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Equipping the kitchen with high-quality industrial equipment, one should not forget about a powerful dishwasher. We continue to acquaint you with the best representatives of this industry. This review is devoted to the products of Winterhalter - this dishwasher deserves your attention. In what its advantages, you learn from the article.

Content of the material:

  • 1About Winterhalter Russia
  • 2Frontal for installation under the table: UC series
    • 2.1Size chart
    • 2.2Touchscreen
    • 2.3VarioPower
    • 2.44 filter stages
    • 2.5Washing field
    • 2.6Subprograms
    • 2.7Turbidity sensor
    • 2.8Tanks for detergents built-in type
    • 2.9Winterhalter substage options
    • 2.10Models overview
      • 2.10.1Winterhalter UC-XL
    • 2.11User Reviews
  • 3PT Series Dome
  • 4UF Boiler Wet Series UF and GS-630
      • 4.0.1Winterhalter GS 630
  • 5Tunnel PMM

About Winterhalter Russia

One of the offices of the German firm Winterhalter is located in Moscow, so the local unit is called "Winterhalter Russia". At the moment the company is a market leader with many years of experience, constantly establishing contacts with consumers and partners. The model range is quite wide:

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  • Under-frontal front: for glasses, plates, bistro and cutlery.
  • The dome.
  • Kotlomoechnye.
  • Tunnel with a conveyor for cassettes and tape type: as for one tank, and for several.

Frontal for installation under the table: UC series

Dishwashers for the installation under the worktop with front loading from the UC series can be used to wash the glasses, plates, Bistro (mixed dishes) and appliances.

Body dimensions: S, M, L and XL. Sink goes on three programs that can be automatically adjusted to the degree of contamination of dishes and its type. Machines from the UC series will show a brilliant result with economical consumption of resources.

Size chart

Depending on what free space you have, what capacity you are counting on and how many are going to load, you can choose one of the four options offered by the company:

  • S. In width, depth and height, respectively, the dimensions are 46, 6, and 7, -76 cm.

On a note! Models Energy and Excellence-i (Plus) differ in height in all four proposed sizes.

  • M.The size of these machines is 60x6, x7, -76 cm (WxDxH).
  • L.In this case, WxDxB = 60x6, x82-8,
  • XL.The width of these models is also 60 cm, depth - 6 cm, and the height varies from 82 to 8 cm.


In order for your employees to manage their equipment as easily as possible, the manufacturer has provided a convenient display for switching modes with a single press. What this gives:

  • The icons on the screen make operation as easy as possible - just click on the icon to turn on the desired program.
  • Audible signals and visually simple notations inform about the washing stages and the status of the processes.
  • Simple error codes provide opportunities for quick setup and adjustment of the machine.
  • The chef and service specialists are provided with personal PIN access.


A unique function is the adjustment of water pressure. Allows you to:

  • Adjust the head, focusing on the purity of utensils and its type. For fragile objects, a weak pressure is established, for strong and dirty - stronger.
  • Automatic adjustment of other parameters: water temperature, dosage of detergent and rinse aid.

4 filter stages

The washing solution goes through the following steps:

  1. Filter CartridgeCleans the solution of large particles of dirt and food debris.
  2. Fine filter- from small particles.
  3. Hydi-centrifuge Mediamat- from the smallest particles, such as the thick of coffee.
  4. The filter installed at the pump inlet,- from all other particles of dirt.

Washing field

Machines are equipped with two elliptical washing fields, which provide not only an effective washing, but also a 100% coating of the washing chamber. What are the advantages:

  • Sprinklers are located at the top and bottom of the field, which ensures optimal washing.
  • The nozzles-sprinklers have a special shape for maximum coverage of all surfaces.
  • Washing and rinsing jets are fed under the correct pressure to any objects located in the washing zone.
  • Injectors of the built-in type have a special form, which prevents blockages.


Innovations touched many programs:

  • ECO- a mode for saving resources and resources;
  • silent cycle- almost noiseless operation;
  • intensive washingcope with the worst pollution;
  • decalcification;
  • self cleaning;
  • special programallows you to configure its settings for the requirements and needs of the user.

Turbidity sensor

The sensor controls the filter system, keeping the water clean. What are its features:

  • The sensor constantly monitors the level of water contamination in the tank;
  • if the water is too turbid, it merges and the tank is filled by itself with fresh water.

Tanks for detergents built-in type

The containers for detergent and rinse aid are built into the housing, therefore they save essential space around the electrical appliance and are in the quick access zone for level control. Advantages of this design:

  • dispensers are easily filled;
  • it is not necessary to organize additional space for canisters with chemistry (it will be relevant for the bar zone and limited kitchen spaces).

Winterhalter substage options

Consider the options that are available in all machines of the UC series, and their advantages:

  • Energy.Patented heat recirculation system from the already exhausted air. It uses stored heat to heat cold water. Energy saves electricity, minimizes steam emissions when opening the hopper door and has a beneficial effect on the overall microclimate of the room in which the PMM is installed.
  • Cool.Option for rinsing the glasses with cold water, which allows you to use them immediately after unloading from the bunker. This is especially important for beer glasses - this treatment provides a stable "cap" of foam. Also, the Cool function is an added plus to the hygiene of the camera. At the same time, you can change the temperature by rinsing to 65 degrees with one button.

  • Built-in water softener.Works continuously and provides auto-regeneration throughout the entire washing process.

We add that the company completes its front equipment at the customer's request with all the necessary accessories:podiums and racks.They facilitate loading and unloading of dishes, provide compact storage of cassettes.

For stationary installation, the manufacturer offers to buy a pallet to the frontal dishwasher, which is installed on the body of the machine. Delivering the utensils from the bunker, the worker will fold it on this pallet, so as not to dilute the dampness on the machine itself.

Models overview

We took to the model UC-XL. You can choose the software for washing glass, plates, Bistro or cutlery.

Winterhalter UC-XL

What the standard equipment provides:

  • indicators of temperature conditions;
  • diary of operations, hygiene, mistakes;
  • independent cleaning;
  • start from the delayed start timer;
  • a one-piece tank equipped with a hygienic water heater;
  • drain pump;
  • 3D injectors;
  • two-layer insulation of the shell walls and the loading door;
  • open door sensor;
  • leak detector;
  • the possibility of stationary installation or under the countertop.

Important! This model provides all of the above options, such as Energy, Cool.

Additional options:

  • Effect system for washing at low temperatures using special means;
  • demineralizing device DeMatik Pi-240;
  • the choice of 7 door designs;
  • a glass door with a blue backlight inside the hopper;
  • possibility of connecting a PC for HACCP documentation;
  • cassette for 2 tiers, etc.


  • WxDxH: 60x6, x82-85 cm (for Energy the height can vary from 9 to 94 cm).
  • dimensions of the basket: 50x50 cm;
  • weight: 69/79 kg (net and gross);
  • noise level - 57 dB;
  • water consumption liter per cycle when washing glasses, dishes or Bistro and, liter per cycle for cutlery;
  • duration of cycles for glasses - from 47 to 163 seconds, for plates - from 54 to 150 seconds, Bistro - from 54 to 128 seconds, cutlery - from 171 to 327 seconds;
  • voltage: 220 and 380 V.

The cost of the model is from 443 500 rubles.

Video review:

User Reviews

Elena, Moscow

We bought a front-end Winterhalter UC-L / dish dishwasher for installation in our small restaurant. The staff is pleased with the management - nothing complicated at all, washes 5 points out of 5. Compact, took up quite a bit of space, despite the high power. Many additional options and functions that are not found in cheap cars.

PT Series Dome

Dome machines provide ideal washing in a short period of time. Based on the type of dishes and user requirements, it is possible to choose a machine from the basic PT-M / L / XL series and the basic one - PT-500.

Consider the basic model PT-500. Main characteristics:

  • voltage: 380 V;
  • power, kWt;
  • dimensions (WxDxH): 6, х75х196 cm;
  • Productivity: 60, 30 and 15 baskets per hour;
  • the height of the loading opening is 44 cm;
  • Dimensions of the basket: 50x50 cm;
  • The flow rate of water is, liter per wash cycle.


  • weight of the structure - 103 kg (without package);
  • electronic control is provided with a touch-panel-display;
  • the case is made of stainless steel;
  • In-line rinse aid dispenser;
  • four-stage filtration of water;
  • Exclusion of "dead" zones of the bunker;
  • TAN of stainless steel;
  • the ability to reconfigure the software;
  • VarioPower;
  • simple maintenance.

The price of this car starts at 662 422 rubles.

UF Boiler Wet Series UF and GS-630

We are talking about the most powerful machines, scrapers. As in the previous cases, you can choose a machine in different sizes: M, L or XL, or the base model - GS-630. The Winterhalter boiler-washing machines guarantee hygienic work, ergonomic housing and high energy efficiency.

Winterhalter GS 630

We introduce you to the world's smallest miniature washer - GS 630. This solution for small kitchens, store shelves, bakeries and other small rooms. Has a front case and allows you to wash a small kitchen inventory: baskets of EU standards (eurotar), trays, fat filters and gastronorms. If necessary, you can load into the bunker porcelain and ordinary cutlery.


  • reversible upper and lower detergent sleeves for careful handling and intensive dynamics;
  • 4-fold cleaning of the cleaning solution;
  • standard, intensive and short washing for processing utensils with different degrees of contamination;
  • protection class IPX5;
  • protection from splashes;
  • touch control;
  • extinguisher of excessive foam;
  • Thermostop system;
  • is completed with a detergent dispenser;
  • self cleaning system;
  • Removable hoses, nozzles, filter system elements for easy cleaning.


  • capacity: 38, 29, 12 cassettes per hour;
  • a tank of 25 liters;
  • dimensions of the basket: 65х5, cm;
  • weight: 105 kg (120 kg together with packing);
  • power, kWt;
  • voltage: 380 V;
  • complete with a drain pump;
  • Dimensions of the case: 87x60x82-8,

The cost of this mini-machine for washing boilers starts at 43, 99 rubles.

Tunnel PMM

Tunnels dishwashers Winterhalter come in two types: conveyor and belt. And there are both single-tank and multi-tank models. These machines are designed to handle large volumes of dishes at high speed. They are in demand in restaurants, hotels, organizers of catering.

For example, a conveyor dishwasher with one tankSTF BavariaIt is created for washing impressive parties of glasses, glasses or beer mugs. It can process up to 2800 pieces in one hour. A cold rinse system has been introduced, and a high-performance system has been set up to ensure the removal of persistent stains from lipstick and others.

MTF series machinescan be used for hygienic washing of dishes in public catering establishments, polyclinics and large enterprises. An exact description of all models can be found on the official website of the company "Winterhalter Russia".

The German company offers the user all types of equipment, in a wide range and with an enviable functionality. We wish you successful purchase and maximum automation of your business processes.

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