Repair steamer for clothes with their own hands

The structure of most of the devices operating with steam, is similar. Laid portal VashTehnik description of the functioning of the iron - striking similarity between our current subject of discussion with the espresso machine. Devices obviously relatives, repair steamer for clothes with his hands in ease carefully re-read the reviews. Today decided to collect grains useful in this context, while avoiding unnecessary digressions. Steamer... need to iron in the air, is used to clean the furniture - a preference for underwear, even if the packaging box according to the manager of the marketing department - inside the boiler stands. Sounding name incorrectly - emphasized repeatedly: The device trivial heater. Applied called boiler ironing - steam generating device.

Apparatus Model steamer

From master greatest difficulties faced by trying to disassemble the housing. Firms-manufacturers of household appliances protect the product from the masters of self-taught. It is assumed, when removing the inner housing will get irreparable damage, easily detectable by technical services.

The similarity with the coffee maker emerges characteristic detail - the presence of the pump. Brew coffee made a pressure of 15 atm - clothes satisfied three. Typical mobile models, resembling the appearance of a vacuum cleaner. Concerning manual techniques parameter significantly lower. The volume of water is more modest. Inside a typical steam mop Shark Mop are:

The design of steamer

  1. Output power cord is often deprived of pads.
  2. The pump pushing the plunger. Discussed portal device of the steam iron, steam it uses the equivalent circuit is preferably a mechanical drive utilizing physical force finger. Discussed equipment includes a servo motor, is started by pressing the corresponding button. Iron electric auxiliary pump used infrequently.
  3. Private branch circuitry serves boiler. Clearly distinguish similarities with a coffee maker. We start talking about Shark Mop, but hand-steamer for clothes and furniture is similar in structure to the boiler. It is something so focus on design details.

Boiler steamer for clothes

Firstly, the case accommodates most of the traditional heating devices thermal fuse. Just look inside the cell, to draw bracket to the metal casing of the boiler. The water is not heated - feel free to call on both sides of the wire (pulling the plug out of the socket). Tester refuses food - fired thermal fuse. In spite of this protection system integrity, placed inside the thermostat. If the absence of water each time thermal fuse will burn, customers quickly get tired to make a choice in favor of the product. The thermostat maintains the unique qualities of the bimetallic strip, forming the relay cuts off the power supply when the temperature reaches a safe value.

boiler steamer

What is the temperature inside? More than 100 degrees Celsius. Espresso, frothing milk (yield pairs) apply 135 degrees Celsius. We believe there is the same in our case. Scale has become a recognized problem Garment Steamer. Periodically clean the heating element. With little difference against the makers. With drinks boiler construction is made in two halves which are identical and equivalent, silicone sleeve is twisted through bolts. Steamer heating tank comprises a base, heating element, forming a unit, is put on top of a steel cap. The assembly is screwed under the cross. There silicone gasket, ribs housing. Read the section steam irons, find a photo of the tank receiving pairs. Remarkably similar to the steamer.

steamer operating principle for clothing limited afford pressurized steam. Boiler regulated bypass or check valve. Remembering Soviet bicycles will be surprised that the device is designed in exactly the same wheels Salute nipple. Silicone rubber tube replaced. Polymer withstands high temperatures. Threaded fitting, cut by an axial channel emerging at an opening in the side of the steel probe, covered by a silicone tube. The pump pumps constantly, water flows inwardly when the pressure in the tank is below the limit. It makes it relatively easy to maintain specified conditions.

Job household steamer

The output of the boiler tube devoid special differences. The handset is equipped with a spring, the locking stroke against dripping fluid, drawn by the force of gravity. Most garment steamer pot grounded. Without this, even manual model can properly strike current within 230 volts (safe rechargeable steamers). Tubes, wires, directly adjacent to the boiler steamer for clothes, wearing thermal protection, safeguard against high temperatures. Now let's see how to make repairs!

Repair garment steamer

Device clothes steamer leaves little fancy place.

Can break boiler, pump. Less common failure comes to the switch.

Pairs refuses to go, open the case:

  • Turn on a garment steamer with the opening of the case by taking the necessary precautions. Pump dead - first of all check the power supply of 230 volts on pins. Fixing the power supply, pull out the cord, start a dial. Note: in the simplest models pump sits parallel to the heating element, hence the need to undock the boiler terminals. Otherwise, the ringing will be serviceable (in our case) heater, a resistance of 25 ohms. The engine does not squeak - broken pump motor steamer. Repair limited opening of the case, assess the possibility of a new winding reel. Described process repeatedly in many areas, so avoid to focus today. Repair steamer
  • The pump operates, the water does not go - the silicone nipple. For Shark Mop need a 9 mm wrench to unscrew the part. Clean citric acid note: silicone chemical is harmful. If the home there Descaler for washing machine or dishwasher, use the shopping option is ideal. Tools for electric kettles will not fit. Note: sell Descaler for Garment Steamer. Perhaps, you find such. Acetic acid is recommended to use the majority of manufacturers, the substance also has a negative impact on the rubber. Thin marketing ploy aimed, providing a steady stream of customer service centers? But decide for yourself, silicone gasket is afraid of acid, therefore, repaired steamer can add a new problem.
  • In any case, sometimes it is necessary to clean itself from scale inside the boiler, the heating element. Have to undock communication, both electric and water. Before that, a good idea to take a photo, that at assemblage to know what and where to connect. At the same time rang heater. Approximately the resistance obtained using the nameplate capacity steamer for clothes in the formula of Ohm's law. This will be the square of voltage divided by this same value. Typical coil has a resistance of 25 ohms for 2 kW. Cleaning the boiler being non-corrosive acid. Suitable citric acid, acetic acid, and many others. Including safely use Descaler for all types of household appliances. The basic malfunctions will follow, if the cleaning procedure is too tighten. Despite the presence of a fuse, the thermostat has a chance of creating an environment where steamer heating element works too hard mode, which causes aging and with eventually burnout.
  • If the heating element is burned, there is no way to repair. Either buy a new device, or order from the dealer (e-bay) spare. That's why so many levels of protection, which is why thoroughly clean the boiler periodically. Burn spiral - to repair steamer impossible.

In some steamer boiler is protected by a dielectric jacket, reducing heat loss. Do not hesitate to carefully remove the polymer for access to the body of the tank. The main types of damage listed, we do not exclude that will flow hoses, pump or worn. Seal waterproof heat-resistant adhesive, increases the piston (in iron, e.g., are silicone gaskets that the master is made from a sealant independently). Disassemble the pump, refer to the site. Designs a lot, so we can not give uniform guidance on how to repair the garment steamer with their hands on all occasions. At this we left to say goodbye to future reviews. The first in RuNet portal puts detailed descriptions of household appliances, see and tell others about the steamers for clothes. Professional technology at home!

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