Repair hood with his hands

Dear hoods are built on a centrifugal fan, and cheap - in the axial. Maybe dissimilar models. However, the repair of the hood with his hands more related to the field of electrical engineering. Break or start the engine and control scheme. Asynchronous motors mainly shaded pole, among the low-power units meet commutated windings. The difference mainly in the connection diagram, a speed control occurs similarly. Inverter method has not been widely spread, the current level of technology does not allow. Simply change the amplitude - is a universal method for all types of electric motors found in household extracts. The greatest power of the model can provide tangential fans, take aircraft where the propellers gradually fade into the past. In case of traffic jams load stays on the engine, slat continue to spin.

The device extracts

In the domestic market a lot of brands of kitchen hoods: Krona, Falmec, Kaiser, Sata. Varieties bit: domed, flat, T-shaped. Naming is a little different, but the meaning does not change. Inside the cooker hoods are arranged in a similar way. Consider what is inside of said type of household appliances.

extraction work

Elikor extractor hood is arranged, as mentioned above. Inside the induction motor, resembling a shell, one drum of blades. More powerful and high-performance models are equipped with two impellers. The air comes from the sides, goes up the middle. The channel is formed of the motor housing or a separate structure. Extractor hood structure resembles small fan due to the presence of the tangential type blades. In this case, the impeller resembles a wheel steamers start of the industrial era. Air enters the schematic squirrel cage in the middle, then pushed out of the radial lines outward by centrifugal force. If the channel is formed cork extractor hood will not work. Sometimes the air tube are created between blades that will run in a circle and back flow is not allowed.

If a group of neighbors put the hood without taking into account the channel capacity of the ventilation system, the loser will be the owner of the weakest instrument for him in the kitchen will direct the flow of the other apartments. In the described case, the blade may not hold pressure. Fan stops working not merely idle, but admitting into the dregs of the neighbors. Fact easily check beaten gimmicky. Including kitchen and the hood and try to stick objects with large sail to the portal. If the air flow keeps things in limbo, thrust functions, and the force is determined by the total weight of sticky objects that manage to make to hover at the same time. When the power is turned off items spectacularly fall down, which is often demonstrated in advertising to the sound of a heavy fall of the audience judged the quality of our kitchen range hoods.

backlight hood

In addition to any fan hood is equipped with lighting means. In cheap devices present filament bulbs in expensive models - LED and halogen lamps. And semiconductors are found to be surprisingly rare. We do not know how to explain the neglect of the element base, is often found in lanterns, presumably this is due to difficulties in obtaining the necessary supply voltages. Household lighting with LEDs often operate on batteries. Needed DC or efficiency is seen clearly below 50%. Semiconductor junctions are illuminated not by heating, in view of processes occurring within at which electrons lose their energy is converted into light quanta. If the energy levels of materials constituting verified accurately, the difference between them is the same, the efficiency approaches 100%.

The simplest extractor hood includes:

  1. Motor with the impeller.
  2. Lighting.
  3. the switching system of conductors and a pair of switches.

disassembly of the hood

Sometimes - ridiculously simple design at the same speed, a simple switch. Motor as light bulbs, running from 220 V. Repair hoods with their hands in such cases, the complexity is not, break nothing special. Sometimes it is necessary to replace a light bulb or a burned-out engine. In the complex extractor hood speeds much. Simply adjust the rotation due to changes in the supply voltage amplitude, the remaining power starts to be lost core element, explaining the installation of large radiators. This efficiency is obtained when low, so extracts expensive inverters meet (in conjunction with induction motors), changing the pulse repetition frequency. Then the fine adjustment can be achieved excellent performance and capacity obtained under otherwise equal consumed energy.

Said control method assumes that the induction motor. The rate is determined by the collector voltage magnitude and geometrical structure of the stator and rotor. If the crank shaft does not have time for the repetition period of the pulse, the situation continues, the polarity of the poles in this case is given by the direction of turn of coils, not otherwise. Eat better DC for a simple reason: the inductor make up for it virtually zero resistance. Motor heating losses and will be the lowest. By the way, part of the commutator motor provides pin-out for each stator winding separately. Then the power of the instrument falls, and loss of various kinds are falling, if you include a single coil available.

Take into service, if you have to put a different type of engine. Standard full-wave rectifier with a filter of the RC-chain at the same time a good power supply, if there is an induction motor for replacement. Of course, the need for isolation transformer current input and output circuits.

plastic welding

Plastic may cook, do not try to glue without good cause. You will need:

  1. Soldering iron.
  2. Plastic bags.
  3. Sharp knife stationery.

Indent cut along the seam, lay the PE, pass a soldering iron. the operation is repeated if necessary. Acquire skill damage will be not afraid.

Additional elements of kitchen hoods

drawing apparatus sometimes complement timer. This gives the blades stop delay after pressing the off button. Of course, in most cases, not mechanical timers. The chip set of the logic required for timing pulses. It is easy to put the counter (or counters cascade) to produce a final shutdown signal at the right time. In the case described powered kitchen hood passes via a relay controlled by the output signal of the cascade of counters. Find the location it is not difficult for directories on the Internet, scoring in the search box marked chips.

Extract with timer

In practice, the device may be more difficult in the sense of the signal, but it is always worth looking for an element, through which the power to the instrument, which became the key to the kitchen hood, which will have to move farther. Trace where it comes from a control signal to the relay, check there is voltage at the right time. Perform the sequence of actions:

  • include kitchen hood;
  • set the timer option;
  • disconnect the appliance;
  • at the right time to use a multimeter.

pick-up voltage is indicated on the switch housing, but notice it on the meter display is difficult. Difficult to check the circuit of the inverter. If the engine is running catch in another, quite flip speed and at the hearing to evaluate the results, faster spinning or not the blade. Interfering in the scheme, you must make sure that the voltage of the control buttons to reach the destination. If there is a chip feed levels multimeter measured its output.

For some there is a retractable hoods portal. Often drawn by hand. Otherwise, the service is a small motor with a single coil, rewind easily. It needs a device easy going, long board (s arm) on which are fixed two pairs with axes rack. Each reel is rotated: a first winding occurs, a second wire is wound. Drive manual or by a suitable device: drill, screwdriver.

In difficult cases be split internal device on logical parts, would find easier breakage. Complex inside there. motor control circuit is simple, it is easy to check the motor performance. Major difficulties arise when disassembling and reassembling the device. Each constructor home appliance tries to hide fasteners of decorative elements, so extractor hood sometimes is a hard nut to crack.

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