Review of Abat dishwashers (Abat): specifications

Abat dishwashers have proven themselves as equipment with high performance and efficiency. Professional dishwashing technique is in demand in catering establishments: restaurants, cafes, canteens, airports. Also, it is bought in production organizations, for example, meat shops.

Content of the material:

  • 1Features of dishwashers "Abat"
  • 2Dishwashers of frontal type
    • 2.1IPC-400F
    • 2.2IPC-500F-02
  • 3Dome of the dome type
    • 3.1IPC-700K
    • 3.2IPC-1400K
  • 4Tunnel type machines
    • 4.1MTB-1700-01
    • 4.2MTB-2000
  • 5Dishwasher for inventory (boiler-washing)

Features of dishwashers "Abat"

The Russian manufacturer represents dome, front and tunnel type machines.

  • FrontalPMMs are designed for small establishments, their compact body does not steal excess space in the kitchen. Excellent for care of glasses, plates, cutlery.
  • Domecan be combined with desks. The dishes are installed in the cassette, after which it is covered with a dome. When it rises, the system automatically stops the water supply.
  • Kitchen Wash Machines.
  • TunnelingPMM provide an uninterrupted washing process. They cope with high loads and cover the entire surface of the camera, leaving no "dead zones". In addition, machines can be equipped with desks. So, the pre-wash zone with a shower cleans dishes from food debris, not allowing them to wither.

Advantages of Abat dishwashers:

  • The water for washing and rinsing circulates separately.
  • Heaters are made of stainless material. Effective operation is ensured, both with cold and hot connection.
  • Rounded seamless tank. More pollution will not accumulate in the corners.
  • Sprays and main parts are made of stainless steel.
  • Double filtration system.

Let us consider in more detail individual models.

Dishwashers of frontal type

Used for washing glasses, saucers, cups, appliances.


A small case 49x54x8, cm can be located under the bar or counter top. It is connected to a hot and cold water supply. Dimensions of cassettes: 400x400 mm, so the machine can handle up to 700 glasses and 500 plates per hour.

  • ТЭН and sprayers made of stainless material. The latter are removed and disassembled.
  • The water temperature is adjusted by the user, all the indicators are displayed on the panel display.
  • Three washing programs to choose from.

Includes dispensers for washing and rinsing, a drain pump.

The cost is from 80 000 rubles.


The front-end machine processes 500 items per hour. Simultaneously it is possible to load 36 glasses, 18 plates, 140 devices. Connection of two types: to single-phase network 230 V and three-phase 400 V. The internal and external parts of the case, as well as the parts, are made of stainless steel AISI 304.

This machine knows how to wash the glasses: two washing modes with a duration of 120 and 180 seconds are provided. The tank is filled with water automatically, the system maintains a constant temperature. Dimensions: 59x64x8, see

The price is from 90 000 rubles.

Dome of the dome type

Most models are equipped with observation windows for monitoring the washing process.


The capacity of the Abat dishwasher is 700 pieces per hour. It can be deep plates, baking trays, glasses, trays. The sizes of the case: 7, х83х149 see.

When rinsing a separate pump is used, so the quality of work does not depend on the pressure in the water pipe. The technique is connected to water from a hot and cold source. The washing chamber is equipped with a backlight. The stainless steel heater is installed in the boiler.

There are two dispensers for liquid detergent and rinse aid. Washing programs are also two, lasting 80 and 150 seconds. The filter, nozzles, buttons on the panel are made of stainless steel. Complete with: two baskets (500x500 mm) and a tray for glasses.

The cost is from 100 000 rubles.


The dishwasher is suitable for large organizations. The dimensions of the case: 132h84h149 cm, for one hour wash 1400 items. In the trays are placed 18 plates, 36 glasses, 140 small instruments.

Clean the objects will help three programs that include washing, soaking and rinsing:

  • 60 seconds;
  • 120 seconds;
  • 180 seconds.

Two rinsing and main washers are integrated. The connection can be made to hot and cold water at the same time. The bathroom is one-piece, seamless, which facilitates quick and constant cleaning.

Can be used in public catering with the number of 50 people or more. The main thing is that the number of devices does not exceed the productivity of the PMM. The price is from 190 000 rubles.

Tunnel type machines

Models are made in two versions: the tape can move to the left and right side. In some models the technology of heat recovery is provided. A special tank with water - a heat exchanger - heats up during washing. Then it gives heat to the water when rinsing, so the heater is not activated and electricity is saved.


Double-walled housing provides good thermal insulation with a gap of 15 mm. The water for washing and rinsing does not mix and circulates separately. Provision of hot and cold water.

The tank of 100 liters is filled automatically. The system monitors the optimum level and temperature of the water. All parts that are in constant contact with water are made of stainless steel such as AISI 304. The rocker arms are collapsible, which facilitates the cleaning process.

The capacity is impressive - 95 cassettes per hour or 1700 items. Energy recovery technology provides an integrated heat exchanger and energy savings.

The kit includes 4 trays for plates, 2 for cups, 1 for smaller instruments, an additional grid for small items.

The cost is from 300 000 rubles.


Tunnel machine for dishes with dimensions 21, x77x19, cm. Suitable for small and medium enterprises. It can be left- and right-hand (conveyer traffic). Copes with the cleaning of conventional appliances, as well as large dishes and trays measuring 530x325 mm.

The design also provides a heat exchanger, which first absorbs, and then gives off heat during rinsing. The peculiarity of this model is drying. The system heats the dishes before going out, which will allow it to dry out more quickly.

The kit is the same as in the previous case, but the degree of loading is higher - 111 trays or 1998 items.

The price is from 390 000 rubles.

Dishwasher for inventory (boiler-washing)

The ruler is represented by one model: IPC-65-65. The large size of the camera - 650x780x650 mm - allows you to load large-scale devices: containers, containers, boilers, pots. In one hour, you can wash 19 boilers measuring 600x600 mm.

There are 4 washing modes lasting 3, 6, 9, 12 minutes. The connection is made to a cold and hot source. Electronic control with display and time indication before the end of the cycle. Provided removable holders for convenient placement of trays and dishes. There are two dispensers for the detergent and rinse aid.

Cost of equipment - from 200 000 rubles.

In addition to the dishwasher "Abat you can purchase additional equipment: tables, baskets, holders. Simple installation: you can direct the conveyors to the left and right side. High-quality materials and new technologies will pay for themselves in a few years, while the equipment will last you at least 20 years.

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