require embedding in a headset. The compact series is designed for kitchens with a wide variety of designs. In combination with innovative features and options, even small models can become a "giant" of technical thought in your kitchen.

At the moment, there are 2 novelties in the assortment, the features of which we will consider later in the review.

Features and advantages of PMM Siemens

  • Machine washing is more effective than manual washing, manufacturers assure. Really, for manual washing it is required at least 40 liters of water. The dishwasher, depending on the capacity, will require only 8-10 liters per cycle and will qualitatively wash the same amount of dishes. Cost-effectiveness is due to technology, for example, the AquaSensor program. By clicking on the appropriate button, the user starts the purity check of the ox, so that the machine itself corrects the necessary amount of new water and its temperature.

Important! This sensor is commonly calledturbidity sensor.

  • Quiet work. The creators used the latest developments to reduce noise to a possible minimum. Relative noiselessness is provided by a special soundproof layer and a new quiet pump. Therefore dishwashers from the German brand can be safely installed in open kitchens and run both in the day and at night. Manufacturers argue that the quietest PMMs work even quieter than many computers, not to mention the sound of rain.
  • Record capacity. This parameter is calculated on the basis of sets of dishes - so much easier to compare the volumes and washing capacity of different models. Read more about the kit in a separate review. The capacity of even the smallest PMM from Siemens is really impressive - 8-9 sets.
  • Optimum washing and drying. Some dishwashers provide for innovative programs and options that make the dishes clean and dry. Some of them:
    IntensiveZone. Increases the pressure in the lower rack to clean the most dirty utensils. In the upper rack, the pressure level is maintained, and the fragile tableware is not subjected to strong water flow. So, in one bunker in one mode, when the intensive zone is activated, you can wash the dishes with different degrees of contamination - gentle porcelain cups and pans with a touch of frying simultaneously.
    HygienePlus - an option for cleaning utensils that require maximum care: cutting boards or baby bottles. At the last rinse, the water is heated to 70 degrees and the product is given within 10 minutes, due to which up to 9, 9% of all pathogenic microorganisms perish.
  • Maximum convenience of loading. Due to this possibility, it will be possible to load the most oversized pans, pans, scoops and stewpots, as well as baking trays, large cutlery, tall wine glasses. All this is provided by folding elements. The upper and lower boxes are provided with 6 folding guides, also there are supports under the tall wine glasses, cup shelves and a removable shelf for washing knives.

  • VarioFlexPro boxes allow loading dishes of different sizes and configurations. Special elements of TouchPoints in the chicken baskets allow you to understand their adjustment without instructions.
  • Rackmatic allows you to vary the space of the hopper by adjusting the upper box in height. This allows you to load up tall wine glasses or down large plates.
  • Holders. So, the fastening for wine glasses will allow to wash the most fragile glasses, not having damaged their vulnerable places - thin legs.

Browse popular models

We propose to find out which PMM represented in the Siemens range is the best. Remember that this is a machine that suits you for a number of parameters: the type of installation, size, functionality and cost.


Partially built-in model, accommodating up to 14 sets. Classes for washing, drying and energy efficiency: A. Consumption of water liters, energy kW / h for one washing cycle. Noise is only 42 dB, the night program is 40 dB.

There are 8 washing programs, 4 special functions. In addition, there is the possibility of self-cleaning without user intervention.

Other operational features:

  • SpeedMatic provides an accurate calculation of the direction of water jets from sprinklers.
  • Drying Zeolite saves time and electricity. The container with mineral filler retains moisture, and from the dishes during drying it passes to the zeolite. Absorbing moisture, the zeolite generates heat, and during washing the moisture evaporates from it. In other words, this isheat exchanger.
  • IQdrive - inverter motor.
  • Aquasensor, loading sensor and others.
  • Automatic recognition of universal detergents.
  • Automation saves up to 35% of the regulating salt.
  • RawWaterValve (maintaining the level of rigidity).
  • Self-cleaning filter.
  • Delayed launch.
  • Indication of salt and rinse aid.
  • VarioDrawer - the third level of loading instead of a basket for devices.

  • Protection against leaks (complete, with warranty).
  • Automatic door closer of the hopper.

  • Legs with the possibility of regulation.
  • Plate made of metal, protecting the tabletop from the harmful effects of hot steam.
  • Dimensions 8, x5, x5, cm (height, width and depth, respectively).

89 990 rubles - the average market value.


Fully built-in machine: width 60 cm, with A-class drying, washing and energy efficiency. Consumption of water for one cycle is 1, l, electricity 5 kW / h. Noisiness - 52 dB.

There are 4 programs. There is a special VarioSpeed ​​option, which reduces any standard mode.


  • self-cleaning filter;
  • InfoLight - beam on the floor, projecting the rest of the time;

  • a sound signal informing about the end of the cycle;
  • delay of the start for 3, 6 and 9 hours;

The cost of 30 200 rubles, according to YandexMarket.


Narrow detached PMM: capacity - 9 sets, the highest classes of drying and washing. The digital display makes it easier to use. Simple designations on the user panel. Noisiness - 46 dB. The water consumption is 9 liters, electricity - 8 kW / h (class A). The duration of the usual program is 3 hours and 5 minutes.

5 washing programs and 4 temperature modes, condensation drying. Installed a flow-through heater.


  • partial loading of the hopper;
  • protection against leaks of a full type;
  • turbidity sensor;
  • iQdrive engine;
  • the possibility of using the funds "3-in-1
  • a heat exchanger is provided in the structure;
  • self-cleaning filter;
  • blocking from accidental pressing;
  • delayed start;
  • AntiFingerprint - coating from fingerprints on the panel.

The cost is 34 900 rubles.

User Reviews

Dasha, Moscow

Practically no noise. I bought 2 months ago and quickly figured out how to use. The device is simple, all the icons are clear. Tuning in her husband took about an hour. Pleases capacity - for a day we fill the whole bunker, in the evening mine. For a family of 3-4 people fit perfectly. Washes perfectly - to shine and characteristic pure squeak. Bigger dishes - frying pans and pots wash well on long programs, so do not skimp. I love the "Party" mode for 29 minutes. VARIO SPEED cuts all programs in half, except for "Party". Half load I use (I divide the tablet in half). The salt and rinse aid indicators work. I have not found any shortcomings, the price is not the lowest, but the functional is excellent. The error codes never lit up, there were no malfunctions, they did not bring it to repair. Perhaps a few years later I'll write another review, but for now I'm happy.


As we promised: a brief description of the compact model from Siemens.

Small PMM, designed for 8 sets, with a partial integration into the headset. The width is 60 cm. Classes washing and drying - the highest. There is a display with a display of the remaining time until the end of the cycle, there is a panel lock from the children. The water consumption is 9 liters, energy - 3 kW / h (class A). Noisiness is only 45 dB.

6 programs and 5 temperature modes, including "Delicate" and "Quick" washing. The longest program is 3 hours.


  • deferred start up to 24 hours;
  • protection against leaks of a full type;
  • turbidity sensor;
  • the possibility of using universal tablets "3-in-1
  • monitoring the level of the rinse aid and salt;
  • heat exchanger in the structure;
  • wave-like rocker arms;
  • filter with self-cleaning without user intervention;
  • ServoSchloss - lock-closers;
  • Protect the countertop against steam using a plate.

The price is 6, 90 rubles.

As you can see, all Siemens machines are high-tech, many of them are from the "premium segment". But even with a modest budget, you can pick up a suitable machine. The main difference between the Siemens MMP and others is the high quality of assembly, the mass of innovative options and functions, the variety of modes and 100% functionality. This is really a worthy option for buying.

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