Review of Teka dishwashers: errors, reviews

Choose a dishwasher "Teka"? Our review lists the features of the brand, pluses and minuses of specific models and customer reviews.

If you already have this dishwasher, the article - the decoding of error codes, which can be displayed on the display.

Content of the material:

  • 1Features of Teka models
  • 2Explanation of errors
  • 3Review of Teka dishwashers
    • 3.1Teka DW7 41 FI
    • 3.2Teka DW7 64 FI
    • 3.3Teka DW8 60 FI

Features of Teka models

The manufacturer took care of protecting the PMM housing from leaks. All machines of the "Teka" lineup are equipped with full or partial "Aquastope".

Full protectionprovides for the presence in the pallet of a sensor, which sends a signal to the main module about the leak. As a result, the water supply is blocked. In addition, connect the hose with a sponge inside. If water flows, the sponge swells and blocks the flow.

Partial "Aquastop"provides only a mechanical hose without a sensor.

All machines have indicators on the panel. They light up, as soon as in the officesalt endsor rinse aid. Therefore, the user knows when to add the tool.

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The equipment is not insured against breakdowns. A modern diagnostic system quickly finds a malfunction and displays a fault code on the display. You can find the value in the instruction manual or in the table below.

Once you notice a problem, try resetting the code. This can be a system failure. To do this, unplug the machine for 15-20 minutes, then resume the connection.

Explanation of errors

Symbols on the screen Value Causes of appearance Repair options
E1 Water does not enter the chamber for too long. The timeout period has been exceeded.
  • The shut-off valve is closed.
  • Insufficient pressure in the water supply.
  • Litter in the hose, filter, valve.
  • Invalid inlet valve.
  1. Turn the valve.
  2. Open the tap and check the head pressure. If it is weak, you will have to wait.
  3. Disconnect the filler hose and see if the strainer, the valve, is clogged.
  4. Carry out a diagnosis of the valve in the bay. In case of malfunction, replace the element. This is easy: just unscrew the bolt and disconnect the wiring.
E3 Prolonged heating. Insufficient temperature.
  • The thermal sensor is faulty.
  • The heating element (TEN) burnt out.
  1. Check the temperature sensor. At breakage it is necessary to establish a new detail.
  2. Inspect the heater, carry out diagnostics. If there is a malfunction, the heater is replaced.
E4 Overflow. Leakage of individual parts.
  1. Turn off the water supply.
  2. Inspect the parts for the time of the leak. Check the pressure switch, which can send incorrect readings to the module.
E6, E7 The temperature sensor has failed.
  • The wiring from the board to the thermistor has burnt out.
  • The thermistor itself was burnt.
Inspection and replacement of damaged parts.

Now you know what the errors mean on the screen of your PMM. Repair the wiring and the details related to electricity, trust the master.

Review of Teka dishwashers

Introducing embedded models of the trade mark "Teka".

Teka DW7 41 FI

This is a fully built-in model with a narrow casing of 45x55x82 cm. The inner surface of the chamber is made of stainless steel, the basket for dishes is adjustable in height.

The capacity of the bunker is 10 sets. Sufficiently economical energy consumption 5 kW / h, class A +.

The control panel is equipped with a display. You can conveniently choose from 9 programs and adjust the temperature in 6 steps. Includes:

  • Fast cycle - 30 minutes.
  • Economical - 105 minutes.
  • Standard and Delicate washing - 110-160 minutes.
  • Half load: in case you do not have a messy ware at full load.

Additional functionality:

  • Full "Aquastope".
  • Delayed start of the program for 24 hours.

The last option allows you to load instruments and set the start of the wash at any convenient time.

The cost is from 31 000 rubles.


Used to use the technique "Bosch so there is something to compare. The work of Teka is not very happy. There are "dead zones" in the bunker, where the dishes are not washed. Sprays are simply not designed for full area treatment. But I worked until there was a breakdown - the pump poked up. I barely found a service center, repairs are very expensive, so it's easier to buy a new car, but definitely not this brand.

Teka DW7 64 FI

Built-in full-size PMM. One cycle will be washed 14sets of dishes. The energy consumption class is A ++, while in normal operation it is consumed, 3 kW per hour. The water consumption is 11 liters.

On the electronic panel you can install 8 programs, among which there is a usual, delicate, fast washing, preliminary soaking. Half load: do not wait until the dirty plates accumulate in sufficient quantity. With ½ downloads, you can save on resource consumption. Delay of start is possible up to 24 hours.

The turbidity sensor is integrated. It determines the degree of purity of water, on which the amount of rinses depends. Complete protection against leakage.

Dimensions of the case: 60x55x82 cm.

The price is from 40 000 rubles.


Decided to buy a dishwasher Teka, because there was already a hob of this brand. The acquisition is very satisfied. Clear installation instructions, good capacity.

There are notations on the panel, so it's not difficult to choose a mode. The keys are on the end of the door.

I usually choose a cycle time of 90 minutes. Just the dishes are well washed, including pots and pans. Drying is condensation. It is better not to get the instruments right away, or else you will get a hot steam. I get it in half an hour after completion.

The cutlery basket never fully fills up, roomy. Containers smoothly extend thanks to such wheels. I advise this model to everyone! The result will please you.

Teka DW8 60 FI

Machine size 5, x55x82 cm can be fully integrated into the kitchen. For one load you can wash 12 sets of dishes. The water consumption is 12 liters, and electricity - 5 kW per hour. Reduced noise level of 45 dB allows you to run the dishwasher at night.

There are 10 programs:

  • Usual, intensive and express-washing.
  • Eco mode.
  • Pre-soaking.
  • ½ downloads.
  • Delayed start from 1 to 24 hours.
  • Turbosushka. The model has an additional heater and fan. The latter overtakes the hot air in the chamber and dries the instruments.

In addition, the turbidity sensor is integrated, and at the end of the cycle an audible signal is emitted. Full protection Aquastop. You can run a sink and go about your business, without worrying that there will be a leak.

The price is from 20 000 rubles.


At the time of purchase Teka DW8 60 FI did not find any negative feedback. Photos on the Internet pleased. But in practice everything turned out not so colorful. The technics badly washes dishes, rustles, on plates there are divorces. And the adherent contamination is not completely eliminated even on a long program.

I already changed pills, the conditioner - nothing helps. The upper holders in the basket are permanently removed from the hooks, and the plates are piled on top of each other. After contacting the service, it turned out that everything is working properly, the rest are the features of the dishwasher. Probably, therefore, it is difficult to find reviews on the PMM of this brand. I do not advise buying this misunderstanding.

Now you know the opinions of consumers about the MMP "Teka". Buy them or give preference to another brand - your choice.

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