Review of Bosch dishwashers 60 cm

Dishwasher - that's what every woman dreams about. If you are not only dreaming, but already going to buy equipment, it is important to make the right choice. For a family that likes to cook and receive guests, the full-size Bosch dishwasher model is 60 cm. The main thing is to decide where the technique will be installed: you will find both built-in and detached.

Content of the material:

  • 1Features of Bosch dishwashers
    • 1.1What additional features can be useful
  • 2Advantages and disadvantages
  • 3Rating of the best dishwashers "Bosch" 60 cm
    • 3.1Bosch SMS40D12GB
    • 3.2Embedded models

Features of Bosch dishwashers

The dishwashers from Bosch are in high demand both in Germany and in Russia. This is not surprising, because the German manufacturer has long convinced the user as an assembly, the duration of the operation of equipment. However, even if you choose among the dishwashers "Bosch the number of models on the market causes confusion - which is better to choose?

We will show you which criteria you should pay attention to when buying:

  1. Washing and drying class. You can determine this by stickers on the PMM case. The highest class A, below is B and C. Since the machine is bought for washing dishes (you do not want to clean up the appliances afterwards), choose only equipment with class A. Also pay attention to customer reviews. The parameters specified in the manual are not always valid.
  2. Economy. Also an important factor. You will use the technique every day, or even several times a day. Therefore, look at the energy consumption class (highest - A), water flow.
  3. Reliability of materials and operation. See what the body is made of, internal parts, baskets. Ideally, all parts should be made of stainless steel, which is not afraid of high temperatures and chemical influences.
    Is there protection against leaks? A blocking the panel from the children? This is important for safe use.
  4. The cost. Everyone is repelled from his budget. Not always a high price is a guarantee of quality.
  5. Functionality. Decide which programs are important for you, whether you need additional functions.

What additional features can be useful

Studying feedback on the forums, we came to the conclusion that some users experience inconvenience in the absence of such functionality:

  • Indication of salt and rinse aid. Using the machine becomes uncomfortable when you do not know how much money you need to top up.
  • Delay start timer. You can install the work at any time.
  • Branch for modern washing tablets 3 in 1. For washing, you only need to put 1 tablet and nothing else.
  • The signal after the end of the cycle or light indication (beam on the floor).

Trifles also matter. Despite the variety of programs, there may be no sound signal in the technician. Then how do you know that the sink is over? Constantly walking and checking is not too convenient. Therefore, study the functionality of the dishwasher before buying.

Advantages and disadvantages

Standard dishwashers "Bosch" in 60 cm are very popular among users. Why? Here are a number of undeniable advantages of free-standing MMPs:

  • Capacity. At one time you can wash from 14 to 17 sets of dishes. VarioDrawer technology makes it possible to rearrange baskets, which allows you to place pots, a frying pan, a pan.

  • Due to enough space, the plates are normally placed, so they are well washed.
  • Full-size dishwashers have become more economical. No dirty dishes for a full load? Enable the Half Loading mode and save resources.

Out of the shortcomings can be identified the dimensions of the shell. Although, if you are counting on a full-sized model, this minus is subjective.

Rating of the best dishwashers "Bosch" 60 cm

Before submitting a rating, we will tell you what are the dishwashers "Bosch" by the type of installation:

  1. Separate MMP width of 60 cm. You can install them anywhere. To do this, do not necessarily think over the location in a special niche, just select the place that suits you. You can be sure that you will get a user-friendly technique.
  2. Built-in dishwashers of 60 cm can be placed under the sink, counter top or in the closet higher, so you do not have to bend over. The manufacturer provides high wash results and low power consumption.

All PMM models are similar in functionality and loading degree. Consider and compare the most popular of them.

Bosch SMS40D12GB

This is a stand-alone technique of size 8, x60x60 cm, so we made a separate review for it. Equipped with quiet engine EcoSilence Drive. Due to the absence of brushes, the motor runs silently and efficiently. The capacity of the tank allows you to wash 12 sets.

This will help 4 modes, as well as additional functions and technologies:

  • Washing of delicate dishes. Glass and porcelain are in complete safety.
  • Half load. Do not necessarily save dirty dishes - load what is, and set the mode. Electricity consumption is reduced by 15%, and water by 20%.
  • The Bosch SMS40D12RU model uses ActiveWater technology when water is sprayed on 5 levels. Even the most complex pollution will be removed.
  • Complete protection from AquaStop leaks.
  • Load quantity sensor. Saving became easier. Now the system automatically calculates the required number of resources.
  • The possibility of delaying the program at a convenient time (24 hours).

Vario technology allows you to rearrange the baskets inside the tank at your discretion. After loading, the automatic door closer ServoSchloss closes the door silently.

PMM received Class A by washing and drying. Economically consumes resources: water - 14 liters per cycle, electricity - 5 kW / h. The price is from 30 000 rubles.

Embedded models

If you decide to supplement the kitchen of the embedded PMM, you have plenty to choose from. Bosch SMV40D00RU is a partially built-in model. Its dimensions are 8, x5, x55 cm, and the capacity is calculated for 12 sets of dishes. This is quite a quiet car with a noise level of 52 dB.

The Bosch SMV40E50RU (8, × 5, × 55 cm), Bosch SilencePlus SMV47L10RU (8, x5, x55 cm), Bosch SMV23AX00R (8, x5, x55 cm) models are suitable for complete installation and the hinged door. The overall dimensions are practically the same as the price - from 32 000 to 35 000 rubles. The latest model SMV23AX00R costs a little cheaper - from 2, 00 rubles.

Built-in dishwashers are designed for 12-13 sets of dishes. On average, they consume 12 liters of water and, 5 kW / h. Each machine is equipped with a quiet, durable motor EcoSilence Drive, which is produced without brushes. The noise characteristics range from 52 to 48 dB, which allows you to run the washing cycle at night without problems.

In all dishwashers there are such programs and functions:

  1. 4 basic washing programs, among which you will find the "Delicate" mode for fragile glassware and porcelain, "Intensive" mode for heavily soiled dishes. In the model SMV47L10RU, the function "Hygiene" is realized, when rinse water to a high temperature when rinsing.
  2. The ½ load function allows you to wash a small amount of appliances immediately after dinner. At the same time, it is possible to save on water consumption (25%) and electricity (15%).
  3. ActiveWater technology allows you to feed water in 5 ways. The dishes are washed by jets from all sides, which allows you to clean even complex dirt.
  4. The load sensor correlates the number of dishes and consumed resources, so that not a single drop of water will be wasted.
  5. After the end of the operation, an audible signal is sounded and the InfoLight indicator "Ray on the floor" is triggered.
  6. Technology AquaStop 100% protects the machine from leaks.
  7. The location of the VarioDrawer baskets provides a third level of loading. All trays can be rearranged and adjusted in height. Therefore, there is a place even for large pots and pans.
  8. The ServoSchloss function serves as an automatic door closer. Doors are closed silently and carefully.
  9. Indication of salt and rinse aid level, as well as detergent recognition.

The Bosch dishwashers have a metal plate that protects the countertop from hot steam. Class A washing and drying you will be pleased. Electronic control and display make it convenient to use the dishwasher.

We presented a rating of the most interesting Bosch dishwashers with a width of 60 cm. Among them there are both stand-alone and built-in options. Pay attention to the functionality of the MMP, compare prices. We wish you a successful choice!

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