Water heaters with a fan

Teplomash recently introduced a water heater KEV-25T3W2. To power the device needs the inflow of hot water passing through the inner coil provided with a powerful radiator plate. Design fan cooled, with 800 cubic meters of flow per hour. The device is logically used to supply heating and just a convector with forced blow. Option course industry. Price - 15,000 rubles plus the dealer commission. Water heaters with a fan operating on a similar principle.

What is a heat exchanger and a heater

Imagine that you need to not just make the ventilation in the home, in addition to achieve compliance with two criteria:

  1. Forced air injection.
  2. Space heating if necessary.

The stated requirements are satisfied by the heat exchanger in combination with optional equipment. The purpose of actions for retrofitting buildings is:

  1. Reduce energy consumption for heating by providing the premises with fresh air from outside.
  2. Control humidity, to protect the water vapor as possible.
  3. Perform supervision of the ventilation system.

Wall Heaters

A lot of energy is spent in the winter. Reason: it's cold outside, plus a ventilation tube carries in the lion's share. If you make sure that ventilation brings the heat? See if'll take the cold air outside, the volume to be heated, ahead of spending on electricity and other energy. Reducing consumption: due to the energy emitted to outside air, withdrawn at the outlet of the structure.

The flow moves on a closed trajectory Eight (infinity sign), a portion of the heat of the incoming air from the outside. Through a special permeable membrane is a significant part of the steam enters the heated stream. The air is moist and does not dry the premises. Talk, how the heat exchanger, why do we need a heater with a fan.

Imagine always merznuschy house. Fresh air valve for wall convector put undesirable, and so accounts management companies large equipment can not cope. Without air-supply valves are no ventilation, the air stale. Ponastavili aluminum windows and double doors, there is no life. So, you need mechanical ventilation. But to take air from outside is expensive. Should be held in every room output and intake ventilation system channels that converge at a single point.

In this site and costs recuperator, closing eight. Outside air in the exchanger occurs here with the room, but the jet area (length) separated by a membrane permeable to water. Under the influence of the moisture condenses on the cold fabric, under the action of gravity begins to seep down to the dry cold flow of the street. As a result, while the flow through the membrane is enriched receives heat and moisture (state occupants improves immunity, mucous leaving the normal state). That's not all.

Necessary for the functioning of the system fans. As a general rule, exhaust, located in the heat exchanger housing. Allowed two:

  • in room air inlet;
  • at the outlet of fresh air.

At each turn of the duct 10% lost power. The total is divided between rooms and floors. The temperature would be insufficient to maintain the microclimate. Only a small heat exchanger not master this load. There handy heater.

Heater with fan

Heaters for air heating and ventilation

Heater - heater channel type. The unit is always mounted on the intended use in ventilation or heating path, to warm the air. It is used as a wall-mounted convector. After the heat exchanger the air is heated further, it is colder room. For the result of the hot coil is inserted into the duct heater. Why do you need the fan - coil is an obstacle to air flow. The heat exchanger is not designed to cope with the ventilation, too much to overcome an obstacle. Unit helps the internal fan heater.

Of course, the device turns on when necessary. In the summer of hot water is necessary to cut off, to the heat did not go into the room. It is better to put the valve controlled channel thermostat. It turns out there are unnecessary waste of energy to overcome the resistance of the heater, but the costs are compensated by savings in heating. Please note, in the circulation path does not include the air from the bathroom (toilet), or jet will exchange the pairs on a membrane heat exchanger to the input stream, the room filled with a specific building flavor.

Typically, a fan heater operates in several modes. Each characterized by water flow rate, the degree of cooling air flow. There is the ability to connect to a branch of the central heating European standard (60 ° C) and special steam boiler at 150 ° C. For the above water heater with fan solution looks like this:

Technical table

Indicators are provided for the inlet flow temperature of 15 ° C and maximum air flow (1200 cubic meters per hour), only three:

  1. 600 cu. m / h.
  2. 900 cu m / h.
  3. 1200 cubic meters. m / h.

Remember, the water heater with a fan stands as an accessory that is not working to create traction and accelerates an existing stream. It is therefore expected that the practical air flow a little more than expected, even with the convolutions of the ventilation path.

Criteria for selecting a heater

Strong argument for choosing a water heater with a fan already named: the possibility of trouble-free operation of the water temperature set in the house. Not everyone wants to put a separate steam boiler specifically for the water heater with a fan, it is clear the desire to use the heating branch at 60 ° C. However, the output power flow with shock decreases. Consequently, it is necessary beforehand to estimate, whether the lift on a branch recuperator temperature to 15 ° C. If the answer is not expected difficulties. 22 ° C - even more than the advised doctors to maintain indoors.

Heater - heater

Thus liter water is used for 25 seconds. Do not over-load on the heating circuit. Difficulties begin in the summer, when the water heater with a fan would be an unnecessary burden. The heat exchanger can be switched to summer mode in which air is passed to the output directly, without going through the membrane, but do not know if the reporting unit is able to do likewise. We tend to think can not. The summer is better to dismantle the unit.

How to choose a heater

Firstly, the device must be able to adjust the operating modes of the external electric signal standard equipment. For example, a thermostat. Device is considered conventional fan heater used as a heater. The unit only listen to the remote control and buttons. This equipment is to be placed, which is possible, for example, the mount output ventkanala. Think inside the path is allowed to install such a device. From passport duty it is clear that violations will not be.

More unpretentious and simple devices are seen water heaters KSK, KPSk. The site dealer is no description other than the radiator material, made of aluminum, as well as purely technical characteristics. Even it is not clear whether the fan inside the unit is delivered. We will not advertise disgusting to describe the goods.

Details on the instruments considered kalorifer.net site, which makes it clear that by 5000 rubles devices are common coil inside you find the electronics. This easy to install, but the device will reduce the performance of the heat exchanger for the air flow, which will require an adjustment or additional fan installation. In this case, the proposed approach with KEV-25T3W2 not look too primitive emerging eliminating complexity. A motor speed may change and outside. Additionally, ask the manufacturer.

We were told that a heater, said a couple of designs, simple and complex. Readers became known varieties produced. For the case described in the article requires the device thermostatically controlled via rate control device operating the asynchronous motor. We hope that the show to look at when buying a heater.

Of course, the device may be used separately. Or to equip the premises, especially where heating is required, this will dramatically reduce the cost and increase the efficiency of the system.

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