Whirlpool (Whirlpool) dishwasher overview - installation, reviews

Whirlpool dishwasher is one of the most popular brands of home appliances. The firm offers customers a wide choice of dishwashers in a different price range. The quality and functionality of the technology can not be doubted. The company improves energy-saving technologies every year, therefore, the PMP "Virpul" has not only a stylish design, it is also advantageous to use it in everyday life.

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  • 1Features of Whirlpool Dishwasher
  • 2Whirlpool models overview
    • 2.1Whirlpool ADPF 872 IX
    • 2.2Whirlpool ADPF 851 WH
    • 2.3Whirlpool ADG 221
    • 2.4Whirlpool ADP 860 IX
  • 3Malfunctions of dishwashers "Virpul"

Features of Whirlpool Dishwasher

The "Virpul" models are presented with different functions and possibilities. You can choose a built-in PMM from the ADP series - it's a narrow technique with a width of 45 cm. Perfect for a small kitchen. At a time you can wash from 9 to 10 sets.

Stand-alone models from the ADG series are available with standard dimensions of 60 cm. Capacity is from 12 to 14 sets. The lower baskets are adjustable in height, so it is possible to place large objects.

The machines are accompanied by operating instructions, which indicate the scheme for connecting equipment to communications. thereforeinstall PMP yourselfit will not be difficult.

A saturated functional will help to cope with utensils of various contamination, and will also facilitate the use of machinery.

  • The "6 sense" technology fully controls the consumption of water, electricity and detergents. Every 4 seconds, the water is regenerated and cleaned, so that the dishes at the outlet are perfectly clean.

  • Automatic filter cleaning. Convenient development, since you do not have to clean twice a month. The system will do it for you.
  • Half load mode. Multi-zone washing system allows washing devices that are in a certain area. Did not the dirty dishes accumulate at full load? Then put the plates in one basket, and the machine will adjust the water supply so that it consumes half the resources.
  • Steaming. Ideal for disinfecting dishes and children's toys. After the end of the washing cycle, steam is released from the special compartments, and the devices are sent from all sides. Microbes have no chance.
  • The "smart" system remembers the last installed program. So the next time you just press one key to play it.

All dishwashers "Virpul" are equipped with protection against leaks "Aquastop 5-6 main programs, indicators of salt and rinse.

Whirlpool models overview

Let's consider more in detail the most popular dishwashers, according to consumers' reviews.

Whirlpool ADPF 872 IX

A stand-alone narrow PMM with dimensions of 45x58x85 cm. The stainless steel case and the large black control panel look elegant. Therefore, the technology fits perfectly into a modern interior.

The inner surface is also made of stainless metal. The hopper holds up to 9 sets of dishes. The basket is height adjustable. The technique consumes 9 liters of water per cycle. The instantaneous heater quickly brings it to the optimum temperature.

There is a display and 6 basic modes. From special programs there is a preliminary soaking, washing of delicate dishes, an economic mode. There is a possibility of a delay of start up to 24 hours. The housing is protected from leaks, and the panel is protected from accidental pressing.

The price is from 25 000 rubles.


Decided to buy a dishwasher after another quarrel. They stopped the choice for "Virpul because it is a well-known brand that has proved itself well. I have been using the machine for half a year, I'm satisfied with its work. Despite the fear that utility bills will increase, water consumption has decreased on the contrary. You can choose a program for any dishes, even glass or porcelain.

The instruction to this model is written sloppy. But you can figure it out.

Whirlpool ADPF 851 WH

A stand-alone machine with dimensions of 85x45x60 cm. Energy consumption class A +, water flow per cycle is 9 liters. A stainless steel chamber holds 10 sets of dishes. The basket can be moved from above, and can also be adjusted in height.

Includes 6 main programs, as well as additional modes:

  • Possibility of delay of start up to 24 hours.
  • ½ load, which allows you to spend less water and electricity.

The technique has received full protection against waterstop leaks. The cost is from 24 000 rubles.


A roomy model with a large camera. The water flow rate corresponds to that indicated in the manual, but electricity consumes more - 1 kW. Conveniently, the buttons for control are not on the end, but on the front panel. You can use tablets 3in1, launder to "excellent". Of the shortcomings I can mention drying. Sometimes on the plates there are drops of water.

Whirlpool ADG 221

Built-in appliances with condensation drying. The water consumption per cycle is 10 liters, energy efficiency class A +. The capacity of the camera of the full-scale model is calculated for 10 sets. Installation of equipment can be carried out in the kitchen set or under the countertop. There is a possibility of connection to hot water.

On the mechanical control panel, you can select 6 basic modes. The salt and rinse aid indicator will tell you when to add the product. At the end of the operation, an audible signal sounds. Built-in mechanical waterproofing.

The price is from 19 000 rubles.


The dishwasher perfectly entered the section in the headset. Characteristics are completely satisfied: only the most necessary programs. For daily washing I use the function of half loading. It works quietly enough, I often turn on the dishwasher at night.

Two months later, the joy of buying overshadowed the engine failure. Repair cost for free under warranty. A month later the technique stopped turning on. Again he called the master, but nothing serious, the work was restored.

Whirlpool ADP 860 IX

Full-size PMM with dimensions of 85x60x59 cm. The technique holds 13 sets of dishes. The number of basic modes is increased to 8. There is a Power Slan mode - a super intensive washing, suitable for heavily soiled appliances. The 6th Sense technology allows the machine to choose the washing mode independently, depending on the load and other parameters.

High energy consumption class of the A ++ machine. The water consumption is only 6 liters. If desired, you can disinfect the dishes with hot steam. And the Multizone function delivers water only to the sector where the plates are located. It will not be difficult for you to look after the ADP 860 IX, as the manufacturer has provided a self-cleaning filter.

The cost is from 35 000 rubles.


They stopped the choice on this model, because they liked the stylish design and a large number of functions. There are no such programs in other dishwashers. For example, the sixth sense helps to choose the optimal mode for dishes. However, we usually use daily and express-washing.

Before buying, I read customer reviews about PMM Virpul. I do not agree with the fact that the machine does not wash dishes. I'm quite satisfied with the quality. But if you load the frying pans with carbon, this and manually can not always be handled. The ADP 860 IX was disappointed by the absence of Aquastop. Strange imbalance, given the high cost.

Malfunctions of dishwashers "Virpul"

Despite the quality of the products, we noted typical malfunctions of machines that users complain about. All models are equipped with a self-diagnostic system that displays error codes on the display. Their decoding can be found in the instructions for use.

The problems of PMP "Virpul" include:

  1. Errors of flooding and draining of water. In case of blockage, the waste water does not drain from the tank or, conversely, does not fill up. There are also leaks, as not all models have a sensor "Aquastop".
  2. Failures in work. The machine does not start or turn on. The panel does not respond to pressing. Electronics is very sensitive to voltage fluctuations in the network. It is recommended to install stabilizers.
  3. Extraneous noise during operation.

If the dishwasher needs repairs, you need to take into account that the spare parts are not so easy to find. Cost components will be expensive. So think before you make a purchase.

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