Review of Krupps dishwashers: features, pros and cons

If you need a quality and reliable professional dishwasher - Krupps offers a huge range. Characteristics of different types, prices, information about the company you will find in our article.

Content of the material:

  • 1About company
  • 2PMM with front loading
    • 2.1Koral 205DB (glass washer)
    • 2.2Koral 450DB
    • 2.3Koral 950DB
    • 2.4Elitech EL95
    • 2.5ES60
  • 3Dome PMM
    • 3.1Koral 1100DB
    • 3.2Elitech EL60

About company

Krupps has Italian roots and has been developing the market for more than 40 years, supplying professional PMM cafes, restaurants and other catering establishments. Engineers use durable materials, which made the company's reputation flawless, and the products - functional and uninterrupted.

In the 70s, Krupps twice won an award in the field of industry and exports, it is constantly looking for innovative solutions and introduces modern technology. In 1987, the company introduced a Clean Water Washing system in its PMM, which combines the efficiency of washing and the ecological characteristics of dishwashers.

All industrial dishwashers "Krupps" are marked by European quality certificates, which made them known all over the world. Eco-friendliness, quality and high professionalism, together with the trust of customers, are the main advantages of Krupps. What does it offer the buyer?

PMM with front loading

Front dishwashers are small in size, so they can be easily installed under the countertop or mounted under a bar counter. Can be used in bars or restaurants with a small stream of customers. The productivity of the front-end machines is up to 360 plates per hour.

Almost all such machines are equipped with:

  • a tank with a heater,
  • rinse aid auto-dispenser,
  • built-in storage water heater for rinsing dishes,
  • system of automatic stop of a sink in case of opening of a door,
  • thermostat with the possibility of adjustment (regulation).

At the request of the client, you can complete the machine with a drain pump, soft water softener, a detergent dispenser and a check valve.

Important! Instructions are in Italian only.

Consider the popular models of front-end PMM Krupps.

Koral 205DB (glass washer)

Dimensions of the model: 42x50x65 cm. Dimensions of the cassette for glasses: 35x35x15 cm. Weight - 44 kg.

The productivity of the PMM is 1000 glasses per hour, the maximum height of the glass is 27 cm. The washing cycle lasts 2 minutes. Power consumption - 6 kW.

Koral 450DB

This technique can wash 2500 glasses or 360 to 420 plates per hour (the diameter of the plate plays a role). Washing lasts 2 minutes. Cassette parameters: 45x45x15 cm, body dimensions: 53x61x75 cm. The power of the machine is, 2 kW.

Koral 950DB

Suitable for washing trays and crates. The maximum height of a tray or drawer is 45 cm. Washing lasts from 2 to 4 minutes. The cassette is 60x67x10 cm. Housing parameters: 6, х79х106 cm. Power consumption - 1, kW.


  • adjustable dispensers means;
  • electrical connection for drain pump;
  • baskets of round shape, not providing holders;
  • securely welded to the bathroom stainless steel nozzle;
  • in the construction there is a DVGW valve;
  • The rotation speed of the spider in the rinsing system is adjustable;
  • stamped sleeves are made of stainless steel.

Elitech EL95

Washes plates up to 42 cm in diameter. Also suitable for washing pots (tools) - also 42 cm in diameter. Washing cycles: 2, 4, 6 minutes. Water is consumed at a rate of 2 liters per wash cycle. Power - 1, kW. Housing parameters: 6, х79х106 cm. Weight - 90 kg.


The tunnel machine with a maximum pass height of 47 cm. At the hour PMM processes from 75 to 100 cassettes. Cassette: 50x50x13 cm. Dimensions: 115h79h19, see Weight - 285 kg.


  • TEN bath, power - 9 kW;
  • washing pump, power kW 0 Hp.


  • Heating water heater - 12 kW;
  • water consumption per hour - 220 liters;
  • water inlet temperature - +15 degrees;
  • minimum pressure in the water supply. 2 Bar.

Dome PMM

Dishwashers with a dome type can be used to wash almost any dish, even a large one. Often used in large bars and restaurants with a large flow of visitors. Also, the dome can meet the needs of a small dining room. The maximum productivity of this technique is 800 plates per hour.

The machine is completed:

  • dishwasher cassettes,
  • instrument trays,
  • a drain pump,
  • a pump for maintaining pressure in the rinse aid system,
  • check valve,
  • instructions.

Such dishwashers are recommended to be connected to a hot water pipe.

Koral 1100DB

Washing machine for glasses and dishes. Able to process , 00 glasses or 6-7 hundred plates per hour (the number depends on the diameter). Glasses and plates for this PMM can reach a height of 41 cm. The duration of the washing cycle is 2 minutes, the power is 2 kW.

The cassette and case dimensions are 50x50x13 cm and 62x76x190 cm, respectively.

Elitech EL60

It washes glasses and plates with a height and diameter of up to 40 and 4, Washing lasts 1 or 2 minutes. Water is consumed 2 liters per cycle. Power, kWt. The case is 62х76х190 cm.

The function Termostop TS2 is provided - guaranteed sanitary treatment of all utensils.

You can choose a model for the needs of both small and large businesses. The price policy is reasonable - everything depends on the chosen dealer or online store. We wish you a successful choice and a long service!

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