Review of dishwashers Beco

Beko dishwashers are in high demand, received positive feedback from customers. They can safely wash glass and children's dishes, place devices on different levels and not worry about leaks. Consider their technology, advantages and disadvantages.

Content of the material:

  • 1Features of dishwashers "Beko"
    • 1.1Technology and Functionality
  • 2Beko PMM Review
    • 2.1Beko DFS 05010 W
    • 2.2Beko DIN 26220
    • 2.3Beko DFN 1001 X
    • 2.4Beko DFS 26010
  • 3Malfunctions of MMO Veko

Features of dishwashers "Beko"

Among the models you will find freestanding (width 60 cm), recessed narrow PMM (45 cm). Loading depending on the volume of the camera varies from 4 to 14 sets of dishes.

In the installation of the Veko dishwasher, the instructions for use will help you. The technician can be connected according to the schemeto the hot and cold water supply at the same time.

Manufacturers try to save energy, so the energy classes are A ++ and A +.

You will not be bothered by the question "how to use the dishwasher". The control panel is equipped with an LCD-display, indicators, which allows you to track the time before the end of the cycle and conveniently install the program.

Technology and Functionality

Manufacturers of equipment have taken care not only of your dishes, but also of children's accessories. Rich functionality allows you to customize the program to effectively wash products from different materials.

  • GlassShield. Controlling the level of water hardness, allows you to get clear and shiny glass instruments from the machine.
  • EverClean. Self-cleaning filter requires manual maintenance 4 times less often than in conventional dishwashers. All thanks to a pump that cleans the filter with pressurized water.
  • AquaFlex. The system monitors the water pressure in the chamber. For highly contaminated products in the lower compartment, it is 60%. In the upper part, where fragile and slightly contaminated devices are located, the water pressure is lower.
  • Silent-Tech reduced noise level up to 49 dB. You can safely run the equipment at night.
  • Watersafe +. Not just complete, but double protection against leaks. If the system leaks, the system blocks the water supply, and additional protection cuts off the water intake if the hose is leaking.
  • Guides with ball bearings ensure smooth movement of the basket. Now the plates do not beat against each other.
  • Internal lighting. Place the instruments with convenience.
  • BabyProtect washing mode. Intensive treatment of children's dishes with the subsequent rinsing in hot water.
  • Acrobat. The technology allows you to rearrange the filled basket by levels.
  • Folding device holders allow you to place large items in the basket.

In addition to all the listed advantages there are disadvantages. Users are not satisfied with the Turkish quality of the assembly of the Veco dishwashers: the machine is sensitive to detergents, which must be properly selected. The quality of the sink will depend on the settings of the rinse aid and the placement of the dishes.

Beko PMM Review

Let us consider the functional of individual models.

Beko DFS 05010 W

Narrow freestanding model 45x60x85 cm. Capacity - 10 sets. The water flow per cycle will be 13 liters, electricity - 3 kW per hour. The noise level is reduced to 49 dB. One of the most budgetary machines.

Electronic management will help you choose from 5 main programs. There is a possibility of half-loading: if the dirty devices do not accumulate at full load, set the mode to ½. So the machine will consume less resources.

Of the additional functions, the delay timer is up to 9 hours. Condensation drying allows you to get dry dishes from the camera.

The price is from 13 000 rubles.


The dishwasher chose by function and cost. I did not want to overpay for the brand "Bosch because the set of programs they have is similar. The work of DFS 05010 W is satisfied, I use the Quick & amp; lean. It is the fastest in time and well laundered at 60 degrees. In the lower basket well included pots and pans. Drying really well dries plates, I get already dry. In my opinion, excellent value for money.

Beko DIN 26220

Full-size PMM, which can be built into the kitchen set. At one time you can download 12 sets. Consumption of water is 12 liters, and electricity kW. Electronic control with a display allows you to track time, and it is also convenient to install one of 6 programs. Quick & Clean reduces washing time. Suitable not only for lightly soiled dishes, but also for frying pans. In addition, the ½ boot mode is enabled.

The basket is adjustable in height, so you can place large pots, baking trays. Turbosushka quickly and efficiently drains the appliances thanks to the fan, which accelerates the chamber hot air.

The WaterSafe + system will fully protect the equipment from leaks. Automatic mode independently determines the optimum washing cycle using sensors. A beam on the floor will notify you about the end of the program.

The cost of 24 000 rubles.


The machine does an excellent job only with the correct arrangement of devices. The quality of the detergent is important. I now use the Finish tablets, the plates are washed to the squeak. If the turbo-dryer turns on (depends on the mode), then the instruments are completely dry, except for plastic sinkers. But! The instruction is not understood at all. There are pictures to the installation, it would not hurt to comment. In principle, you can understand. It's great that there is a beam on the floor, because the end of the cycle is not always audible.

Beko DFN 1001 X

A stand-alone model with dimensions of 60x57x85 cm. 12 sets will enter the bunker freely. The resource consumption is not large in comparison with the previous PMM: water - 10 liters, electricity kW per hour.

The machine has received partial protection from leaks, the control panel and the door are blocked from the children. Five washing regimes allow you to wash any type of cookware. Built-in sensors determine the amount of loading and adjust the optimum washing mode. The upper basket is adjustable in height.

Door seals are antibacterial, prevent the reproduction of bacteria. The cost of 33 000 rubles.


We use technology for 2 months. During this time, nothing is broken, PMM works perfectly. We began to noticeably save on water. After all, the download is quite impressive, so one cycle a day is enough. I use washingPowder Finishand the same rinse aid. The dishes are washed well, without divorce. However, recently the coating was removed from the frying pan! Now I can not load such utensils into the dishwasher. On the "Auto" mode, it does not always correctly estimate the pollution. It happens that there is a fat coating on the plates.

Beko DFS 26010

The technique is narrow and detached. The dimensions are 45x60x85 cm. The body is made in three colors: black, white and steel. The technique is designed for 10 sets. The panel is equipped with a display, so you can track the washing time.

Functional includes 6 main programs and condensate drying. You can postpone the beginning of the cycle for 24 hours and start the car wash at night. Moreover, the noise level is only 47 dB. The Quick & Clean function will help you quickly cope with complex contaminants. The program "Auto" will save your time - set the mode at your discretion.

The PMM consumes 11 liters of water and 3 kW of electricity per hour. The case is under full protection of WaterSafe +.

The price is from 27 000 rubles.


My husband and I live in the province, so the latest technology is coming to us late. Finally we decided to buy a dishwasher. In the store there was only a model DFS 26010. Here already half a year in using. Washes all the devices even on a fast cycle for 35 minutes. Salt I buy every two months, as for me - the expense is economical. True, the pills are expensive, but, perhaps, there are cheaper means. I advise everyone to choose this model.

Malfunctions of MMO Veko

In any technique, breakages occur, and dishwashers are no exception. Often the cause of the problem is the user's errors during installation. Repair can be done independently, if you know,how to disassemble a dishwasher, and understand its structure. This is written in the instructions and our article.

Typical malfunctions of PMM:

  1. Does not turn on. Check the correct connection, the presence of voltage in the network. A serious breakdown is considered burnt control module, then the technique does not work and does not respond to commands.
  2. Does not drain the water. A typical user error during operation is the untimely cleaning of the filters. As a result, the drain becomes clogged and the pump does not pump out the water.
  3. Does not gain water. The reason can be in the absence of water or in a clog of the flood system. Check the hose and filter.

Do not know where to look for a breakdown? Run the autotest. How to turn it on is specified in the user's manual.

Before buying a vehicle, find out about the availability of spare parts and accessories. If necessary, you should quickly fix the problem, rather than wait until the parts are delivered from another country. We hope that our review will help to make the right choice.

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