Review of dishwashers Amika (Amica) for cafes and restaurants

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The Amika dishwashers are manufactured by an Italian company that is part of the Eurotec holding. Professional kitchen equipment meets all sanitary and environmental standards. All cars are accompanied by technical documentation and instructions.

Content of the material:

  • 1About company
  • 2Features of dishwashers Amika
  • 3Review of the PMM Amika
    • 3.1Amika 30x
    • 3.2Amika 60x
    • 3.3Amika 80X
    • 3.4Amika 61XL
    • 3.5Other models Amika

About company

Today Amika is one of the leading manufacturers of professional dishwashers. The company guarantees a high quality of washing and offers an impressive lineup with simple controls and functions that facilitate work.

In production, laser cutting systems are used, which allows you to make high-quality knots and parts from stainless steel with the highest precision. At all stages of assembly are used self-bending machines, welding devices of electronic type. At each stage of production the strictest quality control passes, the PMM is assigned a technical passport, which includes detailed data on the parameters and characteristics of the manufacturer.

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The marketing strategy of the company is the creation of reliable PMM with simple maintenance.

Features of dishwashers Amika

The basis of the model range of "Amica" is dishwashers with front loading, which include a glass-washing technique. The rest of the cars are domed.

Main characteristics:

  • Presence of the timer and function Thermostop. The latter allows rinsing at a given temperature.
  • Detergent dispensers are made of polymer. Due to the lightness of the material, the sprinklers often rotate, provide high-quality washing and rinsing. They are easily disassembled and removed, which facilitates independent cleaning.
  • The compact dimensions of the case are preserved thanks to the single skin. The insulation of the door is double.
  • A fully-welded tank with rounded corners self-cleaning, not accumulating pollution.
  • Simple control makes Amica machines easy to use.

Review of the PMM Amika

Let us consider in more detail the technical characteristics of each model.

Amika 30x

A small dishwasher is designed for washing glasses and cutlery. For an hour 24 baskets of 350x350 mm size will wash. Polymer sprayers are easily removed and descaled. The seamless tank is self-cleaning thanks to a smooth surface without sharp corners. Double insulation of the door reduces noise, keeps heat.

The height of the loading window is 29 cm, which allows placing devices 25 cm high in the camera. The set includes two baskets for glasses and one for spoons, forks, knives. Dimensions of the PMM: 40х4, х65 cm.

The cost is from 50 000 rubles.

Amika 60x

The machine is used in small institutions for washing dishes, cups, appliances. The capacity is 30 cassettes per hour (500x500 mm). The similar model 61XL differs only by its greater capacity for work - 40 cassettes per hour.

Electromechanical control panel allows you to quickly set the mode and temperature. You can choose from two washing cycles with a duration of:

  • 90 seconds.
  • 150 seconds.


  • Sleeves made of high-speed polymer.
  • Modular design of the spray guns for easy cleaning.
  • Self-cleaning tank.
  • Double door insulation.
  • The rinse aid dispenser allows you to monitor the consumption of the product.

The set includes one basket for plates, glasses, appliances. Dimensions of the case: 5, х6, х8, см.

The price is from 80 000 rubles.

Amika 80X

Dishwasher dome type. The dimensions of the case are equal to 148x6, x7, It will wash 30 baskets (500x500 mm) per hour, filled with deep and small plates, trays, glasses, cutlery. In this model the manufacturer realized the Noise Level function - the case received a double skin, which reduces the noise level by 5%.

Electronic device ThermoStop provides washing and rinsing at a given temperature. There are two cycles of 90 and 150 seconds. The equipment can be connected to a hot water pipe. The drain pump is not installed, so the drain must be below the tank level.

The set includes one basket for glasses and plates, 1 cassette for instruments.

The price is from 150 000 rubles.

Amika 61XL

PMM designed for 2 washing cycles with a capacity of 40 and 24 baskets per hour. The technique is completed with one cupboard under the glasses, the height of which is 28 cm, and one cassette for plates with a diameter of up to 32 cm. Also included is one tray for cutlery.

This front dishwasher is equipped with an electromechanical control panel. The design provides a rinse aid dispenser.

The power of the appliance is 5 kW. The voltage is 380 V. Dimensions (width, depth and height) are 58x60x83 cm. Mass dishwasher - only 45 kg.

The cost of the model is 98 761 rubles.

Other models Amika

Discontinued, but may be at rest in some online stores and outlets:

  • 6XL- front model with a capacity of 40 and 24 baskets per hour. The maximum diameter of the loaded trays is 32 cm. It has two washing cycles, complete with one rinse aid dispenser. It is connected to a power supply with a voltage of 380 V. Dimensions: 58x60x83 cm (WxDxH). The power is 5 kW. The cost is from 112 972 rubles.
  • 6X- differs from the previous one in three parameters: requires connection to 220 V, power is 5 kW, price - 10, 75 rubles.
  • 3X- a glass washer, capable of processing up to 24 cassettes in one hour. It is equipped with two cassettes for glasses, sizes: 35x35x19 cm. In addition, there is a tray for cutlery. Body dimensions in width, depth and height: 40х48х59 cm. Power - 5 kW, connection to a standard network of 200 V. The price is 64 464 rubles.
  • 8XL- The machine, made in a dome, processes 40 or 24 cassettes per hour. In the kit is a rinse aid dispenser. The diameter of the plates is up to 32 cm. Housing parameters: 71х74х150 cm. The power of the electrical appliance is, kW, is connected to the 380 V network. The cost is 189 822 rubles.

New models from the official site (not represented in Russia, but can be ordered from abroad):

  • AM35XL- a machine for washing glassware (glasses, glasses), with dimensions of 40x48x63 cm. Power, kWt. Cycle time: 2 minutes. Equipped with adjustable legs. Standard equipment includes the presence of dispensers of detergent and rinse. Can be completed with a drain pump. The price is 1065 pounds sterling, which in rubles will be about 8, 35 (with the course for October 2017).

  • AM51XL- machine for washing dishes with a diameter of up to 3 cm. Dimensions of the case: 58x6, x8, cm in width, depth and height, respectively. Power and, kW. Provides two modes. Duration of cycles: 90 to 150 seconds. The cost is 2155 pounds sterling or 165 591 rubles.

Choose a suitable dishwasher for your establishment, calculating the number of visitors and the performance of the equipment. To connect to the communications it is better to contact the master.

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