Review of Biomio tablets (Bio Mio) for dishwasher, customer reviews

Biomio tablets for a dishwasher are widely distributed and actively bought up by consumers. Producers assure that the drug is environmentally friendly and not dangerous for human health. They insist that the product is suitable for daily washing and processing of children's dishes and toys. Whether this is so, whether the marketers are trying to create another trick, we will understand in the framework of this publication.

Content of the material:

  • 1Specification and composition of "Bio Mio"
  • 2Opinion of specialists about "Biomio"
  • 3Customer Reviews

Specification and composition of "Bio Mio"

Before buying a detergent, you should familiarize yourself with the composition and the operating instructions. Completely in the degree of danger or safety of the composition can be sorted out by specialist chemists, but the general idea can be folded and independently. To do this, take a picture of the composition on the packaging and detail the operation of each component.

We will help to avoid unnecessary troubles and consider the current components of Bio Mio:

  1. 15-30% oxygenate bleach. The active ingredient is sodium percarbonate, a harmless reagent that decomposes under the influence of warm water into three components: soda, hydrogen and oxygen. The reaction is accompanied by the release of a small amount of heat. Bleach cleans utensils from difficult contaminants. The manufacturer did not slukavil - this substance is environmentally friendly.

    For your information! Oxygen-type bleaching agents are found in ECO-washing powders of similar household chemicals.

  2. 5% polycarboxylates. The element is rather doubtful. Advertisers convince the buyer that Biomio uses a harmless version of the substance, but it is impossible to confirm this with 100%. The component does not participate in dishwashing, it serves to protect PMM parts from corrosion. This substance we leave under the question mark, and harmlessness remains on the conscience of the manufacturer.
  3. The surfactant is nonionic. The analogue is less dangerous than other surfactants, but the pack does not specify the exact concentration of the substance in percentages. By themselves, nonionic surfactants are considered the least harmful of the entire group of surfactants, due to their complete solubility in water they do not harm humans and nature.
  4. Eucalyptus essential oil. The danger of any essential oil is an allergic reaction in case of individual intolerance. When allergies to eucalyptus and its components should avoid such capsules, since microparticles of oil can remain on the dishes even after rinsing.
  5. Enzymes. Active substances, whose task is the destruction of organic (protein) contaminants. Enzymes are of a protein nature, so they can leave redness and dermatitis on sensitive skin. Getting into the human body in large doses, lead to the destruction of mucous membranes, exacerbation of diseases of the digestive tract. The concentration of these substances in the capsules is negligible, so the probability of developing the above diseases is below the minimum. Enzymes without problems are washed off from surfaces even at one rinse.
  6. Limonen. Light citrus flavor. In the tablets of this brand, there is so little of this component that even allergic people with reaction to lemon and vitamin C can be calm.

The composition is disassembled by components and "on the shelves" - there really is nothing to fear. With such a composition, there is no harm even for the vulnerable child's organism (subject to the rules of use). To use the tool correctly, proceed as follows:

  • remove 1 capsule from the pack;
  • in the wrapper put in the dispenser, selecting the appropriate department for the "3 in 1
  • load the dishes on the shelves;
  • close the hopper door;
  • select the appropriate cycle and run the program;
  • Wait until the end of the mode and check the result.

Convenience of BioMio tablets for PMM in complete dissolution of capsules in water together with packaging, which can not be said about tablets brand "Ushasty Nyan which you need to get from an individual sachet, while they can crumble and stay on hands.

Opinion of specialists about "Biomio"

Experts, having conducted a comparative analysis, came to the conclusion that there are more advantages than disadvantages. Let's start with a good one:

  • removes old and complex dirt (except fat);
  • it is easily washed off;
  • after washing dishes smells nice (weakly);
  • convenient packing;
  • acceptable price;
  • practically environmentally friendly product.

To keep silent about minuses we have no right, therefore familiarize with the basic lacks (fortunately, he one): capsules are not able to overcome fatty contaminants, which is most likely due to low concentration enzymes.

Important! After the tablets of this brand can remain light stains on glassware - glasses, glasses, plates. To neutralize the unpleasant consequences, choose the option of additional rinsing.

Customer Reviews


Our dishwasher has already gone the third year - all these years I have been looking for an advantageous and safe means. Having bought BioMio BIO TOTAL 7 in 1 with essential oil of eucalyptus, I wanted to leave a response. What I liked:

  • there are no divorces after washing;
  • the dishes creak and shine;
  • there are no phosphates and aggressive components;
  • rinsed with any dishes;
  • the dishes do not smell after washing;
  • 30 tablets last for a month with daily use.

Last time I bought the package within 400 rubles.

Look at how the dishes were washed!


My mother and I decided that these tablets are better than powder or gel, they are really "BIO". We buy them for several years and while the only drawback that clouded joy is value. We try to buy during discounts and sales in large lots. Several times I decided to buy on the Internet 2 times cheaper, ran into a fake - the dishes were not washed and smelled terrible, although I had not noticed this before for BIOMIO.


They received a dishwasher as a gift for the anniversary of the wedding. At first they did not know which side to approach it from. Through trial and error, they began to choose a tool. Everything is not right and wrong - then the smell is sharp, then the divorce, then it washes badly, then the price is up to heaven. As a result, found the tablet "7 in 1" - BioMio. Not immediately found out that you can not remove the packaging, but how to read, then it became even easier to use.

Iren Kern

The dishwasher and expensive utensils, I trust the "chemistry" of only the brand Bio Mio, especially since this is not chemistry. On the quality of washing with any "Finish" and "Somat" can not be compared. Tablets dissolve by 100% - not a single precedent has yet been found, but the Finish tablets my fastidious machine several times "spit out" and did not dissolve. That's the whole point: an advertised tool does not mean good.


I did not buy tablets myself - I was given several pieces in the store at the presentation. Threw it, I forgot. Then I found, used and ran to write a review. This is really a thing. All washed off. I have, as a typical allergy sufferer, not a single redness. Went to the store, bought 3 packs for the future, because the price bites, and the tool clearly will rise in price with the increase in popularity.

Let's sum up. BioMio tablets are really environmentally friendly. Experts some doubt the effectiveness of the tool, but users do not agree with experts, insisting that the capsules are excellent. You only need to try a dishwashing detergent in practice to add your own opinion. Enjoy the shopping!

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