How to replace salt for dishwasher

Shocked by the high cost of regenerating salt, which manufacturers recommend to apply without fail? Nobody is against saving, so PMM owners are often interested in picking up salt for a dishwasher - how to replace and whether cheap analogs can be used. Answers to the questions you will find further.

Content of the material:

  • 1The principle of salt
  • 2Salt for dishwasher: what to replace
    • 2.1Foodstuffs
    • 2.2Tablets
    • 2.3Tablets "3 in 1"
  • 3Is it worth replacing the analogues

The principle of salt

To thoroughly understand what can replace special granules, it is worth knowing the principle of their action. In the design of PMM there is an ion exchanger, in which the hard water coming from the water supply system softens. In the reservoir, initially there is a resin saturated with sodium ions, which attracts calcium and magnesium ions so that they do not turn to scum on TEN.

Resin is gradually wasting its resources, and salt helps it to regenerate in order to cope with the task. The substance is poured into the intended compartment (located under the bottom dish basket in the bunker - you can open it yourself). If the water is not too hard, enough for a few months, if too - for several washing cycles. When the stock of salt is depleted, the control panel will notify the user with a red light.

So, do not use salt at all, otherwise you will have to change the ion exchange (it is not repaired). And whether it is possible to pour ordinary salt instead of special - this is to be understood.

Salt for dishwasher: what to replace

This is a substance created on the basis of a chemical compound NaCl (sodium-chlorine). In deciphering - this is common table salt. You can replace special equipment with such drugs:

  • tablets;
  • nautical;
  • capsules "3 in 1".

Let us consider each of these options separately.


Common food salt (stone, cookery) is supplied to stores with different compositions, which can be judged by the appearance of granules. In some packs the granules are larger, in others - small, in one pack the substance can be white, in the other - with a gray tint. The content of grains of sand and impurities is not ruled out. This does not change one truth: the total salt of 96-98% of the NaCl compound. In its composition can There are trace elements such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron and food additives, one of which is E563 (potassium ferrocyanide).

Judging by such a rich composition, experts came to the conclusion that the use of untreated and untreated salt will be dangerous for the dishwasher. Impurities can remain inside the ion exchanger, which threatens a serious breakdown of the part.

Attention! If you decide to replace special granules, buy the options that are processed best - without additives (iodine, spices, etc.). One of these options is "Extra".

The economical PMP users split into two camps - those who use Extra and those who believe that only special substances should be used. Supporters of the cheap method say that the machine safely tolerates NaCl food type, and the consumption is exactly the same. Opponents of the economy believe that changing the means is meaningless, since there is enough for a long time, and if we take this into account, we are talking about small money, and to jeopardize the dishwasher worth it.

There is a category of users who use sea salt, but it has a mass of impurities, including more than 80 minerals. It is practically not processed in the factory, only it is packed, so it definitely does not fit the use in modern dishwashers.


This salt is not produced in the usual granular form, but in tablets. By the way, edible salt can also be found in tablets - it is issued under the name "Mozyr Salt Universal". Tablets are made from the "Extra. Polesie, in which there is no E563. Packing 25 kg costs about 400 rubles - enough of this pack for at least 2 years, so that the savings are obvious.

Tablets "3 in 1"

This remedy can not be called a substitute, because in its composition there is a full complex of substances necessary for optimal washing. A tablet is a complex of layers that alternately "reveal" their properties at different stages of the washing cycle:

  • first two layers - detergent for dishes with NaCl, which work during heating of water by TEN;
  • a third layer of neutral type, is activated during the first rinse.
  • The last layer works already during the final rinsing of the dishes.

Capsules can be used in place of three agents: detergent, rinse and saline. Nothing needs to fall asleep in the ion exchanger - all the processes are already taking place inside the bunker of the machine. The only "but which is worth mentioning - on short cycles, tablets do not always fully dissolve, and their components fall into the water for the last rinse, which affects the quality of washing dishes (you have to rinse again).

Important! Do not push the "three in one" tablets - this activates the rinse aid during washing, and does not reach the rinsing process.

This is a good tool, but if you are looking for what to add to save, they do not suit you. When buying a product, carefully read the label: many capsules are effective only at a water hardness level of 21 dH. Otherwise, it is better to use all the tools separately.

Is it worth replacing the analogues

What to use instead of expensive specialized substances? Experts came to the conclusion that the best option would be food pills. In their favor, says three indisputable facts:

  1. The shape of the tablet provides a long and uniform dissolution to maintain the optimum ion concentration.
  2. A bag of 25 kg is enough for several years.
  3. Convenient bookmark.

Important! If you replace the special tool with another analog, there is a 99% chance that in the warranty repair in the event of a breakdown you will be refused. Put the experiments after the expiration of the warranty coupon.

The decision is yours: to comply with the instructions of the machinery manufacturers or not to "carry on" the marketing policy and make a replacement. When deciding, consider the hardness of the water entering the dishwasher.

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