Dishwasher Korting KDFf 2050: The specifications, reviews, comparisons with competitors

Select the dishwasher is becoming increasingly difficult for food every year: the market there each year new models, competing with each other unusual features, programs and technical sets opportunities. But there are low-cost options, without any frills.

Budget dishwasher Korting KDF 2050 - a compact kitchen assistant, which can be installed on a desktop or in an open furniture unit.

The content of the article:

  • Detailed description of the model
    • Construction equipment and machinery
    • Specifications dishwashers
    • A full list of programs
  • User feedback on the model
  • Comparison with similar dishwashers
  • Presentation of competing options
    • Competitor 1: Candy CDCP 6 / E
    • Competitor 2: Midea MCFD-0606
    • Competitor 3: Bosch Serie 2 SKS 41E11
  • The best offers on the market

Detailed description of the model

KÖRTING company specializes in the production of kitchen appliances, including a dishwasher. Following the wishes of the users, the emphasis is on the production of embedded hardware - in the catalog for a lot more.

But the free-standing machines are also in great demand, so they are readily available in stores, realizing dishwashers German brand. On the 2050 KDF example, you can find out why this is happening.

Construction equipment and machinery

Initially, the products were manufactured in Germany, is now the main production facilities are located in China. Russian supplier is «Kerting RUS" with an office in Moscow, she accepts the claim.

Model KDF 2050 refers to a desktop type, that is not designed to be installed on the floor. Its location - on a raised horizontal surface located at a height of 70-90 cm above the floor for ease of maintenance.

KDF Model 2050 in the interior

KDF Model 2050 has two design variants, differing only in color. Letter W indicates a model name of white color, and S - Silver

If all workers countertops are occupied, the dishwasher is installed in a separate module with a niche suitable size as a microwave oven.

Before purchasing and choice of location is necessary to consider not only the size of the device, but also the location of the hose. At deficiency of space at the rear wall, they are pressed, and there are problems with the supply and discharge of water.

In addition, the rear surface of the machine heats up, so the next should not be melting objects. Usually 7-10 cm away from walls or furniture panels enough to accommodate communication.

The machine is mounted in a cabinet

The rectangular shape of the machine housing is suitable for installation in a niche of furniture sets. Steel box outside the spray coating of waterproof protective paint

And exterior design and inner filling model resembles counterparts from other manufacturers. The door is located on the front side, it swings 90 degrees with little effort, and in the open form the basis for baskets for the dishes.

The grill unit is equipped with rollers, so roll out the basket easy as installing the dishes on separate compartments.

The circuit arrangement of utensils and appliances

To the user it was easier to distribute the dishes and cutlery into compartments, the manufacturer placed in documents accompanying chart to specify where the various items (+)

All parts, including the basket, made of durable and safe materials, but over time can wear out and require replacement.

To understand how to construct the machine, it is easy. You can use the next diagram indicating the main components and assemblies.

Features PMM connection

Dishwashing machine KDF board 2050 is connected with new hoses to the branch tap, the inlet pressure which must be at least 00.4 MPa, but not higher than 1 mPas (+)

dishwashing apparatus is controlled by buttons located in the upper part of the front panel.

The control unit dishwasher Korting

The control unit is highlighted in black gloss. Besides buttons it is possible to find indicators and a small display for error and operating information (+)

Use the buttons to start or stop the machine, choose the program you want, use the delayed start option.

Display system is very convenient, as it helps to monitor the cleaning process time to load salt or add rinse aid.

The presence of the display is also evaluated positively: if there is a problem with the water supply, or clogged filter on an error code appears on the screen, thanks to which the decoding can solve a problem yourself or cause specialist.

Specifications dishwashers

Work associated with the dishwasher water and energy consumption, so a set of characteristics is one of the determining factors in the selection. Interested user settings can be found in the data sheet of the product on the packaging, check with your consultant.

The size and characteristics of the model

The dimensions of the device are not fundamental in the selection, but the owners of small kitchens, where every centimeter of usable space in the account, they should definitely be compared with the size of the free area on the desktop or in niche

KDF model 2050 provides 12 months warranty and 10 years of service, therefore, should first check whether it is economical.

Of course, its parameters can not be compared with the characteristics of an expensive built-in appliances, but they are quite suitable for a compact device.

Specifications dishwashers

As seen from the summary table, washing and drying classes - A, and power consumption - A +. Consequently, the machine saves energy when operating in different modes

It may be noted relatively low noise level - 49 dB. This means that the included dishwasher will not disturb the people who are in the kitchen, to talk, to engage in cooking or other chores.

During one cycle pomyvochnaya spent about 6.5 liters of cold water and 0,61 kWh (in ECO mode) - it averages. Attractive point - 5 water heating modes.

The choice of cleaning regime

It is possible to regulate the temperature and to set a minimum heating value, when required, for example, simply rinse the cup or dish from the fruits / vegetables

Besides the above characteristics, will be interesting as follows:

  • delay timer - up to 24 h;
  • the temperature of the used water entering the sewer - +60 ° C;
  • complete protection against leaks;
  • indicating notification of the presence of salt and rinse aid;
  • possibility to use instead of the three agents combined 3 to 1;
  • self-cleaning function.

There is no dishwasher sensor that determines the properties of the tap water, so potential users may have to figure out the properties of the fluid flowing into the machine and, if necessary, to take measures for its mitigation.

Usual time wash program takes 3 hours. That's a lot, but users often use other instead, short and economical.

A full list of programs

Choice of several programs of one or two of the most convenient - is a great opportunity to save time and resources, as well as pick up a process for washing of any one type of dishes - for example, a crystal.

The manufacturer has not stinted on the number of programs - in a compact machine their whole 7. Description and technical details can be found in the table:

Program the dishwasher

It also indicated interesting numbers that are not usually mentioned in the commercials. For example, in the process of washing dirty dishes especially machine spends 6.5 liters, and the whole 10 liters of water, and power consumption increases to 0.9 kWh (+)

Of course, implicitly trust the data given in the table, it is not necessary, as the test conditions are often different from the specific conditions of dishwashing.

Testing dishwasher Korting

Recommended as a home test to try all 7 programs to check whether the information coincides with the actual manufacturer. And then you can safely choose the favorite or the most appropriate program and to use them

Interestingly, in terms of cost, it may be the program "Fast" and "glass." "ECO" is also attractive, but the machine is programmed for 3:00, that is, so much time it will produce noise.

User feedback on the model

A lot of interesting things about the model can be found in any review posted on the Internet. Members share their impressions from the use of the machine, place the photo, complaining about the unforeseen problems that arise in the process of washing.

If we analyze the customer reviews on the dishwasher compact machine for home Korting KDF 2050 W, then clearly that positive anymore.

Buyers do not expect from a budget model for much, and in return get a great job, no leaks, good quality cleaning glass and ceramic plates and cups. Below - a few more pros dishwasher, common in a review.

image gallery

Photo of

Possibility to evenly arrange the dishes and cutlery

In the basket enough compartments and places to freely arrange the 6 place settings. Besides traditional dishes can be washed and baby bottles

Comfortable compartments for detergent tabs

The indicator tells you when the funds run out. Salt consumption can be programmed, and the amount of conditioner dosed into the cuvette

Affordable arrangement of filters and the rocker

Take care of the machine is very easy: the filters are located directly under the basket. They gradually become dirty, wash 1 times a week is usually enough

Good quality dishwashing liquid of different material

When selecting a suitable mode of the dishwasher at the "excellent" to cope with the washing of glass, ceramic, porcelain, and even plastic items

Possibility to evenly arrange the dishes and cutlery

Possibility to evenly arrange the dishes and cutlery

Comfortable compartments for detergent tabs

Comfortable compartments for detergent tabs

Affordable arrangement of filters and the rocker

Affordable arrangement of filters and the rocker

Good quality dishwashing liquid of different material

Good quality dishwashing liquid of different material

A big plus - efficiency dishwasher. Even using the most water-consuming program it spends much less water than in the process of manual cleaning.

Many people like the self-cleaning function of the machine from lime and fatty plaque, as well as the protection system AquaControl, which not afraid of any leakage.

Among the negative reviews found the following:

  • unreasonably large container under the cutlery;
  • whitish stains on the glass;
  • need to increase the amount of salt for washing in hard water, and this is determined by trial;
  • major programs are designed for a long time;
  • not laundered stubborn dirt (stains, metal penetration).

By the operation of the machine to adapt. But if you remove the remnants of food, do not install in a basket plate with slices of dried-meat and vegetables, choose the right program and adjust the temperature, the dishwasher will run longer without repair.

Comparison with similar dishwashers

Everything is relative, so before buying should consider all possible offers and choose the best.

Typically, the buyer is guided by the amount allocated to the new kitchen equipment, so analyze three similar models of the same price segment.


Korting KDF 2050

Midea MCFD 55300 Indesit ICD 661 EU

Midea MCFD 55200W

Power, W


1380 1280


The use of electrical energy for one cycle kWh


0,61 0,63


energy efficiency class

A +




Capacity (max), sets


6 6


Water consumption per cycle 1, l


6,5 11


Noise level dB


49 55


Use of detergent 3 1


Yes Yes




Yes Yes


Number of washing programs


7 6


Delayed start, h





Fast program


Yes Yes


price, rub.


14990 16690


Specify power Korting model outperforms all competitors, as well as increased energy efficiency class allocated. Favorably with more expensive dishwashers Indesit energy consumption and water consumption in 1 cycle - but provided the use IVF program.

The noise level in the low-cost model was lower than that of the promoted brand, and the number of programs on more than one.

We can say that Korting KDF 2050 - economical model, fully fulfills its value. However, its functionality and compliance with the declared parameters is relevant only if to comply with the installation rules, operation, time to clean the filters and internal parts - the rocker, baskets.

Presentation of competing options

Let us examine in detail a model that can aggregate to form an idea worthy competition. We compare with desktop models, suggesting a separate installation. Consider their differences in functionality and performance.

Competitor 1: Candy CDCP 6 / E

The tank holds 6 compact model kits prepared for processing utensils. To carry out the cleaning procedure it will need 7 liters of water. In the hour mini-dishwasher consumes 0.61 kW. The noise level during the fight against contamination of food is 51 dB. Leak is protected by all possible means and devices.

Candy CDCP 6 / E potential owners offers 6 different programs. Model washes dishes in a normal, delicate, intensive, economical and fast mode. Managed Dishwasher electronic system. To move the machine has run a timer for enabling startup delay period from 2 to 8 hours.

Among the disadvantages listed in the lowest class of drying, the vast majority of dishwashers manufactured is now dried and washed in class A. No blocking of the intervention children pens and display, demonstrating performance.

Competitor 2: Midea MCFD-0606

Another table representative cohort of compact dishwashers accommodate conventional sets of 6, including a pair of plates, coffee or tea and a few utensils. To perform the required duty cycle machine 7 liters of water per hour it consumes 0.61 KW. The noise level during production operations assigned is 49 dB.

Managed dishwasher electronics. Midea MCFD-0606 has six different programs, washes dishes in a standard, accelerated, intense, delicate and economy mode. a timer is provided for transferring the start, by which to delay the start of the period from 2 to 8 hours.

The display of the model is not as protection against interference of the younger researchers. It's not all the disadvantages. There is also the possibility to carry out washing with half-full hopper. As a protection against leaks is used only case.

Competitor 3: Bosch Serie 2 SKS 41E11

The hopper is placed 6 German dishwashers sets used for dinner dishes, for which the processing unit will need to 8 liters of water. In the hour of machine consumes 0.62 kWh of energy. Noise during operation pretty much at 54 dB, it means that for the kitchen without tight-closing doors and is not suitable for studio apartments, if you plan to run a car wash at night.

Bosch Serie 2 SKS 41E11 offers a total of 4 program washes normally, rapid, economical and intensive mode. Controlled by an electronic device. There load sensor lock minimizing effort when opening / closing the door. Responsible for the quality of the washing system ActiveWaterAllowing perfect wash and rinse utensils in a minimum volume of water.

The list of cons: no display, locking the device away from children. From possible leaks only protects the enclosure. It does not provide the function of the tank loading by half.

The best offers on the market

Compact model - perfect for urban residents, has equipped kitchen furniture set and have forgotten about the embedded dishwasher. Freestanding machine can be placed on a convenient place, but close to communications.

This is a good solution for the garden: if necessary, the dishwasher, you can simply put in the trunk and take out of town. But if you want a more serious and professional assistant, better to stay on the road and the three-dimensional model.

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