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Deciding to buy a dishwashing technique, you have to choose among dozens of manufacturers. More and more positive comments from specialists and users receive Gorenje dishwashers. A wide range of products offers different models by type of installation, functionality and design. The dishwashers "Gorenie" are equipped with modern technologies that allow saving resources. Which PMM is better to choose, consider in the article.

Content of the material:

  • 1Technologies and functionality of dishwashers "Burning"
  • 2Review of PMM Gorenje
    • 2.1Gorenje GV50211
    • 2.2Gorenje GV 64311
    • 2.3Gorenje GS52214W
    • 2.4Gorenje GV 63311

Technologies and functionality of dishwashers "Burning"

When choosing a customer's car, the question is: where do they collect the equipment? Gorenje is a well-known brand that was founded in Slovenia. This country still produces dishwashers, water heaters, refrigerators.

It is possible to accurately know the place of production of MMP bymarking on the body.

Among the models you will find narrow recessed (45 cm) and detached (60 cm) models. How to include, attach the facade of the equipment is indicated in the operating instructions. If you can not understand,

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how to connect a dishwasher, read our article.

Manufacturers in every way modernize the machines, adjusting the functionality to the needs of the buyer. Thus, PMM from the new SmartFlex series is equipped with a functional internal zone. Baskets can be adjusted on three levels. You can free space to accommodate large baking trays and pans.

Useful technologies and programs:

  1. SmartControl. Convenient control panel with display. Touch or mechanical buttons are located from right to left, which makes it easier to use.
  2. TotalDry. After the wash cycle, the machine door automatically opens. So hot steam comes out, and a fresh stream allows you to quickly dry the appliances.
  3. Cycle reduction. Urgently need to wash the mountain of dishes? Set the reduction mode, and clean appliances will be ready in 15 minutes.
  4. Auto. This program automatically selects the optimal wash mode with minimal water and electricity consumption.
  5. Self-cleaning the filter. Now you do not have to clean the sink several times a month. The system rinses the filter after the end of the cycle.
  6. MultiClack. The upper basket moves on two levels to accommodate large plates and pans.
  7. QuickIntensive. The dishes are washed under high pressure, while the cycle time is shortened.
  8. Sensor of purity. The optimum water flow is possible thanks to the sensors. They analyze the transparency of water. If the water is clean, then rinse stops.

We will analyze the characteristics of the most popular models, according to customer feedback.

Review of PMM Gorenje

Before buying, be sure to check the application manual, specify if there are spare parts for this model and how easy it is to install.

Gorenje GV50211

The model can be fully integrated into the headset. Dimensions 4, × 8, × 54 cm. The bunker allows placing 9 sets of dishes. Four levels of spraying are completely washed by all the appliances. Water consumption per cycle is 1, l, and electricity - 8 kW.

Provides full protection against leaks AquaStop. Three main programs are included. The 3-in-1 function distinguishes the type of detergent that allows it to be used rationally. Self-cleaning the filter will facilitate the maintenance of the equipment.

The price is from 19 000 rubles.


Budget model without unnecessary functions. There is all the most necessary, so the purchase is happy. Capacity is the same as stated by the manufacturer - 9 sets. The holders for the plates are foldable, so pans are conveniently placed. GV50211 washes the dishes well, the main thing is to remove burnt contamination with which the dishwasher can not cope.

From the negative: a month later the pump went off. The repair was free under warranty.

Gorenje GV 64311

A fully-equipped dishwasher is designed for 14 sets. Dimensions of the case 5, × 8, × 55 cm. Basic modes 8, among which there is a fast cycle and pre-soaking for heavily soiled dishes. The water consumption is 11 liters, the machine consumes electricity, 3 kW.

This is a multifunctional model that can save you time. The manufacturer provided:

  • Automatic cleaning of the filter. It is no longer necessary to worry that the drainage system will be clogged with pieces of food.
  • SpaceDeluxe. Large third basket, capacity for 14 items.
  • MultiClack. Convenient movement of baskets on the camera.

Moreover, the purity sensor controls the quality of the rinsing of the dishes. And the system "Aquastop" completely protects from possible leakage.


Great car. Bought a month ago and made the first launch. I washed the dishes with "excellent". I start the dishwasher every day, the result suits, I did not find any breakages. It is pleasant, that baskets are conveniently regulated, big dishes and pans are placed also. Works PMM quietly, sleep does not interfere, in addition, consumes much less water than was left when hand washing (checked by the meter).

Gorenje GS52214W

The detached technique 4, × 8, × 60 cm accommodates 9 sets. Electromechanical control without display. The GS52214W is equipped with condensation drying and 6 modes. There is a possibility of a half load and a delay of start up to 8 hours.

PMM is equipped with 3-in-1 technology, which allows you to adjust the sink for optimal results. The AquaStop system ensures safety from leaks. You can run the dishwasher and go to the store without worrying that you will flood the neighbors. The drain filter is self-cleaning.

The water consumption is 9 liters. Electricity consumption is quite economical - 7 kW. Reduced noise level 49 dB.

The cost is from 20 000 rubles.


The design of the machine is rather flimsy, the cheap plastic parts can be traced. Previously I used the technique "Bosch but decided to save money, because I bought in temporary housing. Control without display, the most common. If you place the dishes in the upper basket, it rests against the sprinkler. In general, the model is ill-conceived, but it washes well. I do not know, the truth, how much it will suffice.

Gorenje GV 63311

The full-sized model is designed for full integration. The capacity of the tank is 14 sets. The dimensions of the machine are 60x55x82 cm. In stock there are 8 programs, the mode of half loading. If you have not accumulated dirty plates for a full load, do not let them wither. Set the mode to 1/2, and the PMM will help devices with less resource consumption.

Delay the start of the equipment for 24 hours. Thanks to the basket, which is adjustable in height, it is possible to wash large appliances. GV 63311 consumes 12 liters of water and 4 kW of energy. Complete protection from leaks provides convenient and safe use. At the end of the program, an audible signal sounds.

The price is from 21 000 rubles.


We chose a model from the assortment in our store. Prior to this did not read the reviews. They were based on the number of downloads, because we have a family - 5 people. The capacity for 14 sets just came up. After the start of use, they realized that they bought a good technique. Devices are well cleaned even with a dense load. Number of programs for all occasions. For such a price - the quality is excellent. Recommended.

Having studied the feedback of consumers, you can form an opinion about dishwashers "Burning". Of course, no one is immune from mistakes, and every technique can break down. Most often people turn to a repair shop when:

  • The PMM is not included;
  • Do not collect water.

Carefully study the manual and check the installation. These problems occur when you first use the dishwasher. You may have incorrectly connected the hose. If you can not solve the problem on your own, then contact the service center.

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