Types of knitting machines

Price knitting machine starts with 30 thousand. rubles. Computer knitting machine will decorate the house, not an assistant hostess if the break is already in the early stages. Because starting with the choice of recommended brand. Let's talk, what better to buy knitting machine.

Hand knitting machines

Willow cost 3000 rubles - manual rather than mechanical knitting machine. Running their own fingers. The design consists of a double comb hooks. Learning to use a knitting machine Willow easily master the electrical and mechanical models, without exaggeration.

Advantages of manual typewriter Willow:

  1. Small weight of 1 kg.
  2. Simplicity. When the principle is already clear, to use a sewing machine Willow could even a child 6 years old - it is written in the instructions by the inventor.
    Hand-knitting machine

    Hand-knitting machine

  3. Complete range of pullers. Great for tying 32 loops in a row, a number of small, including a device with a double step to pass the column.

The design is simple. Two small length, thick and rather narrow planks are fastened at both ends of the screws. The knitting machine Willow feature: the threaded connection between the two bearing powerful springs added. On the device on both sides to adjust the density of the fabric. For each string value of its own, a particular size is specified in the instructions. If necessary mouthfuls use ordinary household tools, for lack of a better clearance vymeryat caliper.

On the carrier sits on the hook, bend outward. This is the main element. In each row the same number of hooks, but are not located opposite each other, and with a shift in the half-step - the initial state.

To start knitting, let's say, 32 columns, you need to pinch the hook either side make a knot from the harness hook at the bottom of the eight. On YouTube videos lined with a series of lessons, we thank the authors. The second row is typed at the top of the hooks, now a snake.

Knitting manual type machine

Knitting manual type machine

Remember, from the opposite edge of the beginning of a loop is not captured. This sidewall.

Now, with the right and left side to receive two rows: the top and bottom. Each hook on the outside of the recess by a stripper teeth. Carefully we catch the bottom row and throws in Seredka between hooks, repeating on both sides. Now another beginning fabrics - smooth - end puller remains shove down to the top row of the loop of the lower ranked position. Repeat. Crawling snake in the opposite direction, forming the upper row of loops. Take a stripper, the lower set of throws in Seredka on both sides, move the canvas and work.

If the upper bit number is lowered, the bottom or lifted, adjusted stripper loop. Advantages of the method is that the person is able to bind a number of spokes in the image. A two-layer fabric, put a plus knitting machines Willow - even advanced models do not know how. Convenience is also a knitting machine for Willow. The mechanism can fit in a box, just over 100 watt soldering iron, it is easy to put in a backpack, in contrast to the mechanical models. At a cost of up to 3 thousand. rubles knit comfortably everywhere positioning device on your lap.

Recommended described domestic knitting machine for beginners, children, girls. Understanding the principles and basics of knitting in the future will give a powerful base for the manufacture of complex models.

Mechanical knitting machines

Knitting machine cascade differs from the previous presence of the shuttle. A number of hooks is only one. The shuttle is needed to automatically flip hinge. To shape, you can still manually paving thread hands, or use the services of automatic feed of the shuttle. In the first case, the work rate and quality is entirely dependent on the speed of masters.

The density of knitting is now exhibited a special pen. The initial number of loops wound on each needle clockwise, setting the stage for each of the patina. Then the end of the thread is diverted to the opposite side of the initial movement and is attached in a special grip. Grabs two in pieces at the ends. Commonly called tensioner clamps. The carriage is diverted in a similar way. The thread is laid on hooks, see that the tabs were open. This is a manual way to start knitting. Note push crochet hooks on the number of loops column. From threads for knitting machines depends on the density, we expose the handle on the carriage.

It is obvious that the process faster. We add that the individual machines on their own to form the first row. By the way, I decided to hang after the passage of several rows of special cargo hook to pull down the resulting fabric. Then the carriage is found from side to side, forming new ranks.

Mechanical knitting machine

Mechanical knitting machine

To skip a column, use these steps:

  1. In simple knitting machines push unnecessary needle seats remain empty. The yarn is available several colors. In manual mode, which thread to put under the tabs, a tone will be released. To create patterns of sites placed cards like Jacquard tie. In the diagram, bear right colors, which raise the needle. Similarly, the fit one or two rows. After each operation unused needles are inserted into the work already put forward new. Gradually, the master receives the desired pattern on the knitting machine.
  2. As for advanced technical solutions used punch cards for Knitting Machines: plastic sheets with holes cut through the tissue under the future pattern. Punched card tucked into the receiving mechanism is latched by means of clips that connect the ends. Then stepwise pattern is exposed on the first series switched mode pattern formation, pattern repeats loops. Typically, punch cards are sold together with a knitting machine, it is easy to buy separately. It is known that the total full match occurs between the individual types of equipment. In such cases it is possible to freely use "friendly" punch card.

In the second case, the master is released from routine operations, which contributes to the rapid flow of the process. The complexity of the mechanical models - sometimes you have to buy the needles for knitting machines. The site has already described the repair and calibration process will not be repeated.

Needles for knitting machines

Needles for knitting machines

Selected knitting machines across two rows of needles - Fontoura. An example is the Veritas knitting machines. For complex designs using multiple colors of thread, like knitting machines there are the famous Brother producer. The result is more dependent on the threads, planted under the tabs.

Standing next to a special knitting machine mill, the possibility of her not too outstanding, but for typical tasks in the home is suitable, takes up little space and works smoothly.

Electronic knitting machine

Electronic knitting machine can be connected to a computer. It does not mean the possibility of functioning in automatic mode. If in the previous case pattern created manually or by means of punched cards, in the latter case, we use a program like-paint, where the necessary elements to emerge. When moving up and down hand drawn template automatically uses pass count. Such has in any knitting machine, here he manages the process. Man is not worried, thread changing yourself.

Open access instructional videos almost there, laid out the demonstration. The viewer sees how electronic knitting machine quickly creates a complex pattern. From human need quickly and correctly to drive the carriage back and forth. Restrictions on the knitting speed is not.

Knitting machines Passap fully automatic rather robotic machine with push-button control, industrial. But to drive the shuttle still need to manually.

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