Overview of Elframo Professional Dishwashers: Features

Powerful and reliable kitchen appliances - a must-have attribute of restaurants, cafes, bars, pastry shops, as well as clinics, hospitals, airports. To choose a dishwasher for them, you need to carefully examine the top manufacturers. One of them is Elframo, which offers consumers high-quality Italian equipment. What are the features of professional dishwashers Elframo, which models are the most functional and popular, you will learn from the review.

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  • 1 Features dishwashers Elframo
  • 2 Review dishwashers Elframo
    • 2.1 Elframo BE 50 DD PS
    • 2.2 Elframo D36 DGT
    • 2.3 Elframo C34 DGT RS
    • 2.4 Elframo LP 61H
    • 2.5 Elframo LP 130
    • 2.6 ElframoETS 15

Features of dishwashers Elframo

The company was established in Italy in 1968.It produces 5 types of machines:

  • Front-end .Connected to communications, the boiler heats the water to 85 degrees. The small size of the body allows you to install PMM under the tabletop.
  • Dome. They are distinguished by their higher productivity: up to 360 plates per hour. It is possible to wash both large ware, and usual devices.
  • Glass washers. An excellent solution is to install a machine under the bar. Short wash cycles allow for a short period to wash a large number of glasses, glasses, cups.
  • For washing kitchen utensils with a pull-out basket .You can clean large pots, boilers, trays, containers for baking, trays.
  • Tunnel of finger and conveyor type. Prefabricated modules are installed in a convenient order, and the direction of the tape can change( right, left).Some models are capable of washing six thousand items in an hour.


Dishwasher Overview Each Elframo dishwasher is made of stainless steel. It is equipped with several heating elements: one is in the boiler, the others are located around the perimeter of the tank - this prevents water from cooling down during washing. Heaters are coated with a special alloy to protect against corrosion.

Elframo BE 50 DD PS

Front-loading dishwasher with detergent and rinse agent dispensers. Cope with cleaning plates: 320 pieces per hour. The double insulated door protects against noise and retains heat. A micro sensor is built on top, which is triggered when the door is opened and the water supply stops.

Stainless steel cleaning sprayers. Electromechanical control panel, allows you to conveniently set the mode. It has a built-in drain pump. In the configuration of two baskets, you can use a round basket for dishes.

Cost - from 100 000 rubles.

Elframo D36 DGT

The machine with dimensions of 60x62x82.8 cm can be connected to hot and cold water. Suitable for washing plates 33 cm, glasses, trays. Productivity: 20 cartridges 500x500 mm per hour. The height of the loading box is 375 mm.

  • Digital Control Panel.
  • Washing programs lasting 120 and 180 seconds.
  • Light indication on the panel. It is now easier to determine at what stage the dishwasher is.
  • The tank and door are double insulated.
  • Waste water is drained from the tank itself.

Cost - from 130,000 rubles.

Elframo C34 DGT RS

A dome-type machine processes conventional as well as large-sized appliances: trays and trays. It is completed with three strong baskets from a wire with a plastic covering.

Features of the model:

  • Four washing programs.
  • Performance - 660 plates per hour.
  • Rinse at 85 degrees.
  • Buck with self-draining.
  • Sprayers rotate, providing full coverage of the cleaning chamber.
  • All parts are easy to clean and clean without the use of special tools.
  • The boiler is thermally insulated, which allows it to maintain temperature longer.

Basket sizes: 50x50 cm. Body dimensions: 65x75.5x145 cm.

Price - from 160,000 rubles.

Elframo LP 61H

Pan washing model for large kitchen equipment: boilers, pots, trays, containers, containers. The loading window 850 mm high allows to place objects conveniently in the car. The case and internal equipment of the camera are made of stainless steel. Heaters are covered with a protective coating.

Installed double filtering. A solid bathroom with rounded edges does not accumulate pollution, it is quickly cleaned. For an hour, you can wash 30 baskets 70x55 cm. Duration of modes: 120, 240.360 seconds.

Case dimensions: 67.5x84.2x201.4 cm. Price - from 300,000 rubles.

Elframo LP 130

Dishwasher, front-loading, washing machine series. All necessary parts are available quickly: for example, the electrical connections and the hydraulic pump are on the front side. Double filtration of water allows you to reuse it for the following operations, saving resources.

The temperature in the boiler can be adjusted on the control panel. There are three modes of washing duration:

  • 120 seconds.
  • 240 sec.
  • 360 sec.

Cassettes dimensions: 70x138.5 cm; housings: 152x84.5x201.4 cm.

Elframo ETS 15

Tunnel-type dishwasher is easy to operate. Allows you to wash the various dishes, for an hour serves 75 baskets with the size of 50x43 cm. Electronic control allows you to adjust the temperature of the water in the chamber and the boiler.

Other benefits:

  • Conveyor-type washing system. The dishes first goes through the main washing unit, then it goes to the rinsing unit. Additionally, you can install tables on which it is convenient to fold dirty and clean utensils.
  • The direction of tape movement may vary.
  • The built-in gearbox increases the water pressure, therefore, the devices are rinsed qualitatively.
  • Micro sensor stops the process if you open the door.
  • The tank is round, the doors are double-layered.
  • Electric pump with self drain.

Case dimensions: 237x69.8x157 cm.

Tunnel dishwashers are popular in schools, kindergartens, hotels, restaurants. The processing of the dishes takes place very quickly: the worker loads the plates into the baskets, puts them on the tape, and then removes the already clean and dry appliances.

You can opt for the manufacturer "Elframo", if you are going to equip the kitchen. Angular and linear placement of machines allows us to complete them and take advantage of all the technological advantages.

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